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No matter what social event, whether it's a birthday, picnic or even Christmas, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free spirits and wines for you to enjoy.

Whether you're pregnant, breastfeeding or if you're just wanting to enjoy a refreshing beverage that doesn't contain alcohol, decades ago it seemed your only option was either water or lemonade. However, there are now plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy.

Best non-alcoholic drinks at a glance:

Best overall non-alcoholic gin drink: Gordon's Alcohol Free Spirit - buy here on Amazon.
Best overall non-alcoholic cocktail: Citizen Spritz Cool Lime Non-Alcoholic Spritz - buy here on Citizen Spritz.
Best overall non-alcoholic beer drink: Peroni Libera Alcohol Free - buy here on Amazon.
• Best overall sparkling non-alcoholic drink: Shloer Red Grape Sparkling Alternative - buy here on Sainsburys.

From non-alcoholic cocktails and wine to sparkling fizzy drinks, there's an alcohol-free drink choice for everyone.

Best non-alcoholic gin

Best overall non-alcoholic gin drink

If you're normally a fan of a gin and tonic, this is one option for you. The Gordon's Alcohol Free Spirit tastes pretty similar to the alcoholic version too.

One review said: "This is an ideal drink to join in the party without having to worry about the headache next day. Would definitely recommend as it tastes just like gin."

Best zesty non-alcoholic gin drinks

Best non-alcoholic drinks Caleno Light and Zesty Tropical Gin
Price: $32.00

If you're normally a fan of cocktails, then this Caleño Light and Zesty Tropical Gin is for you . It's delicately fresh and zesty with a tropical twist. Serve it with tonic, ice and pineapple garnish to really appreciate the tropical flavouring.

One customer wrote: "We previously could only find this at one place. This is a wonderful alternative to alcoholic drinks. We mix it with lemon or grapefruit tonic, to relax with on a Saturday evening"

Best natural ingredient non-alcoholic gin drinks

Best non-alcoholic drinks Seedlip Garden
Price: $31.99

The classy Seedlip Garden gin drink has distinct flavours and is mixed with six carefully selected botanicals and spices. This drink can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled, and has top notes of peas and rosemary.

One review said: "Great! I like it in Margaritas instead of using alcohol (I'm on medication that does not mix well). I've also enjoyed it with a 7up or seltzer. A little goes along way."

Best pink non-alcoholic gin drinks

This Warner's Pink Berry Flavoured Non Alcoholic Gin is a delicious alcohol free alternative to a fruity or pink gin. Fragrant and tangy, it combines raspberries and blackcurrant sage with a kick from chilli, ginger and Szechuan pepper. Serve over ice, with a splash of Mediterranean tonic, mint and raspberries.

One review said: "Love the taste of this, it’s excellent. Clean tasting, with lots of ingredients coming through on your palette."

Best non-alcoholic wine

Best sparkling rose non-alcoholic drinks

Grapes and green tea gives this sparkling pink rosé an uplifting, refreshing taste. The Belle and Co Sparkling Rose Alcohol Free Wine is perfect for sipping in the summer sun surrounded by good company.

One customer said: "Looks great and tastes great. Isn't too expensive but still tastes good, would 100% recommend."

Best mulled wine non-alcoholic drinks

It's not Christmas without some warming mulled wine. This Belvoir Non-Alcoholic Mulled Winter Punch has all the taste and smells of the traditional winter drink without the booze.

One customer said: "I must admit that this product is tasty and Well done. Everyone appreciated its taste although alcohol free. Thank you for giving me some Christmas taste back!"

Best prosecco non-alcoholic drinks

Celebrations are a time for sparkling wine, Champagne, and Prosecco, so Tesco's Nozeco is a great alcohol free choice. It's fruity and fizzy, and suitable for vegans too.

One customer wrote: "I’m currently not drinking alcohol & tried this at a social gathering today. I was completely overwhelmed by how good it is - it tastes so much like Prosecco. Not too dry, not too sweet and full of bubbles. Suitable for vegans, I believe."

Best non-alcoholic cocktails

Best non-alcoholic mojito drinks

If you're after a replacement for your favourite cocktails, Citizen Spritz have got you covered. This blend contains agave syrup for sweetness and we love that it's concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way! Simply pour some over ice and top with some sparkling water or sofa for a refreshing treat.

Reviewed by Arabella Horspool, our Commercial Content Writer: "Refreshing and zingy, the Citizen Spritz Cool Lime Non-Alcoholic Spritz captures all of the flavours you'd expect from a mojito but with none of the alcohol, of course. It makes a great alternative to regular cocktails, without compromising on the taste."

Best non-alcoholic beer

Best overall non-alcoholic beer drinks

If you were a fan of the alcoholic Peroni then you should love this non-alcoholic version. The Peroni Libera Alcohol Free has been brewed with the same Nostrano dell'Isola maize as the original. With a fresh citrusy taste, this light-bodied larger is perfect for drinking all year round.

One review said: "This is as close to an alcoholic lager I’ve tasted. Best served very cold and does very well with a small slice of lemon added. Have made my alcohol free days pretty good."

With herbal, floral and cereal aromas, the San Miguel Especial Alcohol Free is imported from Spain and tastes similar to the San Miguel's containing alcohol. Enjoy it chilled.

One customer wrote: "Tastes, smells and quenches thirst like a beer with the added bonus of 0.0% alcohol. This is a delicious and refreshing alternative when you feel like a beer, out of a chilled bottle, but do not want the alcohol."

Best Heineken non-alcoholic drinks

With fruit notes and a malty body, this light-bodied beer is perfectly balanced and refreshing. The Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Beer is also 69 calories per bottle. It's a great tasting alcohol-free beer.

One review said: "These are good, I can't really tell the difference in flavour between the non-alcohol and normal versions. I probably could if I tried them in a side by side comparison, but the flavour is great!"

Best non-alcoholic alternatives

Best for low sugar

Belvoir Farm - best non-alcoholic drinks
Price: £3.75 (was 4.75)

Suitable for vegans, the Mango & Peach cans from Belvoir Farm are light and refreshing, plus they contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. If you're catering for a party, there are 4 cans here.

Reviewed by Arabella Horspool, our Commercial Content Writer: "These Belvoir Farm cans are great for those who enjoy fruity drinks. I found the taste to be subtle and not overpowering, making them very refreshing, The slim shape of the can means you can take them with you to a gathering or picnic, for example."

Best overall sparkling non-alcoholic drinks

Shloer has been a real favourite for years now, especially at Christmas. Fruity and refreshing, the Shloer Red Grape Sparkling Juice Drink is a sparkling fizzy drink that feels more grown-up than just cola or lemonade. Made from real grapes, it feels a bit like wine, but is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives, and it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.

Best cordial non-alcoholic drinks

Not only do Bottlegreen drinks come in lovely bottles but they taste delicious too. The Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial has a delicately light taste and contains no artificial ingredients meaning it's free from sweeteners and preservatives. It's also suitable for vegans.

One review said: "After reading reviews I ordered and am glad I did. Its a lovely fresh cordial and this be on my shopping list from now on."

Are non-alcoholic drinks tasty?

While they don't taste exactly like alcoholic drinks, a lot of the non-alcoholic drink alternatives are pretty tasty. It all comes down to personal preference for flavours and drink type.

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