Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow review

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Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow

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Silentnight Safe Nights Grow With Me Pillow at a glance

This pillow is created with multiple uses in mind to support you and your baby through pregnancy, feeding, tummy time and learning to sit. It's designed to help mother and baby every step of the way from pregnancy to your baby developing and learning to be independent. Made with super-soft, breathable fabric and has a removable washable cover with a hidden zip to wash away any spills or stains.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: This pillow is lovely! I took it to the hospital with me and it got a lot of use. Before birth it was really comfortable to place between my knees, to support my pelvis and lower back, for example in bed at night. During labour, I used it to re-position and get more comfortable. Now my baby has arrived I use it to place on my lap - this improves my breastfeeding position and is comfortable for my baby.

Alex: The shape of the pillow is good for breastfeeding and allows head support too. Now that my daughter is strengthening her neck muscles it’s good for helping her to sit up whilst we are playing on the floor. I find it light and easy to grab when I’ve started breastfeeding her without it and can slide it under her body easily without disrupting the feed.

Nicola: Having a pillow that grows with you and your little one, is a huge benefit and avoids the need to search for and/or purchase multiple products. The pillow is small enough to transport with you (whether during pregnancy or for the use of your little one when away from home) and the cover is very easy to remove and wash. I found the pillow retained its shape even after washes and the super-soft feel of the pillow was an added bonus.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Natalie: I would recommend this product to breastfeeding mothers as it makes the experience easier and more comfortable. It is a good size to wrap around your tummy, with lovely soft fabric, as well as feeling nice and firm to support baby. I have used standard cushions/pillows when feeding but this feels totally different – the shape is designed specifically to support feeding where standard cushions are not. It has a removable cover that can be washed, making it hygienic and always looking and smelling fresh. I did not use a feeding cushion with my first baby but I wish I had known about this one as it is so much better!

Samantha: I would recommend this pillow as it's so versatile. It's unisex in colours and goes with everything. It's easy to transport, has washable covers and is quick to dry. The design is great, the shape makes it usable from bump to baby and beyond making it worth every penny. It's helped my older children to hold the baby as we use the pillow to support her meaning they get longer cuddles. Overall it's great.

Charlotte: I would recommend the Silent Night Grow With Me Nursing Pillow to other Mums, as it makes feeding so much easier. I can position my baby on the pillow, which makes breastfeeding comfortable for both of us, and he can drift off to sleep on the soft material. It is also proving really helpful with my little one having tummy time, and helping him gain strength for sitting up. It really is a multi-use product. The shape, size and flexibility of the product make it suitable for all.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Alex: I think the price point is quite expensive for something that seems to be something that’s not essential as mothers can just use a regular pillow. I also think the design is a bit dated and maybe some plain, or monochrome designs would be more fashionable and look more luxurious? I think if it is to be used to support babysitting then perhaps something to make it more stable might help. It does slip around on the floor so I have to hold it when my baby is in it otherwise she slips out. Even just something simple like rubber grips pads on one side.

Charlotte: I think this product should win, as it is fantastic value for money and does what it says on the tin! The design and flexibility of the product makes it suitable for Mums (and Dads!) and babies of all shapes and sizes, and the soft material makes it an ideal surface to go against a baby’s skin. Its many uses make it a great product to buy during pregnancy to get even more out of the purchase.

Gillian: I like this product; it’s soft & easy to store, as well as easy to use & clean. It’s got lots of uses which makes it pretty good value. I feel that my baby is safe using it due to its breathable fabric. My two-month-old daughter was happy to spend some tummy time on the pillow, and it is great for supporting her while she’s nursing; especially now that she’s getting heavier. Its simple grey & white pattern is nice to look at but not particularly exciting, although it does blend in pretty well with our furniture.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola: There is simply nothing I would change about this product. Having a product that has multiple uses and grows with you and your little one, is a huge benefit for both mums and mums-to-be. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to others and believe this product certainly justifies its price tag.

Natalie: The only way I can think to improve this product is to somehow have it fold down smaller, so it is more easily transportable. Having said this, I think I am asking for the impossible – unless it was inflatable, but then the other features would not be as good. The product really is excellent and I’m scraping the barrel trying to find something to make it better!

Samantha: The only thing I would suggest is an extra pillow case to give you the opportunity to wash one and have one in use. This would make the pillow useable at all times and not having to wait for it to dry if baby has been sick on it. They could also offer a range of colours and patterns for more choice but overall I loved everything

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