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Childhome's award-winning Evolu One Highchair is trendy and efficient, with its innovative swivel function, allowing you to feed your child in the seat in 3 different positions without moving or lifting the entire chair.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennifer: It is very sturdy and weighty meaning you don't have to worry about the child toppling over. It is really easy to clean as it's one solid piece of hard plastic making it a lot easier than others as there's no creases, digits or odd-shaped bits. The straps get dirty quick being pale but still quite easy to clean over.

Rachel: This is such a beautiful high chair it makes my life easier by making my dining room look nicer! One really good benefit is the width of the seat itself and gives my 20month old so much room in her chair. She had actually stopped wanting to go in our own narrower chair and often refused to be put in until we receive this and since she is the one wanting to get in whether it’s mealtime or not.

Julie: I would easily recommend this chair to other people. It's a beautiful design which also comes in grey - a very trendy colour at the moment, therefore, matches a lot of people's interiors, it's very well built, great quality, and super practical. The 5 point harness straps make it very safe to use for any age with no fear of the child falling out of it or tilting the chair over. There are also a lot of useful accessories that can be bought separately (padded cushion, toy basket, special feet to turn it into a rocking chair...) We won't be needing any of them because our child is now 2 but had we had the chair when he was a baby we would have enjoyed the various options.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Dani: I would 100% recommend this product, a few of my mum friends have mentioned how much of a nightmare tea time can be especially if their other half is working away. So I suggested them coming round mine for tea to try out the new high chair and they were even more amazed than I was. It’s great because my baby group ages range from 6 months to 3 years and all the kids loved it. I also would recommend it because I found it so easy to clean, you can get into corner that you probably wouldn’t be able to if it was a fabric made highchair.

Emily: Yes it looks very stylish and I like the ability to personalise it with different legs and accessories. But it is quite expensive and slightly too high for our table with the standard legs on. We haven't used the straps as my daughter doesn't need them. I like the idea that it turns into a stylish little kid-size chair too though we haven't tried it like this yet. I like the ability to swivel the babe in it but in reality, I haven't used it that much.

Sophie: I would recommend it to a fellow parent, as this was a unique but helpful product with the swivel functionality. I also really like the fact that the highchair has no fabric/upholstery elements, which means that the highchair would be very easy to wipe clean and keep hygienic - something which is paramount with messy tots.

Would you choose this product to win?

Margaret: I believe I would choose this product above others on the market. This high chair is double the price of our previous chair. However, the Evolu one 80 is far superior. This high chair has a secure 5 point harness, spacious seat with a safety bar and a foot rest. My little one is very comfortable in this seat. The depth of the tray is adjustable. The seat swivel function is very easy to manoeuvre.

Julie: I think this product does deserve to win, I can't really fault it. I love that it offers different height options. The standard high-chair height works well for us but for people who have a kitchen island or breakfast bars or other higher surfaces, it's amazing having the option to make the chair that bit taller - it's a feature that's not offered by many products. When my child doesn't require a high chair any longer, we will be shortening it and we will use it as a low chair for him to sit in to draw and play on the coffee table - it's pretty enough to be in our living room.

Dani: At first I was shocked at the price of the highchair because in general highchairs are relatively cheap. However, after using it and it making tea times so much easier with a fussy toddler I would chose this product than any other highchair on the market. It should 100% win because it’s helped me persuade my daughter that by going into a ‘big girl chair’ to eat more at tea time and because you can twist it 90 degrees left and right you can pretty much place it anywhere within the kitchen/dining room.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katharine: The unique selling point of the Evolu One80 is the ability to rotate the seat by 90 degrees in either direction without having to move the chair base. However, I have to say I've not found a situation where I've needed to do this and on talking to my mum friends none of us can think of a time where this feature would have been useful! The extra engineering also means food and water can slip between the seat and the pivot plate which is impossible to get to and clear fully without dismantling the high chair.

Julie: We love the Evolu One80 highchair, but the one thing I would change is where the footrest is attached, if it was somehow connected to the seat part or at least the rotating part then when you rotate the seat the footrest comes too otherwise there isn’t anything for them to rest their feet on or if you’ve swivelled it so they can get down from the table they haven’t got the footrest to climbing down with. Also maybe including the tray and basket with the highchair rather than additional purchase as most highchairs come with these as part of the price.

Jennifer: I know that the most decent products for children are expensive because of the quality of the item. For instance, you pay for what you buy. However, so mothers can have an easier time at mealtimes and for sales to increase I believe the price should be dropped so more people can buy afford to buy the product!

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