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The Bumbo Booster seat at a glance

A lightweight, portable booster seat, that’s soft yet sturdy, won’t scratch your furniture and is easy to lean. It’s suitable from 18 months+ and is secured into place with two adjustment straps. There is a three-point harness and this keeps your cheeky tot in place.

How did this product make your life easier?

There are plenty of toddler highchairs out there that would do a similar job quite easily, and prior to being introduced to the Bumbo Booster seat, I had one. I nice Ikea job that kept tripping me up and added a fifth seat to our 4-seated dining table. Don’t get me wrong the high chair was useful, and I do believe it is an essential piece of kit when you first start weaning, but as your child reaches 18 months and above this booster seat is a much nicer option.

I most definitely didn’t wish the early weaning stages away, I relished them in fact. However, now having the ability to swap out the cumbersome highchair and attach this booster to one of our current chairs was a delight. From an aesthetic point of view, it really brought some normality back to our main eating space.

The booster is small enough to fit on most chairs – to be exact your chair needs to be a minimum of 30cm (back of chair height), by 37cm (seat width), by 36cm (seat length).

It’s a discreet piece of kit and attaches with the two adjustment straps - one behind the back of the chair and the other underneath. It 100% feels very safe to seat a wriggly, kicking little monster in.

Moving on to that cute, little monster, the most important person, the user of the seat… my son was 22 months old when he first started using the Bumbo Booster seat. Apart from the Ikea number, his only other experience of being seated at a dining table was in a Chicco Booster Seat Pocket, which is also nice, affordable, but more of a travel seat than a permanent fixture in the house.

My son was intrigued by the new addition in the house, he loved the colour (aqua) as did I, and was instantly pleased to have his arms freer than the restrictive high chairs can be for someone his age. I particularly like that the three-point harness sits just above his hip line, also offering him the freedom to move his torso, but not enough for him to weave his way out of it.

He is more settled at mealtimes, looks comfortable in the seat and we also use it when he wants to do activities like painting or playing with Play-Doh.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

We love this seat in our house and for our son. With three colours to choose from (pink, aqua and cool grey) and a soft, sturdy design I think this seat would please most parents and toddlers!

When talking price points, this doesn’t break the bank, although it does sit £10-20 more than some of its competitors. However, the ergonomic features of the seat and sleek design does trump what else is out there. In short, it's worth it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Most probably, yes. There are a lot of cushion options out there, plus other booster-style seats which aren’t as ergonomically sound.

Bumbo products in general, and this Booster seat doesn't stay here, are always well made and you know they’ll last for second children or hand-me-downs to friend’s or family’s kids.

Other than the fact it’s advised you don’t submerge in water to clean, they are pretty indestructible and ours has seen all sorts on it.

What changes would you make to this product?

There really isn’t much to change. If I had to pick one gripe, it would be that the three-point harness needs tightening each time I put my little on in place. As you seat your child and pull the harness to click in place it loosens, but once they’re in, and you re-tighten, they’re in for life.

Product Information

  • Suitable from 18 months+

  • Minimum seat dimensions of adult chair required to fit this seat: 30cm (back of chair height), by 37cm (seat width), by 36cm (seat length)

  • Available in three colours: pink, aqua and cool grey

  • Two adjustment straps

  • Three-point harness

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