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baby muslin
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Bamboo Muslin at a glance:

Babybamba baby muslins are made from 100% Bamboo. They say "Why do we use Bamboo? Over other leading fabrics, Bamboo clothing is instantly recognisable in terms of comfort and feel. The high thread count is key to this and allows maximum comfort. Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - a more soft and luxurious feel. For allergy-prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect, It's anti-static and sits well next to your skin. No Irritation. Bamboo fabric is insulating, yet it is also breathable. This means it performs well in all temperatures."

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: I have swaddled my baby for sleeping since birth so was really please to receive these bamboo muslins. They are 100% bamboo and are extremely soft, almost feeling silky, lovely to be close to baby's skin. They are a decent size, so it is easy to fold them appropriately to be able to swaddle. They are too large to be useable as a muslin for posetting/baby winding, so I think they are really designed for swaddling.

Isabel: These muslins have been a joy to use. They are so luxuriously soft against my baby's skin and feel like they are very well made. The muslin cloths are a generous size which makes them so practical and multi purpose - we gave used them as s sheet, swaddle, blanket and for cleaning spit up when winding. Due to the size, it's been easy to fold it over and keep using it rather than getting through lots of smaller muslins. On washing these muslins they just seem to get softer and softer. We just love them!

Alison: As a Mother of three little girls I absolutely agree with the advice given to me that you can never have too many muslins when looking after a baby. A muslin is the hardest working product in my change bag, I use them to clean up any baby possets, to protect baby from the sun and from surfaces, to lay on top of the cot sheets to be washed easily and to act as a nursing cover. With all these many uses, it has been important to me to invest in muslins of a high quality, that are kind to baby's skin, wash well and are of a good size. The Babybamba bamboo muslins are of an excellent quality and come in beautiful designs, and are the perfect product to take everywhere as a Mum of a newborn baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sophie: I absolutely love how soft these muslins are. When I took my daughter to my mums and used one of the muslins, she even commented straight away on how soft and lovely they felt against bare skin - perfect for babies! They are also a really good size. The designs are pretty yet simple, plain colours are lovely for if you don't want fuss. I have also washed these muslins a few times now and they have kept their softness each time and feel like ne

Clare: Large size, easy to fold to swaddle baby. They wash well and dry quickly which makes them convenient to use. I received a baby pink muslin and one with a design - princesses/frogs/unicorns, I personally found the design a bit too 'girly' for my liking - though I see the product does come in lots of different designs.

Isabel: The softness of these muslins is like no other muslins we've ever seen. We have previously used the market leading muslin brand but the softness doesn't come close to the feel of these, I think due to the lovely bamboo material. They are silky soft. The designs are also adorable - I love ours and seeing the other designs on the baby bamba website has shown that they have a whole range of gorgeous designs for baby boys and girls.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: I would definitely recommend this product to win in this category - the main thing that stands out is the softness of the fabric. It is soft on babies' skin and keeps this wash after wash. They are also a really good size which allows them to be versatile - from using it to wipe up spills, to nursing, to using it as a light cover-up when taking baby out in the pram.

Cristina: I wouldn’t choose this product above all others on the market as I prefer the patterns and colours of other muslins I have seen e.g Aden and Anais. Although it is soft I have another that is softer and I would pay a little more for both of these features. It is however a good quality product at a reasonable price. It is difficult to say if it should win since I don't know what other products it is up against.

Nichola: Going off the large muslin's I have owned in the past this is by far the best by a long shot! The quality of the muslin is amazing so, so soft lightweight, and very large. Whereas the ones I have has before have never been as soft. It washes beautifully. The animal print is lovely and eye-catching

What changes would you make to this product?

Isabel: It would be good to have other products available in this soft muslin, such as swaddles or baby playmats (with a padded backing). it is such a lovely feeling material for baby. The only thing i would change would be to increase its absorbency, however, if this was at the detriment of the softness then i wouldn't change anything!

Nichola: To be perfectly honest I can't think of anything I'd change! It has everything you could ask for in a bamboo muslin. You do have to be careful when washing the bamboo muslin I found that washing it with any velcro item and it will stick to your muslin and ruin it! Luckily for me it was only on a small corner of mine.

Helen: I would have liked the choice of a selection of muslin sizes. My baby can be quite drooly and possety and I would love a couple of packs of smaller muslins for use around the house. My baby often falls asleep with his face against a muslin and their soft texture is perfect. Their lightness and ability to dry quickly would make them very useful in our large collection of muslins.

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