Chicco Polly Magic Relax review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Chicco Polly Magic Relax highchair features super soft, stylish and washable material. As well as an entertaining removable to bar, the reducer is double sided to ensure maximum comfort during summer and winter. Suitable from birth as a baby recliner and from 6 months as a high chair, the seat is adjustable to eight height positions to help parents find the perfect position and ensure little one if comfy. With a wipe-clean removable tray, this highchair is perfect for any table. It is easy to fold and is free-standing, while the 4 wheels make it easy to between rooms.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: It's handy to be able to remove the tray table to clean it - and also there's an insert that sits on top of the table which makes it even easier to clean without removing the tray table itself. Being able to recline the baby, and use the baby insert for the highchair is wonderful, and makes the family mealtime accessible at the table to babies of all ages. It's easy to adjust the settings, with easy-to-use press in buttons. It's easy to collapse/put back up again. I like the design.

Aishwarya: This is a great high chair. It folds easily for storage. It is easy to clean. Son very happy in it which leaves me hands free to do chores around the kitchen. It's easy to assemble and stow away if needed. The tray is a good size and again super easy to clean. Overall it's a comfortable, safe, easy to clean place for my child to eat.

Kimberley: Love the fact it’s so easy to clean. The adjustable footrest isn’t something I have seen before and is a brilliant idea for a growing child. The adjustable recline for me wasn’t as useful as my daughter is 10 months so really wants to sit up all the time but I could see the benefits for a resting area for a younger baby. The adjustable height is a lifesaver as a mum. It means I can get it in line with the dining room table if we are eating there together as a family or can adjust it lower if she is eating on her own and I’m sat on the sofa. The table is easy to put on and take off and the removable top is brilliant and makes it really easy to clean. I used it without the attachable table and just as a seat at our dining room table and it’s perfect for that, that is one of the most attractive features of it in my opinion that it grows to be a seat at the table.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lauren: Comfortable for my child, padded seat. Easy to clean. Very logical design to fold away/put up again. Easy to adjust the position. Easy to adapt to the baby recliner/add on the baby toy bar. Love the inclusivity of all baby ages, to get them to the table for family mealtimes. Acceptable price for such a good piece of equipment with such a good age range.

Aishwarya: Although my son was older when we started using it- I've heard it can be used from birth so I think you will get a lot of use out of this high chair. I would recommend it absolutely. Visually pleasing in my kitchen, easy fold away and easy to clean. Also comfortable for my son- he's very happy in this high chair!

Kimberley: I would recommend the growth aspect of the high chair. You can truly use it as a high chair and then a seat at the table with minimal change (just removing the table). The fabric part of the seat is really comfortable but still wipe clean and I’ve found with other high chairs you don’t always get both. I like that it’s robust, everything clicks into place (with a clunk) and stays there so I don’t worry about my daughters safety whilst in the chair. It isn’t the easiest chair to move around especially as I have a playmat down all the time and I struggle to get the high chair from the carpet over the mat. The wheels being a little larger and a higher clearance would help that.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: I think ease of use is so important in choosing a highchair - as it's something mums use daily over such a prolonged period of time. This is easy to put up/down. However it is so heavy, and I found it difficult to move between the dining room/kitchen. It isn't something that people with back issues should be lifting. However, if your intention was to put it up and not move it, then it wouldn't be a problem. It looks wonderful, matches my kitchen perfectly. It seems easy enough to clean in all the nooks and crevices, which is very important to me. It is substantial - the baby can't rock it and fall out, and equally can't climb out of it once secured in the seat - something she tries to do, believe me!

Aishwarya: I think this is a brilliant high chair. It's versatile and can be used from birth so you get a lot of use out of it. Compared to others in similar price range, this looks more compact, easier to clean and visually more pleasing. I also own an Ikea high chair and although that's cheaper, I think you do get more for your money with the Chicco. Overall, if this was a little less expensive I would definitely pick it as a superior product.

Kimberley: I think there are positives/negatives to this product but I’ve not seen a product that didn’t have any negatives so it’s hard to say I would choose it over al the others as there’s 2 issues that would put me off and that’s the wheels and toy arch. I think the sturdiness is second to none and the fact I can use it as a seat at the table is really important when spending £139 on a high chair. I would choose another table with these features if it was easier to move around and has a better toy arch placement (which I think is unique to this product and I really like).

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: The seat back doesn't seem to go upright enough for my child and I. I would prefer her to be sat more upright, rather than leaning/slouching back. This is quite a big negative for me, but I'm sure would be easy enough to amend for Chicco. Otherwise just the weight - it is incredibly heavy to move around.

Aishwarya: It's quite expensive. If the price was more around the £100 mark or just below, this would be a wonderful game-changer high chair that would be more popular. I think at the moment a lot of people choose the Ikea high chair. This high chair offers so much more though, but I think the price puts people off.

Kimberley: Change the position of the toy arch. I absolutely love this feature but it’s in the wrong place! It would be great for it to attach to the table maybe. My daughter loved playing with it but with the seat sat upright it was above her head and a pain to get to. She is a little older so didn’t want to lay down as much and play. I think it would be perfect over the table so she can sit in the chair not necessarily just at mealtimes.

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