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SunSense Kids SPF50+ at a glance

SunSense Kids sunscreen is an easy to apply lotion specially formulated for the delicate skin of children from 6 months and above. It provides SPF 50+ UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection. SunSense Kids SPF50+ is fragrance-free, 4 hours of water-resistance and is dermatologically tested.

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachael: This product makes my life easier as a mum because of the consistency of the sun cream, it is thicker than other brands and has a smoother application. Other brands I have tried are a thinner consistency and tend to make a big mess. Overall, this suncream has a better application than other brands which saves a lot of time and clean up having a wriggly baby.

Paige: The product makes my life easier as it’s a handy sized bottle of sun cream which will easily fit in my baby's bag. It applies well and doesn’t leave my child sticky afterwards. It spreads well across the skin and a little cream covers a large area. I find it a very good product and would purchase it again.

Nicola: Sun sense is really easy to use. It is easily absorbed and not greasy. It doesn’t have a strong smell and my son didn’t complain about having it applied! The bottle was a handy size to keep in the changing bag. I would definitely recommend this suncream to other mums. The main thing it gave me was peace of mind.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Kajal: I would definitely recommend the product as I feel it is a great texture for us mum's that are always on the go. You don't want something thick that then stays on your hands for hours and is sticky. This one is not sticky at all and lasts for quite a while. It is also water resistant and doesn't easily come off in the water either. It is fragrance free which is great for our little babies as heavy perfumed and fragranced ones definitely irritate their sensitive skin.

Rachael: I would recommend this product to my fellow mum friends because as far as a sun cream goes it does the job! We've been using this product now for 2 weeks in the heatwave and my baby has not burnt or even slightly caught the sun once, it does a great job. The product is easy to apply and less sticky than other brands I've used.

Jessica: I would highly recommend this sun cream as I have sensitivities to most sun creams and have found that my face does not break out. I would recommend it as the container is small enough and narro to place in a nappy bag, handbag, under pram and is light. It is also small enough that my daughter can carry it around with her and knows it must go on before we go outside.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gail: I really like this product for all of the reasons stated (does not discolour or stain clothes, nice to apply/not greasy, spread easily so only a small amount required and therefore lasted a long time, excellent protection for skin with no burning at all). The only thing that would make me hesitant to buy it is the cost. I appreciate that one should not put a price on the health and safety of our children, and sun protection is included in this, but the reality is that money is important to us all especially when we have young children. As far as I know, this is one of the most expensive sun creams on the market. However, it is clearly very good and thought highly of as many NHS trusts actually prescribe it for children who need sun cream on prescription, and so I was quite proud to be seen using it!

Jessica: I would easily pick this product over others, it absorbs quite quickly, easily able to apply and reapply when out on a day trip. We had previously been using other creams /roll on's as having a toddler you have to be quick getting cream on. We have also placed the sun cream into other containers and my daughter takes it with her to nursery and the staff there have asked for the type as they have found it easier to apply.

Kajal: I would choose this product as it is a lot lighter than the others on the market such as the Nivea sun cream that I was using for my baby. This cream isn't as heavy as others and I don't want my baby's face to feel heavy like how us mum's would feel with heavy make up on. I think the bottle is also a great size with a great kid. The flip lids have given me a lot of disasters in my backpack on many occasions. I also think the lid on this suncream is harder for babies to remove so it is a lot safer.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachael: I think the product Is great as it is and definitely does the job it is supposed to, however if I could change one thing it would be to have a spray bottle. I think this could provide an even easier and quicker application. Also prevent leaks, because if the lid isn't closed quite right it can leak out.

Paige: I would change the shape of the bottle and the lid. A spray bottle with a secure lid on top would be perfect. The product is already attractive on the label but the spray would really be beneficial. Apart from this there is nothing else I would change about the product. I would still be recommending the product regardless.

Kajal: Definitely the design. I think having something child friendly would be nice. This bottle seems quite plain and there is nothing enticing for kids or babies. My baby is still young so he hates us touching his face but if there was something more appealing on the bottle this may peak his interest or distract him somewhat whilst we apply the sunscreen. Other than this, I don't think there is anything else that I can fault about the product.

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