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Graco Swift Fold Highchair

by Emily Gilbert |
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Graco Swift Fold Highchair at a glance

The easiest highchair you’ll ever fold, the Graco Swift Fold makes clean up easy and has a slim, compact design that allows you to quickly reclaim kitchen space in between mealtimes.

At only 19cm by 81cm, it's the most compact highchair available and provides 9 height adjustments for the perfect fit to table. The infant body support and harness covers are removable for easy washing. The one-hand removable tray makes getting baby in and out easy, while the dishwasher safe insert makes clean up a breeze.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ellie: The highchair is really simple to use and it can be folded and unfolded using just one hand. When the highchair is folded down it is nice and slim so it can be easily stored away to save room. This is really useful if you have quite a compact kitchen and need to put the chair away after each meal. It's definitely a great highchair to have if you have a small living space and rely on its ability to fold away. The seat reclines so if your baby falls asleep whilst sat in it then they can be leant back for a comfortable and safe sleep. This saves having to transfer a sleeping baby to their cot. The tray is really large which means less mess on the floor to clear up so this saves a lot of cleaning time too!

Sophie: The chair arrived already assembled, all I needed to do was open it out and attach the tray, both of which were extremely simple to do. The chair feels sturdy and robust. It can be wheeled around the kitchen (using the wheels on the front legs) and can be folded down one-handed and put away to save space - this is a huge benefit in my small kitchen. I will add though that once erected, it does take up quite a bit of space on the kitchen floor and with the wide tray table. The chair feels of a good quality and it has adjustable height settings.

Natalie: The Graco Swift Fold highchair was good for us because it has a large removable tray that we were able to place in the dishwasher and the fold-down design made it super compact for storing outside of mealtimes. We would have liked the be able to remove the chair cover to give the seat a thorough clean.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nikki: This is a table and chair in one, so I would recommend it to friends who perhaps don't have a table in their kitchen to feed baby another way / with a smaller high chair. It is sleek in operation and looks quite smart, the grey stripe is very neutral. The large tray would be very useful for feeding and for activities and the tray insert is dishwasher safe which is super handy.

Emily: The folding aspect is a real winner if you are tight on space. The fact it is height adjustable and has a great range, so you can have a newborn laying in it at table level whilst you eat, or bring it right down so baby can eat with toddlers at a baby table, makes it extremely versatile. The padded seat looks extremely comfortable and is made of a wipe-clean material that makes life a little easier for spills!

Alexandra: I would recommend this product to someone who had a big house because it is quite a large seat! A bit of a throne for a baby! It is useful because it doubles up as a play table because the mat is so big. Despite being quite large it does fall down easily and stand up on its own which is great.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nikki: This chair is brilliant if I didn't have a different table and chair option in the kitchen as it is a chair plus large table/feeding tray in one. However, if you have other options it takes up a lot of room if using it around a table so you need quite a lot of space to use it. It's great that it can fold away so easily but I can't imagine there are many people who don't have room to keep it open but do have the space to store it away - if you're lacking in space this is not the chair you are going to go for.

Harriet: I wouldn't choose this product above all others on the market. Although it is a very good highchair, the bulkiness of it and the large footprint it covers when it is open and in use lets it down. The compact fold however is brilliant and is a definite plus point, as is the multiple height settings that can be used.

Sophie: I would definitely consider buying this chair, purely for the easy (one-handed) folding mechanism and the ability for it to be stored away/ put to one side when not in use which dramatically helps to save space, particularly in my small kitchen where I find I'm constantly tripping up over my current highchair which doesn't fold.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalie: If I could change one thing about the Graco swift fold high chair, it would be the cleaning of the seat. We found that traces of food and drink were left in books and crannies that we just couldn’t get completely clean. Being able to clean my child’s high chair is very important to me, and the simplicity of the IKEA chair outweighs the recline and fold features of this chair for me.

Emily: I would try and make the chair more streamlined in its design when is open, so it continues to work for people who are genuinely tight of space. As it is, when open, it takes up quite a lot of floor space which could be inconvenient for some. It is quite heavy as a result so can be tricky to move about.

Sarah: The one thing that I think really needs to be changed about this product to make it more appealing to parents would be the mechanism in place to erect the high chair. The high chair can be folded away so easily even with one hand! It would be great if this could be mimicked when putting the high chair up. This would therefore improve the usability and its value for money.

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