Dani Dyer Blush Leopard Premium Highchair

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Dani Dyer Blush Leopard Premium Highchair at a glance

The sophisticated "Cherish" collection, designed with Dani Dyer, boasts a stylish blush leopard design for an on-trend, refined look. The Highchair has a stylish rose gold frame and is cleverly styled for little ones that love to dream big. This highchair is sleek and stowable. Its two-part removable tray conveniently detaches when done and clips on the back of the highchair for a slim silhouette. With an easy-fold design, it stands on its own when folded and can be stored out of the way when not in use.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?

Danielle: It definitely secured my child in well and gave me peace of mind that she wouldn’t fall/climb out The tray is a good size and the chair can be used for playtime as well as mealtimes it’s a good place to put your child to play with some toys if you’re trying to cook or clean and makes life a little easier.

Alannah: The Dani Dyer Blush Leopard Premium Highchair is nice and easy to store due to its folding design and tray storage. It stands upright and be tucked away into a corner. The straps are easy to fasten, compared to past highchairs, which is handy with a boisterous toddler. It has adjustable seating positions which is very useful for when different family members are babysitting.

Paige: It makes my life easier as a mum as I know my daughter will be safely sat to have her meals everyday and it means she can sit at the table with us for meals. It has been helpful to take away with us on our UK holiday so she can continue her normal routine even when we are away. The highchair tray means whilst she has been young her meals can be placed on there rather than a plate/bowl she can tip up so she is consuming more of her food.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lucy: It's comfortable for the child and inviting when meals can be stressful enough. It's also not an eyesore, aesthetically it's nice and the cushioned seat is a nice extra. There were not many parts so it was easy to assemble. I leave it free-standing so I don't fold it down each time. It's not very heavy though so you can move it around the room very easily. It also can double up as a comfy chair.

Sarah: I would recommend this product to other mums for its simple but helpful design it’s is simply stunning and the features really help and support the child needs and abilities. I loved the seat positions and tray positions and the bar to stop the child from pushing themselves out the seat like some other seats we have tried my daughter flings herself forward and this really helped with this.

Danielle: I would recommend the high chair to fellow mums due to its very cute design. It folds with ease and I felt my child was happy and secure inside. I felt it was very easy to clean which is really important to me especially with food. Was easy to transport from the kitchen to the living room when required which really helps.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Paige: The only thing I would say would stop it from winning is because there are some really good wooden chairs on the market. I think this is important regarding the environment and we should all try our best where possible to minimise plastic waste. Although most of the highchair itself is fabric or metal it does contain a lot of plastic which could put a lot of people off.

Lucy: This stands out for comfort. A lot of high chairs are wooden and the baby can slip down when they are young. This offers a lot of support and the extra cushioning is a big help. Visually it's a nice piece of kit and furniture. I would recommend it to a friend as it's easy to clean, it's also very good for weaning stages when using a high chair for the first time.

Sarah: I would choose this over other products it is a simple, beautiful design and looks elegant and the features really help aid the child in the learning abilities and feeding. Its easy store features mean it’s simple to store to one side and the tray folds away nicely to which is an added bonus. An excellent chair all-round.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alannah: The biggest issue I have had with this chair is the insert for the high chair tray - it is very easy to remove and I quickly learned that it needed to be removed before mealtimes by myself, or my toddler would do this for me, ensuring all of the food went with it. It doesn't seem to clip in very well compared to the previous version I had. However, everything else about the product has been good.

Danielle: Honestly only the price, the rest is spot on. The high chair is definitely fit for purpose. The colours and design are very cute and girly. If I had to change something it would only be the price. I don’t think I would pay more than £60 for a high chair and even that is quite expensive compared to what you can get from places like Ikea.

Paige: I would change the mechanism for sliding the legs together when storing away. It feels quite flimsy plastic and I have been concerned when using this part about it breaking as it can make quite a 'click' as if it's breaking! I suppose this wouldn't matter too much if it wasn't being stored but this is something I would change.

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