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Joie Mimzy Snacker

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At a glance:

The Joie Mimzy Snacker highchair is suitable from 6 months old or once your little one can sit up unaided. It can be folded super quickly and compactly using just one hand and is freestanding once folded. The high chair features a unique tray storage on the back of the seat, a large three-position adjustable tray with cup holder, a large storage basket and a three-position seat recline.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nadia: I would certainly recommend this highchair. It is an absolute pleasure to use. It looks really chic, is easy to wipe down and clean and has good cushioning and support for your baby. I absolutely loved that I could hold my baby with one arm and fold/unfold the chair using the other. This was incredibly helpful. You can never have enough hands when doing a hundred and one things at once. The table was strong and robust and I liked the little hole for the water cup or for holding little snacks.

Helen: I would definitely recommend this product, mainly because of how easy it is to fold up. You can lift your baby out of the chair, hold them on one hip and fold the chair up with one hand! It is easy to carry as it is light enough to move with ease. This is completely different to other highchairs that cannot be moved easily with two hands. Highchairs are often very bright but the Mimzy Snacker has a stylish design that would suit most homes.

Caroline: Absolutely, I would recommend this highchair. This is easier to clean and fold away than our previous highchair. The high back means less food ends up on the floor and my little one seems to find it very comfortable. The one-handed fold is very useful to easily free up valuable space. It is lightweight to move around and feels sturdy.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tasneem: This product makes my life easier as it is portable. My son is crawling and often getting into awkward places so the fact that I can fold the high chair and transport it around the house to keep him secure is great. If I am in the shower I can pop him in the highchair and keep him in the room with me. I can get housework done while my son is entertained in the highchair so It has many uses other than feeding. My son is very comfortable in the seat too. I really love it!

Jamila: This product is easy and versatile. I can fold it making it easy to transport around the house. I am able to do everyday tasks whilst my baby happily sits in his highchair playing with toys or eating. The material on the seat doesn't absorb food and is therefore easy to wipe down. The basket holds everything I need within arms reach such as wipes, toys, bibs and the floor mat which is great as I am baby led weaning. I like the colour and the unisex design means I can use it with my next baby so it is good value for money.

Emily: We have had a great time with this chair. The highchair is great for baby led weaning with the large tray, which detaches easily for thorough cleaning. The seat is also comfy for my baby with secure straps and wipeable fabric. The chair is easy to open and fold away after use which is important as I’m often one-handed! I also like the basket underneath the chair for keeping things like wipes easy to reach.

Would you choose this product to win?

Elizabeth: This is a solid choice when looking for a high chair as it is reasonably light and reasonably priced. The folding mechanism is brilliant, especially if you are pressed for space. The seat looks roomy and comfortable and the baby is secure with a combination of a five-point harness and a tray-table with a bar between the legs. The basket under the seat is very handy for keeping wet wipes or bibs. I liked the unisex design and wipe-clean fabric. The seat reclines so I imagine it would be good for younger babies with less core stability.

Michelle: The thing that makes this product stand out is how easy it is to collapse once you are finished with it. It is so simple to store and doesn’t take up much room which is the downside of other highchairs. The tray fixes to the bottom which makes it streamlined so it will fit in the smallest of places. I love the pattern and how comfortable the chair is. I think this product should win for its ease of use and how comfortable it is. The ability to fold it with one hand is a lifesaver.

Rebecca: It wouldn’t be my first choice as the seat and footrest adjustments don’t compare with wooden products on the market. As well as this, the ‘cleanability’ factor needs a little more thought. If height adjustments could be built in whilst retaining the tray design and comfort, this would be a very strong contender. Having said that, I would highly recommend it as a portable highchair.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nadia: Adding a height adjustment would be great. The height of highchair wasn't suitable for our dining table so I could not bring it close enough for our baby to join us at the table which was a shame. I tended to feed her sitting in my own chair opposite her, however, due to the large size of the highchair legs, I wasn't able to bring my own chair close enough and would need to lean forward a bit to feed. Although it folds perfectly, once opened it does take up a fair amount of space.

Helen: The folding mechanism is a bit flimsy and the cog popped out. It was easy to put back in but it would be nice if the design was a bit more substantial. This would make life easier as it was hard trying to put it back together whilst still holding my son.

Caroline: At first, my child was a bit small for this. Although the chair adjusts, she was too small to reach over the tray. We were doing baby-led weaning so this was a bit problematic. However, as she grew it was fine. It does not have an adjustable height option and so would not be suitable to pull up to the table.

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