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When it comes to the best nappies there are a few household names that dominate the market and when a new brand comes along it's very hard for them to compete, but this is where Peachies nappies really makes an impression.

Having used the same brand of nappies with my son who is now six years old, and continuing with my daughter who is now just over one years old, it would take a lot to try and persuade me to start buying a different brand.

Admittedly, I have tested a few different brands through the years, but I always go back to the same one, for even the smallest of reasons such as they don't feel right when I hold them, they leak a tiny bit or are difficult to take off. So I was really excited to see what Peachies had to offer and how they would live up to my (extremely high) nappy expectations.


  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Kinder to the planet
  • Three times less leaking


  • Can't buy them instore

Testing Peachies Nappies

I always compare nappies based on three things: staying secured no matter how much they wriggle, not leaving any red marks on skin and not leaking.

Despite Peachies nappies not being pull ups, I found that they stayed on my daughter really well, even if I'd not secured it as well as I could have. Even when full, I found that they didn't sag either, which often loosens the nappy on most other nappies.

Another thing I loved was that they were so soft, that they didn't leave any marks on her skin or rub, so we didn't need to worry about chaffing. She normally points to her nappies too if they have a little bit of wee and wants them off, but with Peachies she didn't seem phased by it being a little full.

My daughters skin would sometimes be a little sore if we didn't change her nappy before it got a little bit too full, but with Peachies I found that her wee absorbed really well and didn't irritate her. I found as well that she wasn't leaking at night even if she had peed more than normal. I also found that it contained any smell too and was actually really surprised at how well they held pee.

Final Verdict

Overall, I found the Peachies nappies to go beyond my expectations of what a nappy should be. I've always felt guilty for not using reusable nappies but I could never get along with them. However, knowing that Peachies are a lot kinder to the environment makes a huge difference.

I loved the fact that the nappies were so soft too, and they didn't leave any marks on my daughter and my absolute favourite thing about these nappies was that in a morning, her nappy would normally be heavy and a little bit smelly. But with Peachies, I was incredibly impressed at how light her nappy still felt and how well her pee was absorbed - there was no strong smell.

One thing I do wish is that there were pull-up options of the nappies, however for a new company it's expected that they don't offer this yet.

Nappies are a key essential with babies and some toddlers, so finding the right one that works for them and you is crucial. I can honestly say that after testing Peachies, I really wish these had been around when my son was a baby. Even though they are more expensive than some nappy brands, I feel that they are worth every penny. You can't compromise on comfort for your little one!

Who are Peachies?

We Are Peachies are a new nappy brand that offer a subscription service on nappies, delivering what you need directly to your door every few weeks.

Putting a lot of science into creating their brand, Peachies nappies have three times higher absorbency and 62% less leaks.

How does Peachies compare to other nappy brands?

Most nappies, especially new ones, are always compared to household names which often means it's hard for them to live up to expectations. While admitting that Peachies are more expensive than your household name brands, they also offer a service that others don't.

They aim to support families through their first 1,000 days with a subscription service tailored to how many nappies you need each month. You can amend how frequently you want the deliveries and how many you need without having to leave the house.

Whilst offering a premium nappy that's gentle and soft on babies skin, they also have a high absorbency. When carrying out a blind nappy test, 87% of parents recommended Peachies nappies too.

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