Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper review

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Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper

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At a glance:

The Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper is a great baby bed that includes everything parents love about Moses baskets - it keeps baby close and is easy to move around the home. Made with a hygienic base, it is completely washable, doesn't creak when your baby moves and can be used at either bed height or in the lower rocking position. Dressed in a soft white mesh lining, the Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper also includes a deluxe air mattress.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Naomi: It was easy to build and only took about 10/15 minutes. Being a neutral design means it can be used multiple times, regardless of the sex of the baby. It's easy to wipe around the outside and to pop the other parts in the washing machine.

Silpa: I would recommend this, as the basket is larger than average meaning my little girl will be able to use it for longer. The basket is easily cleaned and kept hygienic. I like that it comes with a stand as sometimes you have to purchase these separately. The stand itself is bed height and I had a c-section so the height avoids unnecessary bending, especially in the early weeks when your mobility is restricted. The stand has a great design allowing it to be a rocker which is good for soothing during day naps.

Chauntae: This product is amazing and I love it. It's so easy to carry and move around the house. I can use it in the evening when I'm downstairs watching television and just carry the baby up to bed with no problems at all. It is stylish and modern and my son loves sleeping in it as the mattress looks very comfortable.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alexandra: This is an all-around fantastic product that I would highly recommend to parents looking for something safe and practical for their baby to sleep in. Not only is it spacious and comfortable but it has a great aesthetic design and looks stylish. I loved the fact my baby had lots of room and the materials used make it feel hygienic as well as cosy. The removable lining and the basket itself is easy to wash. It is all breathable too which made me feel at ease, especially in the hot weather. It is very lightweight and easy to move.

Kirsty: As a mum of three children aged three and under, this product has been great. It is lightweight making it easy to transfer from room to room with the attached straps. Washing the product is very simple as the material comes off easily and the base can be wiped clean, unlike a wicker Moses basket. The Shnuggle was very easy to build and the instructions were simple to follow.

Josie: As a mum, it's always great to find a product that is multi-purpose. This product is unique, I have never come across a convertible feature on a Moses basket before. I love using it as a rocker and I can easily do tasks with my baby next to me. I feel that it has helped our bond as I can soothe my baby very comfortably and easily. It is the perfect height for a Moses basket to place right next to my bed so it is a safe alternative to co-sleeping. I am quite fashion conscious and love the modern and chic design of this product.

Would you choose this product to win?

Joanna: The selling point of the Shnuggle Dreami is the ability to turn the base over and use it as a rocking stand. With a small baby, it can be very difficult to get them to sleep in their Moses basket without having rocked them into a deep sleep. This is an arm saving feature which means you can sit and have a cup of tea whilst gently rocking baby to sleep.

Amy-Louise: Yes. I would 100% choose this product. I wish I had it since my little one was a newborn. It's a complete baby sleeping system and comes with its own convertible base, which also works as a rocker. It has breathable cotton mesh, is hypoallergenic, suitable from birth and sits level with the bed so it is easy to keep an eye on a sleeping baby.

Chauntae: I would definitely choose this product over others as it has helped my son finally get a good nights sleep. I travel with this product as it is simple and easy to take with me and I have no doubt my son will sleep in this wherever we go. It is absolutely brilliant.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra: I would make the handles a bit more flexible so they hang at the sides more easily. I felt they were a bit too rigid and sometimes bent inwards to the crib, making it awkward to get my baby in and out. The handles seemed poor quality in comparison to the rest of the crib.

Kirsty: If I could change one thing about the Shnuggle Dreami it would be the quality of the wooden frame. When I opened it initially, the frame had a few marks on and upon building and transporting it from place to place, I found that it marked quite easily. Perhaps a more resilient paint could have been used for the stand.

Josie: Although I feel that this product is safe to use, I would have liked safety clips on the sides of the Shnuggle Dreami basket to secure it to the stand. As well as this, the colour fits well for my home but it would be nice to have other options.

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