The best musical toys for babies

Best musical toys for babies

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Babies are fascinated by musical toys - regardless of how many times you can recite songs or tunes over and over again. Here at Mother&Baby, we've made it our mission to find your little one the best musical toys. Why? Not only do these toys provide great joy to our babies, but they also play a crucial role in our child's motor skills development and expression.

The best musical toys for babies 2022

From singing bears to a rainbow musical maker, here’s our round up of some of the best musical toys for babies on the market.

Best xylophone for babies
Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Xylophone
Price: $29.99

Perfect for your mini Mozart, this fun Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Xylophone is a brilliant introduction to instruments.

Made using wood, and magic touch technology your little one can spend hours making their own tunes and songs with different kinds of sounds with just one touch.

One reviewer said: 'My toddler absolutely loves this! He was SO EXCITED when he seen me open this, he loves it and haven't stopped playing with it. We have bought others and they keep breaking but this seems sturdy and is surviving. My little boy is wild so I'm hoping this will withstand. It's not to loud but loud enough, has great little songs and never lets you sound bad while playing.'

Best musical remote
LeapFrog Scout's Learning Lights Remote
Price: $25.46

Perfect for the more tech savvy babies, this smart little LeapFrog Scout's Learning Lights Remote has over 17 buttons to keep them amused!

These are particularly great at helping babies develop their motor skills and later down the line, their ABCs!

One reviewer said: 'I bought this because my little Granddaughter kept wanting the TV remote so I didn’t really think of it as anything other than a distraction but she’s had this for quite a while now & she’s just turned one but every day she wants to play with this, she’s dropped it endless times & it still survives..... slips into your bag easily also, mind you it can get on your nerves 😂'

Best record player for babies
Fisher Price Music Box Record Player
Price: $35

Popular since 1971, the Fisher-Price music box will bring generations of music lovers together over this sweet toy. We love that this has five double-sided records, a turntable and a wind-up 'needle'.

One reviewer said: "What a wonderfully tactile toy for little ones. My grandson loves music but needs to handle things himself. This is the second generation in my family who will enjoy this little box."

Best for popular charcters

While this isn't a toy, little ones will love watching Winnie the Pooh spin around as the music plays on this hand-crafted wooden music box. When the box is wound up, it will play the soothing tune of Brahms Lullaby as Pooh and Piglet dance. It's suitable from three years so ensure your child is monitored while enjoying it.

Review: "I bought this to calm my granddaughter down when she gets upset. It works wonders. Its the simple things that work well."

Best drum for babies
Baby drum instrument
Price: $39.00

This durable drum is robust enough for even the hardest drumming!

Suitable for babies from 18 months, this drum comes with helpful clips that go on the side of the drum to attach the drumsticks safely to the drum so they don't go missing.

One reviewer said: 'A gorgeous little drum for my grandson. Lovely bright colours, makes a good sound (and not as loud as the empty sweet tin he has been using as a drum). It is absolutely ideal as a 'first' drum. Well made and well liked. Good value.'

Best Bing musical toy

Your baby will be talking to their Bing buddy before you know it with this adorable interactive cuddly toy.

With over 15 fun phrases, this talking Bing is bound to be a hit with your bundle of joy.

One reviewer said: 'My son absolutely adores Bing bunny. He goes everywhere with it and does everything with it. That being said, the stuffing has eventually become very flat because of all the cuddling it gets. As it doesn't have a velcro at the back, there's no way of changing the batteries and also no way of getting it washed. I have to use a clean damp cloth on it but it's not enough to remove the dirt. I had to end up buying another Bing as a backup so he can hear him speak and also if he loses the original one. Overall, a very cute cuddly stuffed toy but would recommend the manufacturer make it with a velcro at the back when rolling out some new products.'

Best guitar for babies
Baby Einstein Strum Along Songs Magic Touch Guitar Activity Toy
Price: $26.99

Encourage your little one to release their inner rockstar with this magic touch guitar. With no strings or buttons required, this guitar makes music by being sensitive to your baby's strumming movements. Next stop the main stage!

One reviewer said: "Great fun for very young grandson who loves music and whose father is an avid guitarist."

Best musical sloth
Interactive sloth baby toy
Price: $33.91

​This interactive sloth will keep your baby entertained for hours as it claps its hands and bobs its head along to fun lights, songs and music. Little ones can press the buttons on its feet for songs and phrases about the alphabet, numbers, opposites and colours!

One reviewer said: 'Great value for money! This is one of my favourite linkimals, he is cute sturdy and with soft padded arms. The colours are so bright and vibrant my video review doesn’t do them justice. His sound is nice and loud and the mechanical sound isn’t too loud , compared to beatbo it’s pretty smooth and you don’t notice it too much.'

Best singing bear

With a velcro strap, this handy musical toy is the perfect on the go entertainment for your baby as it attaches to your car seat or push chair easily.

With fun phrases, counting, numbers and counting, it's light-up buttons and bright colours are great for stimulating your babies brain.

One reviewer said: 'Who doesn’t love this light up bear! Nice size to hang on pram or to put in your bag. Catchy little songs. Buttons and lights perfect for them little fingers and imaginations.'

Benefits of musical toys for babies

You can introduce musical toys to your baby right from birth. "Musical toys make lovely sensory stimulation, whether that's a toy that plays a soothing nighttime lullaby or a parent jingling a rattle in front of a baby," says Dr Amanda Gummer, founder of The Good Play Guide and child research psychologist.

Benefits of introducing this type of play range from improving memory, developing a stronger bond between you and your bubba and teaching them all about sound. Whether it's a homemade instrument, using your singing voice or using a new toy you've brought, there's never been a better time to have some fun.

Read more on the benefits of musical toys for babies and toddlers here.

How to choose the best musical toys

When shopping for musical toys, it's a good idea to find one with a volume adjuster (you'll thank us later), and make sure you're shopping for the right age range for your little one and ensure it targets their developmental stage. You might want to read our guide to the best musical instruments for toddlers if your child is a little older.

Best musical toys for babies: the verdict

When it comes to musical toys for babies, there are a few things we think you should look out for. Firstly, how robust it is and how easy it is to clean: this way, it'll last you much longer and can even be passed on to younger members of the family when you're done with it. Secondly, it's a good idea to find one with a good number of different musical functions and sounds.

That's why we think the Interactive Sloth toy comes out on top. Not only is it super easy to wipe clean - it's a tough one to break, but it also features lights, buttons, sounds and colours, as well as a happy welcoming face we think your tot will adore.

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