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Baby rocking beds are a brilliant way to gently encourage your little one to doze off. The best cots and cribs for your baby will provide a safe place to sleep, but with so many on the market to choose from, picking one isn't always an easy task. Baby rocking beds are a popular choice amongst parents, and for centuries it's become universally acknowledged that rocking a baby in your arms is soothing and a great way of helping them to fall asleep.

We all know the stress of when your baby's finally asleep in your arms, and you now need to gently put them into their Moses basketwithout waking them up. That's why so many parents love a baby rocking bed, as well as doing the hard work of rocking for you, it also means you can avoid the transfer from arms to bed and risk waking your little one up.

The best baby rocking beds at a glance:

Best overall rocking bed: SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot, £1395
Best next to me rocking bed: Tutti Bambini CoZee, £168.75
Best for travel rocking bed: Nuby Sleep by Me Crib, £99.99
Best wicker rocking bed: Kinder Valley Grey Wicker Moses Basket, £50
Best for height settings: Chicco Next 2 Me Magic Bedside Sleeper Crib, £169

They will typically last your infant from birth to six months. However, this will be determined by your baby's weight. Usually, they offer the rocking function through a stand or by a built-in function controlled by you, so it's worth considering what you'd prefer.

While you might simply be happy with a straightforward cot or crib, a baby rocking bed is particularly good for those babies who love to be held and rocked, whether that's in your arms or a rocking chair. A lot of rocking beds also double up as a bedside crib for co-sleeping, with a removable panel so that you can attach the crib to your bed. This is ideal if you want to feel close to your baby. They're also useful for encouraging self-soothing skills, as your child won't require you to help them sleep all the time. Check out our favourites below...

The best baby rocking beds 2024

Best smart rocking bed

Baby rocking beds - SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby CotHappiest baby

It may be pricey, but the SNOO Smart Sleeper is loved by parents across the world. Responding to your baby's fussing, SNOO helps aid sleep by using a built-in motor to gently (and quietly) rock your baby, increasing motion and sound. The included special sleep sack also helps make swaddling easier and we love that it ensures baby stays on their back for safe sleeping. Plus, testers like that there is a mobile app which can provide a daily sleep report. As we mentioned, it is expensive and also if you want to move it around, then do bear in mind it is heavy at 24.4kg. It is stylish though with a modern design we think it is a great help for new parents trying to get their little one to sleep.

Reviewed by mum Katie: "We bought this for my very premature baby shortly after she came home from hospital. As she's small and came so early I'm hoping we'll really get our money's worth. She sleeps way better than my firstborn did for which I credit the SNOO, now sleeping 8 hour stretches at night. I wish the app allowed you to make your own notes, and you could use the white noise even when she was out of the cot. But these are minor complaints in the scheme of a great purchase."

Read our full SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot review.


  • Rocks baby without assistance
  • Automatically responds to baby when upset
  • Modern design
  • Soothing motion
  • Special sleep sack
  • Mobile app


  • Quite heavy (24.4kg)
  • Expensive

Best traditional design

Simple and sweet, this rocking crib from Obaby is available in three colours to match any nursery design. It features a gentle rocking motion, but can also be locked into a static mode which we really like. Reviewers liked the quality of the crib which is made of wood, although there was some debate about how easy it is to assemble, with some people finding it simple and others reporting it was a little bit fiddly. While it does come with a breathable foam mattress with 3.5cm depth, some reviewers thought it could be more comfortable. The style of the crib was popular and we love the traditional style which will look elegant in all nurseries.


  • Beautiful design
  • Open slats so you can easily see baby whilst in bed
  • The mattress cover is machine washable


  • A little fiddly to build
  • Mattress could be more comfortable

Best next to me rocking bed

The Tutti Bambini CoZee crib comes with removable rocking arches to help you gently lull your baby to sleep which reviewers thought were very practicable, and they also make it easy to transport the cot when travelling. While it does have an adjustable six-step height adjuster and incline option, some reviewers thought this was less than other cribs and would have liked more. We like the ultra-breathable mesh window which gives you full visibility of your baby and of course we love that it can also be used as a co-sleeper next to me crib. Reviewers thought it was easy to assemble due to the innovative open-and-fold mechanism which means the cot can be set up in just 30 seconds. It also comes with a deluxe air-flow mattress.

Read our full review of the Tutti Bambini CoZee crib


  • Available in four different colours
  • Great for co-sleeping
  • Comes with handy travel bag for easy transportation


  • Not as many height adjustments as some other rocking beds listed

Best for travel

This bargain bedside crib may need to be manually rocked, which not all reviewers liked, but it does feature seven different height option and an incline which is useful if your little one is suffering from a cold, colic or reflux, to help ease their symptoms. Reviewers also liked the light and sound unit that comes with the crib which helps create a calming environment, although do bear in mind that some people commented the sound quality could be better. Weighing in at just 7kg, it is easy to move and great for travelling, plus it includes a travel bag which makes it even easier to transport. Reviewers agreed that the crib is easy to set up and they liked the basket under the cot which is useful for nappies or muslins. We like the appearance of the crib and reviewers thought it was spacious.


  • Sides fold down for co-sleeping
  • Plays white noise and lullabies to aid sleep
  • Includes travel case


  • Not available in additional colours
  • Manual rocking function

Best wicker rocking bed

This lovely wicker Moses basket comes with a handy rocking stand, which reviewers loved. A big plus for this Moses basket is its appearance and soft grey colour. Reviewers thought it was really well made and we like the 100% cotton lining and quilt, as well as the water resistant mattress. Reviewers were disappointed that there are no incline options for baby, but did like the gentle rocking motion. The basket also has an adjustable hood, which we love, to help create a cosy sleeping space for your little one. The traditional wicker design is really lovely and makes this Moses basket a great addition to any nursery.


  • Classic design
  • Excellent quality Moses basket


  • No incline options

Best motions on a rocking bed

This smart bassinet offers five speeds and even more impressive, five unique motions to help your child sleep. The different motions include, car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave which reviewers really liked. We also love that as well as motion options there are also four white noise options, ocean, fan, shh, and rain. Even better, all these functions can be controlled via the app because the bassinet is bluetooth-enabled. Reviewers have commented that although it does help their little ones sleep, they would like it to be a bit longer in length for taller babies and also with a weight limit of 11kg, it would be good if it could accommodate heavier babies especially considering the high price tag. It is important to note that this bassinet has quite a heavy stand so it isn't the easiest to transport, but it is popular with mums for the functions it offers and because it does support baby to sleep better, as well as boasting a great design with mesh sides so you can easily see baby. It also includes a waterproof mattress and fitted sheet which we really liked.


  • Adjustable height
  • Mesh sides to easily see baby
  • Includes waterproof mattress and fitted sheet (washable)


  • Heavy stand

Best height settings on a rocking bed

This great next 2 me crib is great for portability and can be easily moved around your home thanks to four swivelling wheels, plus reviewers liked the one-hand sliding side panel which makes it easier to reach your baby during the night. One of the best features of this crib is the height adjustability, with eleven height options to choose from. We also really like the rocking mechanism to help soothe baby which can be operated easily by unlocking two buttons at the top of the crib. Reviewers were disappointed that the crib does not offer more storage or side pockets but they did like how easy it is to clean. Of course it is great that this gives the option of being a standalone crib or next to me, and most reviewers thought it was easy to assemble too.


  • Great for co-sleeping
  • One-handed sliding side panel for easy access
  • 11 height settings and four incline options


  • No side pockets for storage

Rocking beds – All you need to know

Choosing the right rocking bed for you and your child

Mattress — If your baby's crib comes with a mattress, fantastic, use that as this will be the correct size for your baby's bed. If it doesn't, you will need to go on the hunt for one, as it's important you get a mattress that properly fits your baby's bed for a safe sleeping environment as advised by the NHS. Luckily, we've found the best baby mattresses to make things easier for you, but if you don't want to spend extra time researching them, then opt for a crib that comes with one already.

Incline options — In our guide, we included some rocking cribs that have incline adjustments. This is useful to ease symptoms of reflux in babies, as being on a slight tilt to avoid the contents of your baby's stomach being moved upwards. It's not essential, but if it is something your baby suffers with (or you just don't want to take any chances), then it's worth considering.

Co-sleeping options — If you want a rocking bed, but are also keen to co-sleep with your baby, then there are plenty of bedside cribs that also have a rocking function too. Co-sleeping cribs are a great way to enjoy closeness with your baby whilst keeping a watchful eye over them and following safe sleep guidance.

Assembly and travel options — As a parent, you're busy enough, so the last thing you want is a crib for your baby that's a nightmare to put up, therefore, make sure you opt for one that's not too complicated to assemble. This also lends itself to how easy it would be to take away with you — after all, if it's a complete hassle to put up, then you're unlikely to take it away with you and might need a separate travel cot. Some rocking cribs also come with a handy travel bag too, which can also be an indication as to how easy it is to put up and pack away.

Is it okay for a baby to rock all night?

Yes, babies love to be rocked and that is why a rocking crib is a great option to calm baby and help them sleep. Babies are rocked non-stop in the womb which is why it is so comforting to them after they are born. Ensure that whatever baby rocking bed you decide to use, you are following safe sleep advice and typically once little one reaches six months, you will need to think about transferring them to a cot.

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