Quinola Organic Kids Range

from Ocado
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Quinola Organic Kids Range at a glance:

Having trouble getting veggies down the kids? Try some of this! Quinola has made them tasty and fun. Introduce new flavours to your children with Big Yum Monsters. This pre-cooked quinoa with fresh vegetables is a well-balanced meal for kids' fussy palates yet bursting with nutritious vegetables and slow-release carbs.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: The food was easy to prepare quickly in the microwave without any mess. The quinoa itself stuck together so that that was less mess on the table if some were to fall off the spoon, this is a great advantage to me! The packets were also easy stored and transportable, and can be eaten cold if out and about.

Gabriella: As a working mum having food in the house that is not going to take me forever to prepare and cook is literally stress saving! Especially when sometimes babies are just simply hungrier earlier than usual and as mums know a happy baby is a fed baby. Having the pouches of food in the fridge has meant that if I'm running late or my son can't wait, he needs to only hang on another minute before his dinner can be ready.

Claire: The package was fun and grabbed my toddler's attention straight away. It was really quick and easy to heat up and made a meal very quickly with something on the side. The flavour was great and it looks healthy-looking at the nutritional values on the pack. Unfortunately my little one didn't really eat much of them.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rebecca: I would recommend these pouches to fellow parents for the convenience. Sometimes with work/school/clubs cooking can be quite time consuming so these are handy for those times you need to get dinner on the table quick. My smallest child is a fussy eater and even he enjoyed these. I managed to feed the children and myself from one pack. Bonus! They are very tasty and there is a variety to choose from.

Sian: Quick and easy to prepare, especially when on the go. Simple to open. Good flavours and variety of options to choose from flavourwise. Easy to take on the go and to fit inside bag. Colourful packaging makes it more appealing to the child. Filling meal and good amount in pouch so didn’t need to put much with it.

Sophie: My daughter loved every flavour and it was easy to use as part of baby led weaning as the quinoa stuck together in clumps and therefore did not fall off her spoon easily when she was trying to feed herself. The portions were large enough to provide a full meal or as a side if feeding more than one child

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gabriella: I will carry on buying these meals for my son, because he ate the entire pouch in one go and they are made up of very healthy, filling foods. I did do a taste test myself on the burrito pouch and I can genuinely say it tasted pleasant enough for myself as an adult and I was really happy to see my son pointing at the spoon for more!

Claire: I wouldn't tend to buy this type of product regularly, and the £2 price for one pack seems quite high. But it is handy to keep one in the cupboard for a easy tea or if away from home. I really like the packaging, it was attractive and eye catching. I liked the flavours - they were a bit different to others on the market.

Rebecca: My children enjoyed the monster characters on the front and the fun character names. Maddy, Tegan and Terry! When we go shopping now they ask for the flavour they like by the character name! These pouches are very flavoursome compared to some of the other brands I have bought before. I like knowing they are all organic, free from additives and preservatives, vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sian: Nothing - it was great for on the go, great flavour and variety. Easy to use and prepare. Filling meal so no need to prepare anything with it as such. Not that messy either for little ones. Easy to clean up and didn’t stain any clothing or highchairs.

Sophie: I absolutely loved the product and so did my daughter, however, the cost is more than other competitive brands. Perhaps if smaller (and cheaper) portions were available in a pot to use on the go, this could give mums more choice. My daughter enjoyed all three flavours and I’m sure would enjoy other flavours if they were offered!

Gabriella: There isn't anything I would change for the contents of the products, my son ate every single pouch and nothing went to waste. The reason I have never bought them in the supermarket previously is that the packaging just didn't jump off the shelf to me or catch my eye against other ready-meal style dishes.

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