Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid review

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Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid

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Milton Sterilizing Fluid allows you to sterilize in just 15 minutes.

Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid
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  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Effective in 15 min
  • Trusted by midwives
  • Perfect travel size


  • None

Testing the Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid

Find out what our army of mum testers thought about Milton's 500ml sterilising fluid:

"It's great to sterilise bottles and toys, everything you need to do the job it's a great product. I have used this product also to sterilise glass bottles when making my own fruit cordials. This product is good especially if you are on a staycation, as we are with little ones, and it's very easy to sterilise without needing microwave's or room for other bulky gadgets to do the same job. I find it has a very pleasant smell."

"I would recommend this Sterilising Fluid as it is a brand I completely trust. It has good and clear instructions which helped me learn quickly how to use this product. The bottle is tall which is great for storage, and the lid is very secure to stop little people getting it and being able to open it! The bottle is also big, so doesn't run out quickly. It is great to sterilise so many things, including baby bottles, breast pump parts, and some toys."

"This is a great product in that it doesn’t take up much space, it is cheap to buy and it sterilises anything. Cold water sterilisation is so useful and also really energy saving compared to microwave and steam sterilisation which is a useful thing with the cost of living crisis. It is easy to open and when closed and even tipped upside down it doesn’t leak. The other great thing is that the dose used can be adjusted for the volume of water you’re using which you aren’t able to do if using water sterilisation tablets"

"Milton is a trusted brand and this Sterilising Fluid didn’t disappoint. The ergonomic design of the bottle is easy to handle and non slip if you have wet hands. The lid is child proof yet not too adult proof! The nozzle makes it easy to aim on specific areas/stains as well as filling the measuring lid. It only takes 15 minutes for items to be sterilised."

"It means that I can deeply clean more products then I could before knowing that it is safe for my baby and kids to touch a surface or play with a toy that's been cleaned with Milton, you haven't got to worry about leaving it a little longer unlike most sterilising liquids that tend to smell super strong if you accidentally forget about it."

"We have all used Milton's to sterilise everything for our young babies, particularly when they were under six months old. We have used it to sterilise nappies when the babies were under 2 years old. With babies under 6 months old Milton's is used by our family to sterilise bottles and feeding bowls. Milton's has been used by 3 generations of our family to keep the kitchen, highchair and toys clean."

"Using Milton made me confident that items my baby girl would be eating and drinking from at the start of our weaning journey were hygienically safe. Then as I started expressing before returning to work, I sterilised parts of my breast pump and again felt reassured that they would be sterile and safe. It was convenient to soak dish cloths and my baby’s wash cloths in the fluid overnight in my kitchen sink, which also came up gleaming! I had previously only used Milton sterilising tablets and found the fluid to be more versatile as I could easily adjust the quantity required without waste. It also means you can apply the fluid directly on a stained item, which worked brilliantly on my daughter’s bibs and high chair tray after tomato or turmeric dinners."

Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid

The Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid won Bronze in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Steriliser product.

Final thoughts

The Milton 500ml sterilising fluid is perfect for cleaning around children. Milton is a trusted brand to its consumers and has been approved by midwives. This bottle is the perfect travel size, so can easily be thrown into a bag for the weekend breaks or days out.

Stephanie Spencer is the Deputy Digital Editor at Mother&Baby and auntie to four aged 8 to 6 months old. With a particular interest in health, she loves discovering products that make parent’s lives easier.

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