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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Baby Travel's iSafe tandem doubletravel system.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What did you like most about the iSafe Tandem Double Pram Travel System?

Tasha Lester: "The pram had large wheels making it easy to handle and good outside on all surfaces. I tried it out in the rain and snow and it performed well in both. It's also nice and easy to assemble, I managed to do it with my twins around without major fuss, which is great. Also the basket underneath is HUGE which is great. As with babies you have to take so much stuff with you."

Sam Garwell: "The pram was lightweight, easy to assemble and put down, and the basket underneath was a good size, which on my current pram isn’t."

Daisy Brockley: "I really loved the whole look and feel of the pram, it’s very sleek and modern and I love the grey fabric. It wasn’t too heavy compared to other tandems and the fact that the older child is lower when seated makes the pram feel level. The toddler seat is also really roomy and isn’t a task to get my 2 year old into. He usually hates any pram however he actually gets himself in this pram and cries when we’re getting out. He’s not uncomfortable in the seat either. It's really spacious and nice. I love the boot covers too, they make the pram really protective for younger babies and the hood being bigger cocoons them from the outside world."

What did you think of the materials of the iSafe Tandem Double Pram Travel System?

Lisa Noone: "The materials were high quality and expensive, that looked attractive."

Natalie Fulker: "The materials seem of very good quality. The pattern is nice as well and would happily use the print for boys or girls, but I’m aware it does come in different colours. The wheels also seem very sturdy and good quality."

Robin Collins: "Easy to wipe clean which is always handy! The footmuffs were good, but still needed extra layers in the cold weather."

How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Maralyn Fulker: "As a grandma, I’ve previously used the iCandy, which I believe the carrycots were more suited to younger babies, but this pram is good for older babies and toddlers. However, my boys are quite tall so they may also outgrow the footmuffs quite quickly!"

Tasha Lester: "It definitely stands up to the two other brands which I have tried. It's easy to control, push and steer in comparison to a side-by-side double for sure, and you don't have to worry if it will fit through any doors. It's the first pram I've had that can fit inside my house, which makes life easier when getting ready to go out for a walk. My boys seemed to enjoy sitting in this pram a lot. The only thing I'd say as constructive feedback is, the foot space in the seats don't seem long enough, the boys feet seemed to be squashed up and I had to cross their legs to fit them in and put the cover/footmuff on."

Sam Garwell: "My current pram is quite noisy when pushing. The wheels are plastic on the ground and bumpy. The iSafe however, was quiet and sturdy on pavements and grass, which I was really pleased with. The straps were a lot more supportive than my current pram so my child was secure."

Would you recommend this pram to other parents? Why/why not?

George Dootson: "Yeah I think I would definitely. Only if it was to be used as a tandem though. I think as a single it’s quite large framed and there’s better single alternatives."

Chris Hewitt: "Yes, I would. Even if it was a young family with their first child, as if they add to their family they can then add the second seat and I think that’s great."

Cal Hewitt: "I’ve already told a few people about it because I’m really impressed with it. I think it’s actually a really great pram. I expected it to be really flimsy as you can add and take off seats, but it’s actually a really, good sturdy pram. When I looked at instructions that you could add and remove bits I expected flimsy cheap accessories, but I was pleasantly surprised."

What did you think about the packaging/design of the product?

Natalie Fulker: "The packaging was good, it came very compact and folded up. The design is also good, however, I can’t work out if I can have both seat units flatly reclined if the babies were to fall asleep at the same time. This is quite annoying as I can lay my previous pushchairs' seats flat. The instructions are not very good either, which doesn’t help."

Robin Collins: "I didn’t see the packaging as my daughter had unpacked it, but she told me it was good and easy to set up, just that the instructions were tricky. I like the design and think it could be used for both boys and girls. However my daughter did tell me it does come in other colours which is nice."

Maralyn Fulker: "No concerns on the packaging although it did make out it was a single pram, as I didn’t spot the writing on the side stating it was a tandem."

Would you use the iSafe tandem double pram travel system again? Why?

Tasha Lester: "Yes I'd definitely use it again. It was great to handle on all walks, in woods, on snow, on grass. Not as much effort for me to push as a double side-by-side. I think it would be ideal for someone with a newborn and a small toddler."

Sam Garwell: "Yes, it makes life a lot easier with two children, rather than a side-by-side pram which is bulky and not practical in shops or going through doors, ideal for someone with a newborn and toddler."

Daisy Brockley: "YES! I can’t see myself using another tandem now because I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this one! It’s so much easier to use than any other tandem I’ve had and much more enjoyable to push and much more comfortable for my children. It’s perfect for us as a family (2-year-old and 6-month-old) and it’s the pram I’d choose if I was to buy again."

Are there any changes you would make to the pram?

Lisa Noone: "No, I think it is perfect."

Chris Hewitt: "The front seat doesn’t lie back properly. The buttons don’t seem to click either side when trying to lie it back, so maybe a better system for that. Apart from that, no."

Natalie Fulker: "The brakes need to be more sturdy, and also better instructions on using it as a tandem, like I'd like to know a bit clearer how to lay both seat units flat when world facing. I would also like to see a parasol and coffee cup holder attachment."

What do you look for in a pram?

Robin Collins: "Safety features, materials and a good price. I feel this is a good price, although I wondered if car seats were able to fit on it, as they do on most others."

Maralyn Fulker: "The safety and reliability of the pram and how easy it is to use and fold up. Also, what it comes with/what needs to be purchased."

Tasha Lester: "Good value, nice design. Comfortable ride for the babies and easy to use for me."

What was your first impression of the iSafe tandem double pram travel system?

Sam Garwell: "Very Good, liked the design and I hadn’t seen it before, much easier than a side-by-side double buggy."

Daisy Brockley: "It was really surprising how light it was and how sturdy it was, I really enjoy pushing it. I like the colour and the frame is really stylish."

George Dootson: "it looks really attractive and expensive."

Is there a feature you would like to see on the iSafe tandem double pram travel system?

Chris Hewitt: "Maybe a cup holder? I went for a long walk and it would have been nice to take a cup of coffee."

Natalie Fulker: "The brakes could be better as it still moves when the brakes are applied, so I wouldn’t trust them necessarily near a road. It was good that a rain cover came with it, but it would be nice to know if a parasol or a coffee cup holder could be bought as well."

Robin Collins: "Footmuffs that can go more on the child rather than fixed around the handle bars. Also a parasol for the summer months, but not sure if this is something you can purchase separately."

iSafe tandem double pram travel system specs and features

  • Suitable From Newborn up to 3 years (or 15 kg each seat).

  • Can be used for a newborn and a toddler

  • Can face forward where the "world" view is not obstructed for either child

  • Can accommodate 2 car seats to become a travel system.

  • Compatible with iSafe 0+ Carseats

  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi Cabrio / Pebble

  • Aluminium construction

  • Extendable handle to help users of different height to manoeuvre effortlessly

  • Foam handle provides comfort when using and manoeuvring

  • Super easy fold away chassis, light and compact

  • Super large shopping basket

  • All terrain large rubber tyres (puncture free)

Top seat unit features

  • Forward facing mode (no "world" view obstruction), Parent facing mode, 3 recline modes (mechanical), multiple adjustable back rest via pull string

  •  2-in-1 mode, flat mode carrycot style for newborns and can be used in this mode up 18 months +

  • Complete with complimentary boot cover, shoulder & crotch pads, large expandable hood with additional sun protection drop down canopy

  • Complete with raincover

  • 5-point harness as standard

Top front unit features

  • Forward facing mode (no "world" view obstruction) , Parent facing mode, 3 recline modes (mechanical), multiple adjustable back rest via pull string too.

  • 2-in-1 mode, flat mode carrycot style for newborn babies and can be used in this mode up 18 months+

  • Complete with complimentary boot cover, shoulder & crotch pads, large expandable hood with additional sun protection drop down canopy

  • Complete with raincover

  • 5-point harness as standard

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