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As your baby grows your breasts grow too. There are many changes that happen throughout pregnancy and there are plenty of maternity clothes that have been designed to support you through these changes.

So what exactly is the difference between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

• A nursing bra allows easy access to the breasts. There may be flaps of a stretchy cross over design so you can nurse your child easily.

• A maternity bra is designed to support your bigger bust as your breasts during pregnancy. For a lot of women it is one of the first signs that they are pregnant. I know mine got huge and, well, I was well impressed!

...but can you just get a size bigger in a standard bra?

Well, yes. You can do whatever you feel is best. But I will say this, maternity bras are designed with your comfort in mind. Your breast can get really tender and sensitive during pregnancy and maternity bras offer a softer lining, wider straps to support the extra weight of larger breasts and stretchy fabrics so it can stretch and grow with you. They often have extra hooks so you can loosen and tighten as you need.

When should I wear a maternity bra?

You should wear a maternity bra when you realise that your old bra is getting too small, and there is pressure on your shoulder from the weight of the extra breast tissue. Or, you could buy a few right away.

Nursing bra recommendations

I’ve lived in lots of comfy nursing bras for almost 5 years. I really love these:

Price: £17.99


Things to look out for in nursing clothes

Since all of us are beautifully unique and have different needs, there are various styles you might like to consider.

Some of my favourites are:

Horizontal invisible zipper: A simple double sided zipper that can be opened to the left or the right.

zipper maternity top

Lift Up: A simple double layer that lifts up for access - no clips, zips or fastenings needed. The top layer can be short, ending at the empire waist, or longer for a fully layered up look.

Flap down: Just like a nursing bra, this is a classic double layer design, secured at the shoulder with clips.

flap breastfeeding top

Discreet Princess Seams: Access to breasts concealed in the Princess seams. This is one of the most discreet breastfeeding options out there. Just like this beautiful maxi dress from my shop www.chicanddiscreet.com.

princess seam

Insider Secret: You can also wear a nursing vest or tank underneath another top. Lift up the top and flap down your under layer.

What should I avoid wearing while nursing?

You should avoid:

• dresses that are difficult to get out of

• Too tight fitting clothes as they can constrict blood flow

• Synthetic or scratchy materials, to ensure baby’s skin is protected

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