Baby Bliss Breast pump / Breast Shells Combi-pack review

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Baby Bliss Breast pump / Breast Shells Combi-pack

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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If you're on the lookout for the best breast pump, we're here to help. The Baby Bliss breast pump is easy to use, compact, and no batteries are required. It is also suitable for everyday mums who will be 'on the go' as the pump comes with a lid which can be easily carried in the Baby Bliss travel bag.

How did this product make your life easier?

Audrey: The pump allowed me to express whilst feeding my little boy at the same time. It is easy to attach and remove, yet feels secure. The sucker and lid are a great addition to this type of pump in comparison to other similar products. I was able to collect good output stress-free in a short amount of time.

Caroline: The product is extremely useful in collecting breastmilk whilst feeding. However, this takes some getting used to as baby tends to try and kick off the milk collector whilst feeding. The breastmilk collection shells I found were uncomfortable to wear but I did manage to collect some milk whilst using these. Some advice on how to use the collection shells would have been useful as it could be quite confusing to understand whether the breastmilk could be collated for later use if it needed to be discarded.

Meenal: Catching the let down on the opposite side you are feeding to is obviously an easy time-saver for a breastfeeding mum! it means you don't waste any precious breast milk and also don't have to express separately unless you want to. you can also start building up a freezer stash for when you return to work!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Anisha: I would recommend this for new breastfeeding mums. The price is a lot cheaper than the standard manual or electric pumps, and if this style of pump suits you than it would be great! If not, it’s not a huge amount of money to have spent. The product is very easy to transport- so I would carry it with me for “just in case”. It is also easy to clean.

Roxanne: I would recommend this to mums on the go. It is small, compact and comes with a handy, natural travel pouch. It is better to carry on holiday and long trips than bigger electric pumps and is easy to clean. The breast shells are also a good addition. However, for established breastfeeders who do not have a lot of leakages, they do not add a great deal.

Julia: Yes, it's a really helpful tool for breastfeeding mums who do not want to waste milk whilst feeding. It helps with engorgement and is comfortable to use. It's affordable and the addition of the breast shells is helpful if you can get these to work for you. It's easily portable in the small bag provided.

Would you choose this product to win?

Roseanne: No I wouldn’t because this design didn’t come with a stopper unlike other similar designs and I didn’t find the suction quite as good. If they incorporated a stopper as well as the suction bottom I think it would be the product I would choose. A nice discreet carry pouch would also be useful. Additionally, the material does stain easily.

Lucy: I would absolutely choose this above others on the market. It’s added features of the funnel and the suction cup make the ease of use in a busy household SO much better. That and the addition of the breast shells included with the product make it excellent value for money whilst maximising the ways of collecting milk!

Sophie: I think this product has some really excellent features that I had not seen on other pumps of this type - the groove and suction cup are excellent. The curing groove reduces spilling and the suction cup not only makes the base more stable but when attached to a surface ensures the pump can't topple over. These, in my opinion, push it ahead of other pumps of the same type.

What changes would you make to this product?

Caroline: It would be helpful if this came in a travel bag that could be sterilised so that you could use this product when out and about. This would ensure that the product is clean and that the milk collected could be used at a later time. Furthermore, this could help relieve engorgement, especially in the early days of being a mother and struggling with breastfeeding.

Sophie: I honestly don't think there is much else to change. The suction cup has improved the only part I would have suggested - this has stopped accidentally spills due to the pump falling over as the base previously was a bit narrow. The suction cup not only widens the base but also allows it to suction to a flat surface.

Meenal: It would be better if it could carry a bigger volume as this pump can carry less than the Hakka pump. Also, the instructions for how to put the pump on are simplistic - it is never as easy as they make out and so I had to watch a few videos on YouTube to find other tips. It would be good if they had some troubleshooting advice on how to put it on so if the simple way doesn't work mums have some ideas on what else to try.

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