Kinderkraft LASTREE 2-in-1 high chair review

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Kinderkraft LASTREE 2-in-1 high chair

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Kinderkraft LASTREE 2-in-1 high chair at a glance

This unique high chair acts as a high bouncer from birth, making it possible for your little one to participate in family life. When your child gets older, LASTREE transforms into a high chair. Thanks to the extensive adjustment options, it'll accompany your child up to three years old (maximum 15 kg). The convenient wheels make it easy to move the high chair around, and the modern terrazzo design makes LASTREE look great in many interiors.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?

Philippa: Firstly I was so pleased to receive a product with a decent set of instructions! There was also a QR code that took me straight to a really informative video showing how to put the highchair together initially and running through all of the features and how to access them. This highchair makes mealtimes a joy, it is quick and easy to convert from a baby seat to a highchair (changing the positioning of the seat from tilted back to upright and swapping the toy bar for a table). The removable table can be cleaned easily with the tray part removing completely to get into all of the nooks and crannies! For this reason, it feels more hygienic than other high chairs I’ve used before.

Caroline: This highchair is honestly fab. It is simple to assemble looks good. The highchair is very adjustable and allowed my little one to sit in comfort for the duration of dinner. She normally fusses towards the end of dinner, however, this evening she was perfectly content to sit and play in her chair. The storage basket is useful and the adjustable footrest helps improve sitting position, this keeps my little one happier (meaning I am happier!).

Florence: The chair is packed with small thoughtful touches that make life easier. I liked how simple and straightforward it was to assemble, with no fiddly bits or bespoke tools required. I found it simple to adjust to fit my baby. Sometimes having lots of adjustable elements can make a product feel busy or complicated but this really wasn’t the case with this highchair - each step was straightforward and served a purpose. It would have been easy for the manufacturers not to include the bag which hangs underneath the highchair or the pocket on the back but these are so useful for storing toys when the baby is younger and bibs/cloths when the baby is weaning and show that they have thought about what would be helpful to parents. The chair was simple to wipe down after use and I really liked the wipe down eco-leather they had used which looked comfy but was practical and easy to keep clean and looking good.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Philippa: Yes I would absolutely recommend this highchair to other parents. I would warn that the highchair is quite big and bulky. If you have a big kitchen it isn’t a problem at all, but I think it could cause issues in a smaller kitchen. I wouldn’t necessarily change this but think it is worth considering when purchasing. The design is excellent, it has so many useful features and has clearly been incredibly well thought through. It is extremely sturdy and the materials are all excellent quality. I washed the seat cover recently and it looks and feels brand new.

Carmen: It doesn't take up to much room and is very easy to move around the kitchen but also looks nice. The highchair itself works well for my 3-month-old and my 2-year-old with room still to grow. I think we will get a lot of years out of it. It also means the baby can join the rest of the family at the dinner table which is lovely. Much better than having him on a bouncer on the floor it makes him feel like a part of the family.

Christine: This is not only a beautiful looking high chair but it feels super plush and my little one absolutely loved it. My little boy has been in a few high chairs but with this one, he kept wanting to sit in it and would actually start crying when I took it away so I would say this is definitely baby approved!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebekah: I would choose this product over others as it is very versatile and my baby seems to really like it and find it comfortable. I like the fact it can be wheeled around and folded away for storage. The tray comes off and be hooked onto the chair for ease of use. My baby likes playing with the toys and I'm sure she will use it for a long time to come, especially when she gets old enough to do crafts.

Christine: I think this product should win as not only is it great value for money but the design is very beautiful and comfortable with the features being very practical and easy to use. I believe this has definitely been made with both mum and baby in mind which is exactly what is needed as a mum in today's world. Happy babies equal happy mums!

Philippa: This highchair has an abundance of useful features, it has clearly been really well thought through when being designed! It has wheels on the four legs, meaning that it can be moved easily. Each wheel has a brake on it for safety. It doubles up as a baby bouncer, the tray can be removed, seat tilted back and it has a lovely toy bar with two engaging (unisex) toys on it. The adjustable height is my favourite feature. I can move my little one up or down depending on where he is sitting to enable him to be at the right height - I haven’t come across another highchair that does this! I also love the handy storage basket underneath the chair, I keep wipes, bibs, cleaning spray and kitchen roll in there so that I have everything to hand at mealtimes. I didn’t even know I needed this until I had it!

What changes would you make to this product?

Caroline: My daughter is 10 months and is roughly average height, she appears to be sat a little low in the chair compared with the table; I doubt that she would have been able to reach over the table at 6 months old. It is possible that there is further adjustment to the seat that would overcome this, however, given that I've only had 10 minutes to myself since it arrived I've not yet found if this is possible.

Louise: The product is fairly bulky, particularly at the base, so if you are short on space this may be an issue. It would also be nice to have the option of different heights for the chair (i.e. closer to the ground). The seat itself doesn’t move/bounce which makes it difficult if the baby likes to be rocked to settle them. The option of additional toys might be a nice touch but you can always add these yourself.

Abi: It would be useful to have somewhere on the highchair to neatly store the highchair tray and/or toy bar when they are not in use. I would also extend the wipeable fabric on the seat liner slightly further round the edges of the “comfortable” side to be used with the bouncer, to prevent having to wash it as often to avoid stains. Finally, the labels are quite big (especially on the toy bar), which isn’t very nice looking. Perhaps labels that can be tucked in or placed on the underside of the product.

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