Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes

Mamia Aldi Biodegradable wipes review

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The Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes from Aldi promise to be mild and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. With no added fragrance these baby wipes are gentle on even the most sensitive skin, even newborns. They're biodegradable too and come in reduced plastic packaging, ideal if you're looking to make more eco-friendly choices. At 60 wipes in a pack for less than 60p, it's no wonder they've been awarded Bronze for Best Baby Wipe in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards. Find out what our parent testers thought when they used these wipes on their baby's skin.


Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes

Aldi baby wipes review
Price: £0.55

Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes overview


• Affordable

• Better for the environment – packaging uses less plastic and biodegradable

• No fragrance

• Kind to baby's delicate skin


• Wipes quite small compared to other brands

Testing the Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes

We're always on the look out for a brilliant product from Aldi and these wipes were given the thumbs by all of our mum testers.

"My nearly five month old baby had no problem using these baby wipes," says mum tester Melanie. "They certainly left his skin feeling clean and fresh. I also tested them on my 4-year-old daughter after she got in a complete mess eating spaghetti bolognaise. Again, they cleaned her face perfectly and they didn’t leave her feeling itchy or red."

The fact these wipes contained no perfume was also a big hit for our mum testers, like Helen. "We loved these wipes," she said, "they were a good level of wetness and a good thickness too. They were easy to remove from the packet and you didn’t need to use many wipes to clean up any mess. My child has sensitive skin and we didn’t notice any reaction to these wipes. The absence of any fragrance was also reassuring from a sensitive skin perspective."

Aldi baby wipes Mamia biodegradable

Aldi is always bringing out bargains and the brilliant price point of the Mania Biogregradable Sensitive Baby Wipes really couldn't go amiss for our parent testers. "I thought the quality of the product was excellent especially for the price," said Elinor. "I was concerned about my baby’s sensitive skin, however these wipes did not trigger any skin reaction, which has happened before with other wipes in their range. I liked the fact they were plastic free and the fact that they were 99% water."

It was hard for our mums to really find a negative with this product. However, one tiny improvement they've suggested that they would like to see in the future is a resealable opening on the wipes, to help retain moisture. "Something like a clip on top for the packet to ensure that it was fully resealable after being opened the first time," says Helen.

Final thoughts

Overall, our mum testers found it quite tough to find fault with such a well priced wipe like Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Baby Wipes from Aldi. "Honestly, I wouldn't change anything as the product worked great on my children," says mum tester Courtney. "It's certainly something I'd grab off the shelf if I'd seen it. Value for money is definitely important for large families in the current financial crisis also, so this is a definite bonus with this product."

They tick a lot of boxes: good for your baby's skin, more eco-friendly than other brands, you get a good quantity of product and, most importantly when you're going through a ton of wipes a week, they're great value for money. What's not to love?

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