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JayceeBaby Baby Playmat

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At a glance:

The incredibly soft Perfectly Padded Baby Playmat is best described as a play cushion due to it’s 5cm of thick foam padding! With its large 100x150cm surface and numerous interactive features, you can join in the fun as baby practises tummy time, reaches for toys, rolls over and even starts to crawl! And better yet, this unique playmat will never crumple under your baby as they move across the surface!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: I would recommend this play mat and I have already done so. I wish I had found it sooner. It's brilliant for all ages and my kids all enjoy playing on it. The covers are easily chucked in the washing machine and the protective sheeting makes messy play easily tidied away.

Mariana: I would recommend this product to any new parent. I am a first-time parent and it has helped at play time with my baby. It is easy to use and great for making play stimulating and fun. The design is simple with bright colours which are good with my baby. I like that the cover is removable and it can be machine washed. The mat is double sided so it is good for a toddler and for when your baby starts to move. It helps to have a plastic sheet which clips on for messy play.

Aimee: This product was great. It rolls up and has straps so you can take it with you when visiting friends or family. It's very padded so you know your baby will be comfortable. I would recommend this product as it is different to a normal play mat. As your baby gets older, you can turn the mat over and use it as a padded mat.

How did this product make your life easier?

Adele: This product meant that I could put my baby down on a soft padded area of the floor and know that she could not hurt herself. I used it when she was learning to sit up and knew that if she fell she would be OK because it was so padded and she would not hit her head on the floor. It has been really useful as my baby could sleep or play on it comfortably and safely.

Hannah: The playmat is a great size and the plastic covering makes messy and sensory play a lot easier to tidy up. The storage clips make the mat simple to put out and away. The material is suitable to use outside in the garden. The padding is very comfortable and offers a safe environment for babies to move around. The padding and interactive design also made tummy time more enjoyable for my baby.

Melissa: This mat helps with tummy time as well as sensory experiences. I do not have to get out other toys as everything is already on the mat. I have a toddler so we use it for the baby and then just turn it over for the toddler. There are not many products that you can use for both age ranges.

Would you choose this product to win?

Samantha: I love this product because of its durability. It has 5cm of thick foam inside which makes it comfortable for your baby. We were able to both nap on it in the garden. It was comfortable and large enough for the both of us to lie down on it together. It is good for my baby who hates tummy time as we now get a few extra minutes that we didn't get with our other play mat. It will last us from birth to toddler years which is the biggest positive of all. It is built to last and is easy to keep clean.

Sophie: I would choose this product 100%. It is the best playmat I have ever had. I've always had small ones which my children got bored of or they rolled off. This mat is big enough for them to explore which is better for me whilst I clean. It means I do not have to keep coming in to put my daughter back on the mat.

Charlotte: The whole family loves the mat. It is not just a play mat. It is a sensory mat, picnic mat, toddler mat and a comfortable resting place for little ones all rolled into one. My girls love it and spend hours using it. It is a little expensive at £125. However, when you take into consideration that the mat last well into toddler years, it is more of an investment. I think the perfectly padded baby mat should win as it has so many functions. The plastic cover is a brilliant idea as it helps protect the mat so I don’t have to keep washing it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Louise: I would make it available in a smaller/larger size. Perhaps as well as a rectangle shape they could do a square-shape. I think it's a very gender neutral play mat which is great when you have multiple children playing on it. I love the colours and everything about it.

Mariana: If I could change one thing it would be the size. As an active parent, it would be easier to fit in the car and carry. The thickness could be increased for more comfort for your baby.

Aimee: The price for this playmat is very expensive and I would not spend that sort of money on a playmat. It's a fantastic mat but it does take up a lot of room. You can roll it up and it has handles for transportation but I do not have time and it is difficult to find somewhere to store it.

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