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Babymoov Slick Highchair at a glance:

The Babymoov Slick 2-in-1 adjustable highchair is suitable from 0-3 years or 15kg. It is made with practical Nanotex water-repellent fabric and comes with an ultra soft supportive newborn insert. Slick has 3 reclining positions and is height adjustable to 5 positions. The highchair comes with a tray that opens and detaches from either side allowing ease to place baby in comfortably avoiding the need to dangle baby's legs in. It also has an adjustable footrest as they grow and has inbuilt wheels for maneuvering.

How did this product make your life easier?

Georgina: In certain aspects, it makes it easier with the reclining back which makes this chair lie down does help when my son was tired after eating I would let his lay down in this chair and he loved it. I found the sturdy harness really safe and being a first time mum I worried about him being able to get out especially as he got older.

Fiona: I haven’t used a traditional style highchair before instead opting for a Stokke Tripp Trapp therefore I was really interested in the comparison. The highchair on initial set up looked great, very sleek and modern, a really comfortable looking newborn insert and great colour scheme. I found the catches really easy to use, the most useable feature being the removable tray, I don’t have this feature on my current highchair and found it an excellent feature for putting baby in and out but also cleaning up after mealtimes. This saves both time and hassle trying to slip baby into the seat or dealing with a lot of mess in quick time.

Vicky: The product is of great quality and looks very stylish. I really like the style of the tray. This is very easy to clip on and off with-out disturbing baby and very easy to wash/wipe down. It can also be placed in the dishwasher. Being a padded chair it is also very comfortable for the baby to sit in and the straps are secure and comfortable.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Georgina: Comfort I think would be the main reason I would recommend, it’s very cushioned base and back support are really nice and it’s very well made so feels strong when it’s set up. I love the detachable tray which you can take out of one side or both but feel that adds a little extra something to the seat.

Fiona: As a more traditional setup highchair I would recommend as very modern looking and the ease of changing height and removing the tray. However, there were some features I found difficult to get around though and would struggle to recommend. Firstly the back legs of the chair stick out a very long way, we tripped over them many times plus it can’t be folded up so these legs are a constant tripping hazard and takes up a large amount of space. The only way to avoid this would be to take it apart every day but it wasn’t easy to do this, the legs are very tight fitting. The second issue is the material of the chair is said to be high quality and easy cleaning, after a few days of use and typical orange baby food, the seat cover needed a wash. Great that it can go in the washing machine but unfortunately even with pre-wash treatment and a long cycle, the grey material is still stained orange, it probably won’t ever come out now.

Vicky: No I wouldn’t recommend to a friend or fellow mum. Although I love the design and the quality is great it is not very stain resistant and being fabric gets dirty very quickly. The label states to not put in the washing machine so can be soaked in the sink but unfortunately this does not get the food stains out. As this product is used 3 times a day by a messy toddler it really is essential it can be cleaned with ease. I do really like the removable tray as is very easy to put on and off. I also really like how the back legs are on wheels to make transporting the Highchair much easier.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Georgina: I would really choose this product overall as I felt the back legs were very big and they stuck out a lot when in my house, you couldn’t fit it nicely near the dining room table evens though it had multiple height adjustments the back was very wide and could be a trip hazard when sat next to the table.

Fiona: The overall look of the highchair is great and on display, I would definitely be drawn to it but the depth of the chair takes up a lot of space and the fact it can’t be folded up would put me off. Combined with the cost of the product I wouldn’t choose this particular chair over others on the market unfortunately

Vicky: No I would not choose this Highchair above others. I don’t like that the chair cannot be wiped down or put in the washing machine. I believe its essential to be able to clean out the chair properly after each use but this simply cannot be done with the design. Maybe if it could be designed with a removable cover that could be placed in the washing machine this would make a significant difference.

What changes would you make to this product?

Georgina: The back legs are the only thing about the high chair I would change, I loved everything else it was easily cleaned, very sturdy, and super comfortable to sit in with the cushioned seat and has a detachable section in the seat for smaller babies which I think adds a good alternative for older children.

Fiona: I would change the structure of the chair so either the legs don’t stick out so much or it can be folded. This chair would need to be a permanent feature in the home as it’s too difficult to put up and take down every time. Iy will need a room with a lot of space around it so no one trips over the legs.

Vicky: As the highchair is used several times a day by a messy toddler it is an important feature to be able to keep clean. Although the design states stain resistant it sadly isn’t. If there was a removable cover in place that could simply be removed and put in the washing machine that would help. But in my eyes, plastic high chairs are the best way to be able to be hygienic and clean.

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