My Little Coco Sleepy Head Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist review

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My Little Coco Sleepy Head Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

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Perfect for pregnancy pillows or baby's bed, My Little Coco Sleepy Head Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist for baby not only has a cute package design, but it's suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested/pediatrician approved. That's before we even get on to the fact that the gorgeous lavender, chamomile, and vanilla scent will send tots off to dreamland.

You can even use it as your own pillow spray!

How did this product make your life easier?

Gabriella: I first bought this product when a lovely pediatric nurse recommended it to me when my son had an ear and throat infection. It wasn't for any medical benefit it was just because it contains lavender to help him feel sleepy and relaxed and my goodness I have not stopped buying it since. It is part of our nighttime routine now. We get our pj's on, read a book then we spray our pillow and his softy with it, before having some milk and then laying him down to sleep and every single night he goes down to sleep without a peep!

Sonia: This My Little Coco spray came in a lovely branded box with lilac tissue. It looked really decadent and clean and smart. I used it on my little ones' bedclothes and pillows. We've been working on trying to get him to sleep better so it was easy to implement for the bedtime routine. Really easy to use, smells lovely. I'm not sure if it had a huge impact on sleep but no problem using it and if it made a small difference it was worth it.

Lisa: I have been dreading the bedtime routine recently, thanks to the dreaded four-month sleep regression! So I was really looking forward to trying out the Sleepy Head Pillow mist to see if this would help soothe and settle my baby in any way. I didn’t think it would work miracles but was interested to see if had any effect at all. Surprisingly, the first night we used it, my baby was easier to put down! I can’t be sure if this was down to the spray, but we have been using it ever since and are enjoying better sleep all round! The sleepy head pillow mist is also great for me. I love the calming and relaxing scent, and enjoy spraying it, to get the room ready for bedtime. It has become a nice part of the bedtime routine which I look forward to. It really helps to get me into a calm and focused headspace before the hard work begins!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gabriella: The sleepy head pillow mist smells divine!! I would recommend it to other mum's that have babies that thrive from a good night time routine or even babies that need that bit more contact than usual and would benefit from a routine smell as part of bed time, as we have found with my son using the spray and now at 15 months letting him help he just goes off to sleep no problem at all.

Hollie: Smells gorgeous, not like other pillow mists I have tried in the past that are strong. Such a good price for the product. Really is helping with better sleep. You can also use is to spray on your children's pjamas. Easy to use design. Lasts a long time even though we spray the whole room we still have lots left in the bottle and the scent doesn't dissappear quickly.

Sonia: The spray Smells lovely and is really easy to use. It looks really smart. It suited my little boy's skin well as he is sensitive to some smells and sprays. It was really easy to implement into the bedtime routine so we always remembered to use it for nighttime. I'm not sure if it really helped with the sleep but i also tried it on my husband and seemed to help him sleep too.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hollie: It's such a reasonable price unlike other pillow mists. I absolutely love the coconut smell which lasts all night. The first one I've found that you can also use on their clothes. I wouldn't change anything about this product and will be ordering again as soon as we've run out. Definitely a winner in my opinion.

Gabriella: This product is really relaxing and actually not just for my baby, when I am sat in his room feeding him his last feed before bed and we have used the sleepy head pillow mist, I too feel very relaxed and content in that final 20 mins of my day with him, and I think that as well has also helped and part of the reason why he goes to sleep with a full chubby just been fed face as he can feel how relaxed I am too!!

Lisa: I had never used a pillow mist before, and whilst I wouldn’t say that it is an essential product to have, it is a really nice treat to help with the bedtime routine. I’m not aware of any other products like this on the market, so it’s difficult to know how it compares, but I do really like this product, the scent and the packaging, so would have no hesitation in recommending Sleepy Head Pillow mist to other mums, or buying it as a gift as a nice treat for mum! I would continue to use this product once my baby no longer needs it, as a nice bedtime scent for myself!

What changes would you make to this product?

Gabriella: It would be great to have a travel-sized version of the sleepy head pillow spray now that world is trying to re-open back up again, but then also to have a large version of it. I'd love to see a refill pack too as I know my little coco are working on moisturizer re-fill packs etc it would be great if the pillow mist could have that option.

Lisa: If I could change one thing about the Sleepy Head Pillow mist, it might be the branding- I really think that it should also be marketed as a product for mum and baby. Mums need help sleeping too, so it would be good for mum and baby to use this together. I would perhaps change the branding to make it seem like a more premium and luxurious product.

Hollie: I wouldn't change anything about this product i love it. Would suggest making a bigger bottle and I would happily pay more. Cant wait to try more of this range in the future. I would love to see an adult version made as I'd definitely use it in my room! Would highly recommend to any parents. 10 out of 10.

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