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Medela Swing Maxi Flex at a glance:

The Swing Maxi Flex™ is officially the most flexible breast pump available! Providing Medela's brand new research-based Flex technology, the new pump offers the exciting new shaped shield that promises a more efficient and comfortable pumping experience.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elaine: This really is a great breast pump, it is efficient and comfortable to use. The different sized breast shields really help you adjust to your shape and make it much more comfortable, which I believe helps produce more milk more quickly. Having used a different electric breast pump for my first child I had thought I would just stick to a manual one for the second as I really didn’t get on with the first one. The medela has completely changed by opinion of electric breast pumps.

Tammy: This breast pump has been easy to use. Being a double pump made pumping so much easier and quicker than having to pump each side separately. I did have to purchase a bra suitable for using the two pumps at once, otherwise I wouldn’t have found it so impressive. It cleans and dries easily and quickly. The suction has been fine.

Ildiko: This product is very easy to set up saving time to do other things, also I found it very efficient, don't have to sit for long time to fill bottles. The quality of the pump is very high standard, not to heavy to carry around, however it is still has lots off bits. It is a great relief to use such a fast pump, it helped me to ease my sore breasts.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Paige: It is so easy and quick to use. There’s no faff and it’s the most basic design so you can’t get it wrong. It would be great for those who struggle breastfeeding but who still want their baby to drink only breast milk, as it takes hardly any time to pump the bottles, especially when done at the same time. I completely underestimated the struggle of breastfeeding, and I think if it wasn’t for this pump I’d have turned to formula, which I am so glad I didn’t do. The pump is small enough and great that it can be used plugged in or with batteries, so I can pump on the go or in the car if on a long journey.

Laura: I would recommend this breast pump to other mums. The pump is very appealing to look at. The design is sleek but simple, lightweight and easily fits into your bag so is great if it needs to be transported. It is easiest pump to assemble which makes it super easy to use without even reading the instructions you could figure it out. The pump comes in very few parts which are lightweight but excellent quality with a really good seal, it has never leaked on me or come apart. They are really easy to fit together and the best advantage is they are easy to clean and non bulky to sterilize. The other feature I like is that it is battery operated and the strength is just as powerful which I was super impressed by. This meant that I can pump on the go like in the car on long journeys. I found the shields the most comfortable compared to other breast pumps as they come in different sizes so you can tailor it to your nipple size.

Helen: Yes I would definitely recommend, it’s compact yet powerful and invaluable for time efficient pumping. It’s self explanatory to use with simple buttons to increase speed and strengths of the pump. Easy to dissemble to clean and sterilise and then put back together . Can easily be transported but also easy to use whilst on the move (around the house).

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Layne: I think this is a great product but I'm not sure I would choose it over others due to the hefty price tag compared to alternatives on the market. The biggest selling point of this pump is it's comfort and the flexibility to fit all breast sizes and shapes. Features I like about other pumps include a digital display and different pump settings.

Paige: I can only compare this to a handheld pump, and it is a lot easier. It could take me 20-30 minutes to get the same amount of milk i could get in 5 minutes using the pump. Medela have a great app for me to track by feeding/pumping and bottle feeding, and the instructions are also very helpful in giving guidance on milk storage and other bits of breastfeeding and pumping advise.

Charlotte: Yes definitely. I have used other brands and always felt they were too loud, bulky, not enough suction, too much suction, or made me feel like a cow. The medela just felt natural and felt like My son was feeding. The noise was minimal, I could move around and have my hands free, I was able to leave the house and still be able to pump if I wanted to, the suction was just right and didn’t feel like it was going to rip my nipples off or that it wasn’t doing anything. The amount of milk I get from each pump is amazing as well. I just love watching the bottles fill up with something I have made.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ildiko: The pump set should have include either a bustier or a carrier bag or pouch for easier transport. Bustier would add a great value to product as it has two bottles, so it can be used hands free. And a stylish pouch would be a great item in a mum bag and also for the transport, as it contains two bottles additional teats for them would be another great idea.#

Angela: The bottom holders for the bottles easily pop off, which is frustratiioif your trying to double pump it single pump with a baby in arms. I think for the. OST the pump and accessories should feel less plastic, had a cheap look to it in the yellow. When I used the website to find what nipple shield I should use, I couldn’t find the guide so just guessed. Why can’t the guide be in with the instructions?

Kimberley: To improve this pump I would try to make the main unit smaller so that it was easier to transport. At the moment I would find it too bulky to take if I was going somewhere overnight or wanted to take it too and from work. Given the size of the unit I don't think that the clip on function would be used by many people. It didn't work for me.

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