The best maternity sleep bras

The best maternity sleep bras

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If you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to need the best maternity sleep bras. These are slightly different to regular maternity bras. You might not think it now, while you’re pregnant with your lovely big boobs that behave just how they’re supposed to, but wait until your milk comes in.

If you thought you had big boobs now, think again. Full of milk and ready to feed your beautiful new baby, those breasts are going to have a mind of their own. Without a good bra, they’ll be downstairs making a cup of tea while you’re still asleep in bed (albeit for half an hour before your baby wakes up again).

Yes, this is spoken from experience.

Invest in some good sleep bras and they’ll look after those precious milk makers while you try to get some rest. Then, when the baby is ready for another night feed, your nursing sleep bra will allow you to easily and quickly remove a boob for instant feeding.

The best maternity sleep bras at a glance:

Best three-pack of bras: HBselect Cotton Nursing Bra (Pack of Three) - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best bra made with a high-quality yarn: Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Seamless Sleep And Yoga Maternity And Nursing Bra - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best colourful two-pack: MAMA 2-Pack Seamless Nursing Bras - Buy now on H&M

Best bamboo bras: Seraphine Bamboo Nursing Bras Twin Pack - Buy now on Seraphine

After giving birth, and onwards if you're breastfeeding, your breasts will continue to change shape; they're working hard to feed your baby, and there's still a lot going on in your body. So the right supportive underwear is important, during the day and the night.

We talk a lot about finding the right position for feeding your baby, and the right underwear is important to make sure you're comfortable while you're breastfeeding. Support and comfort are important 24/7 - before you had your baby, you probably didn't have to worry about looking after your breasts while you sleep. But now, it's more vital than ever that a good sleep bra is supporting you while you rest.

What you need to look for in a good sleep bra

You'll want a sleep bra that's soft and comfy to sleep in, but also supportive and big enough to allow not only for moving around in your sleep but also for the changing size of your breasts as they fill up with milk before the next feed. So make sure you choose a nursing sleep bra that is flexible, soft, and with room to move.

Make sure they're not compressing your breasts - you want comfort, and also you don't want to cause blocked milk ducts, which can lead to mastitis.

Comfort is obviously vital for maternity sleep bras - so definitely don't choose one with underwires, and keep clasps and clips to a minimum. For most sleep bras you can just pull them on, rather than doing them up.

You also want to make sure there's room inside the sleep bra for breast pads, as you'll likely find that your boobs leak a lot overnight.

With all this in mind, we've rounded up the best maternity sleep bras you can buy today. Ideally get three or four bras, so that you'll have spares when they're in the wash.

The best maternity sleep bras 2023

Best three-pack of bras

Simple but effective, these cotton sleep bras are comfy all night long and give you enough support while you sleep. Plenty of room to slip in breast pads too - which are really important if you're breastfeeding. There are three colour combinations - black, blue and beige; black, grey and purple; and black, white and pink. There are no wires or clasps, so just pull them on.

Review: "These are far more comfortable than the nursing bras that unclip, they never fit right and the back always sat too high. These are much better."


  • They come in a pack of 3 including a variety of colours.
  • There is space for breast pads to be inserted.
  • They are very supportive without the need for wires or clasps.
  • Easily pulled on and off and the criss-cross design provides easy pull aside access for feeding.
  • The nursing bras are made of 95% cotton & 5% spandex.


  • They come up small, so you will need to size up.

Best bra made with a high-quality yarn

This luxurious, double-layered sleep and yoga bra is supportive without restriction. Its T-back design and closely constructed straps provide a snug fit and ensure the straps stay on while sleeping or whilst undertaking any light activity. Knitted from a dense yarn to provide comfort, you won't want to take this bra off!

One mum tester said: "The bra is a really good fit and is very comfortable. It is ideal for use during the night but as its seamless, it can also be worn during the day. The straps are wide and comfortable to share the support/weight of my boobs. The material is very soft, comfortable and easy to wear."

Read our full Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Seamless Sleep And Yoga Maternity And Nursing Bra review


  • This bra is knitted with high quality yarn, which provides a cooling effect & soft silky feel.
  • The bra has shaped cups and structured panels with no wire included.
  • It has a racerback design with adjustable straps and 2 hook and eyes at the bottom.
  • It features nursing clips that are easily snapped down & clipped back up to provide easy access for breastfeeding.


  • Some reviewers said they would prefer if the bra had slightly more padding.

Best colourful two-pack

MAMA 2-Pack Seamless Nursing Bras
Price: £24.99

This two-pack nursing bra set from H&M will offer you great support when around the house. The fabric stretches and has a wrap-over front for easy nursing access. You can choose from pigeon blue/white, grey-green/light pink, light pink/dark grey and grey marl/light pink.

Review: "Really comfy, have been wearing these when I’m just at home as find it way more convenient to nurse/express compared to the bras with clips."


  • There is four different coloured two packs available.
  • They feature wide shoulder straps and lined cups.
  • They are non wired, seamless and made of jersey fabric.
  • Easily pulled on and off with a wrap over front for easy access for breast feeding.


  • Some reviewers found they lost their shape a little after they've been washed a few times.

Best bamboo bras

Seraphine Bamboo Nursing Bras
Price: £32 (was £39)

Primarily nursing bras, but these are comfy and soft enough to wear in your sleep too. They’re supportive but easy to wear, plus breastfeeding is a synch as the clips are simple and quick to release – especially for the night feed when you’re not quite awake. They fit like a normal bra with the hook and eye clasps at the back. They're made from bamboo which is moisture-wicking and antibacterial.


  • Made out of bamboo viscose, these bras are hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial.
  • They feature drop down cups which allows for easy access for breastfeeding.
  • The bras are fully adjustable, seamless and have no underwire, offering a comfortable fit.
  • They come in packs of 2 and have various different colours available.
  • The bamboo fabric helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool.


  • They require a gentle wash and have to be air dried.

Best stretch fabric bra

A well-known brand when it comes to breast pumps, Medela also does a range of maternity clothing including these super sleep bras - available in black and white. The racer back makes them really comfortable to sleep in, while they stay snuggly in place to keep those breast pads safe. The material is moisture-wicking, helping to keep you cool overnight, and they're stretchy to support your boobs. Highly recommended.

Review: "Having not thought about having to wear a bra for bed due to leakage, i was wearing the clip type bra but found them really uncomfortable to sleep in. This bra is really comfortable for sleep and makes night feeds quick and easy. The fabric is soft and there are no parts to dig in to you like the clip type nursing bras have. Other reviews slate the material for being too thin and being able to see the nipple under clothing. The material is thin but that is what makes comfortable to sleep in, and when choosing sleepwear you're not going to care if you can see a nipple or breast pad."


  • Easily pulled on and off and the criss-cross design provides easy pull aside access for feeding.
  • The bra features a racer back, ensuring comfort.
  • The stretchy material adapts to your body's changes through the different stages of pregnancy and nursing.
  • Made from moisture-wicking fabric, it helps keep you fresh and dry overnight.


  • Some reviewers wished the material was thicker

Best bra for fluctuating boobs

The stretchy jersey fabric of this bra accommodates for fluctuating boobs and includes padded straps, a super-soft under band and a hook and eye to make it extra comfy. As well as making it comfy, the fabric is breathable and it's lined with mesh for support.

Review: "I'm used to underwired but I've been wearing this almost none stop during 2nd trimester. It's so comfortable and supportive, I've not missed the underwire. It resembles a sport bra. I've bought a 2nd one. I don't feel lost in it at all."


  • This bra is available in a variety of different sizes, making it very accommodating.
  • It features drop down cups for easy access for breastfeeding.
  • Made out of jersey fabric, ensuring it's breathable.
  • It is lined with mesh for support.
  • It features padded adjustable straps and soft under band, whilst being seamless and non-padded.


  • Some people may not like how it has a regular hook and eye bra back.

Best for comfortable support

This duo are perfect for wearing during your pregnancy and nursing. They're designed to provide gentle and comfortable support throughout the night and feature a wrap front so you can feed your bubba with ease.

Review: "I gave birth to my son last month and bought these as sleep bras; as the title suggests. However, they’re so comfortable I bought another set and wear them during the day too. The nursing bras I bought elsewhere were too uncomfortable to wear with breast pads too. Would highly recommend these bras."


  • Easily pulled on and off and the criss-cross design provides easy pull aside access for feeding.
  • They come in a 2 pack.
  • They have wide shoulder straps providing better support.
  • The bras are wireless and seamless, ensuring a comfort fit.
  • Wire and seam-free


  • They are only available in one size.
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