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Reusable Cloth gold award 2024

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Every Kit & Kin reusable cloth nappy rescues two plastic bottles from landfill, and keeps your baby’s bottom dry and comfy for up to 12 hours thanks to the super absorbent and gentle 100% naturally-derived core.

One size fits all and with handy poppers and has an adjustable waist to fit to your baby’s shape as they grow. This reusable nappy also won Gold at the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards.

Testing the Kit & Kin reusable cloth nappy

Here is what our army of parent testers, and their babies, thought of the Kit & Kin reusable cloth nappy:

How did this product make your life easier?

Ella: I thought the Velcro was very handy as a lot of previous reusable nappies I have had are poppers which can make changes more fiddly. The Velcro helps speed up the change more like a disposable! The design (we had the zebra) was also very appealing to little ones which helps with a bit of encouragement during changes.

Stephanie: It stops me having to run to the supermarket weekly to get a fresh pack of disposable nappies! It's also much better on my child's skin which means no more nappy rash. I would definitely recommend the product to mums who are looking to cut down on their waste and do their bit for the environment - they're fab!

Mimoza: Once the process of using them is understood, these nappies make your life so much easier. No more nappy runs in the middle of the night. The designs are so cute, especially when babies are wandering around in nothing but these cute little designs. They take a while to dry once washed but apart from that they are fabulous.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Amy: Yes, if they are keen to use reusable nappies, I would say that this is a good option - the fabric is super soft, and design is incredibly cute. The design of being able to remove the lining to help dry quickly is great. The ability to change the size with the poppers on the front is a nice feature too.

Ashleigh: I would recommend these Kit & Kin nappies to friends and family as I love the cute and simple design of them. They are user friendly as sometimes poppers with leg rises can get a bit complicated for others new to cloth. These are very straight-forward and similar to a regular nappy. They are absorbent and work well.

Lisa: The designs of the Kit & Kin reusable nappy are fun and eye-catching. Once you know how to use them the nappies are easy to use although you would need at least 20 of them to make the switch permanently from disposables. The added boosters and liners are a must as they help with absorbency. Using them does make you feel like you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stephanie: It's hard to choose just one thing but I think it would have to be the quality overall. The material is incredibly soft and gentle on my baby's skin, they're extremely absorbent (which is something that has previously put me off using reusable nappies in the past. And the designs are beautiful.

Amy: Having not tried other brands or researched others I can't say that I would - but I would be happy to use this brand and would consider buying a few more nappies, boosters and liners to use them more frequently. I was happy with how comfortable my son was in the nappy, and it didn't seem too bulky underneath his clothes.

Mimoza: I would definitely choose this above other products. This nappy really proved to be bombproof! It is really excellent quality, both in design and materials. It's soft, reliable, strong, stays in place and my little one always seemed comfortable. All of the choices of prints are beautiful too! It was hard to fault.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ashleigh: There is a pocket on the attached insert, not really sure if that is just for ease or not but I didn't find it too helpful really. There isn't too much I would change, it fits my slim boy well and he seems comfortable in this nappy. Boosters are always fab and help if you know they will be in the nappy a little longer.

Lisa: The packaging for the nappy should come with more detailed instructions of how to use it. As a first time user I wasn’t sure how the liners worked and if I would need any additional boosters or liners to use with it. In addition to make a slightly larger nappy, so to have 2 sizes available for babies with chubbier thighs as I found my baby had marks left from using the nappy as he got bigger.

Ella: I think I would perhaps alter the material used inside, although very soft for a child’s skin. It takes a very long time to dry which obviously reduces how often you can use the nappy as you are often waiting for it to dry. Other nappies could be used, washed, dried and back on the baby in the length of time it takes to dry. Perhaps a popper to remove the attached insert so it could be totally separated to dry faster?

Stephanie Spencer is the Deputy Digital Editor at Mother&Baby and auntie to four aged 8 to 6 months old. With a particular interest in health, she loves discovering products that make parent’s lives easier.

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