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At a glance:

The Nuby natural touch ultimate digital breast pump features a unique pump that encourages milk letdown and mimics your baby's feeding action by drawing gently from the breast, instead of squeezing the nipple and causing discomfort like conventional pumps. Perfect for everyday milk expression at home and on the move, this breast pump features stimulation and expression modes to express more milk in less time.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Layna: I would recommend this breast pump to a mum who needs to be able to express from both breasts at the same time. It is super easy to clean and reassemble once sterilized and is very comfortable to use. I found the use of the touchscreen controls handy when needing to adjust the suction as I could do so with minimal effort even whilst double expressing.

Mariana: It is easy to use, keep clean and store. I like the design as it isn't bulky or hard to use. It is easy to keep clean and it fits in my steriliser. The two modes of stimulation and express have meant I express more milk. The battery lasts all week when used 30 minutes every day.

Charlotte: I would recommend this product as it has a sleek design and looks more impressive than other similar products on the market. I find it easy to use as a single pump and it is very comfortable. I love that you can charge it up and use on the go meaning you have the power of an electric pump with the usability of a manual one!

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: This product makes my life easier as a mum because I now have a good stash of milk built up in the freezer. I had been struggling to build an emergency stash of milk for the last four months since my daughters birth and this pump has made it quick, easy and painless! I now have enough milk for me to be able to leave my daughter in the care of someone else for a day if I need to.

Maria: I like this breast pump. With my first two daughters, I used another brand and found it fiddly to use, wash and reassemble. The Nuby Natural Touch Ultimate breast pump is easy to use and really quick to set up. I like how it has a stimulation setting which gets the milk flowing then you simply press the button to start expressing.

Charlotte: This product is a lovely breast pump. It has made my life easier as it is quiet whilst expressing which allows me to pump late at night without disturbing my baby sleeping. The control panel is user-friendly and great with the built-in timer function to manage and control how long I have been pumping for. It can be difficult holding the two pumps and trying to use the controller to increase suction or stop.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nadia: This product for me is equivalent to others on the market. I liked the count-down function on the digital display unit as I do lose track of time when I'm pumping, particularly overnight. The comfort of the cup is good and its a one-cup-fits-all pump as opposed to some which need cups of different sizes. It does feel a little bulky which can make it tricky to handle.

Natalie: I would recommend this breast pump as a winner in its category. The stand out feature for me was the softness of the silicon shield/horn which made expression much more comfortable than other pumps I have tried previously. I liked the ease of set up and instructions for use and the digital display with easy to use touch screen was very user-friendly. I think the pump is reasonable value for money compared to others on the market.

Alice: Personally, I will probably stick with my manual pump but this is due to me only expressing a limited amount. If I started expressing more I would definitely switch to using the Nuby. The manual pump is better for me as it is smaller and there are fewer parts to assemble and set up which makes it more portable.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laila: I wouldn’t change anything about this product. I think it’s brilliant and the best on the market. I wouldn’t usually think to buy Nuby for breastfeeding as it’s not one of the biggest brands. It’s a shame it is not more affordable for mothers who wish to breastfeed but it is quite expensive and may not work financially for some.

Layna: I feel that the suction could do with some improvement to allow a more sufficient collection. It would also be handy if the kit came with a storage pouch or small box for when not in use to allow safe storage instead of the big box that it came in. This would make it easier to take with me to allow me to express on the go.

Mariana: The only thing that I would change with this product is the touchscreen display on the pump. If you could add a lock it would be useful as I found a couple of times I would go to move it and accidentally change the setting or turn it off. Other than that I would not change anything else with this product. I was very pleased with it.

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