Coleby Scandi Classic Cot Bed and Under Drawer

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Coleby Scandi cot bed with open drawer

by Laura Healy |
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Coleby Scandi Classic Cot Bed and Under Drawer is the perfect combination between a classic cot bed but with a modern twist with its two tone design. The under storage drawer pulls out to be able to cram in and hide some baby items without having to add more furniture to the room and also creating that minimal look.

Coleby Scandi Classic cot bedRia Ladas
Price: £259 - 409


  • Modern and two tone scandi style
  • Under drawer storage is spacious
  • Height adjustable
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Mattress is standard size and easy to find matching cot sheets and accessories


  • A certain level of assembly is required
  • Heavy to get upstairs
  • Style
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Worth the money
Cot bed dimensions: 95 x 144 x 75cm
Under drawer dimensions: 16.5cm x 139.5 x 62.5cm
Age: 0 - 4 years
Mattress required: 140cm x 70cm
  • Striking Scandi-inspired two-tone design
  • Rounded dowel shaped slats add an extra splash of style
  • Converts to a toddler bed when baby outgrows the cot
  • Comes with 3 mattress heights to adjust as baby grows
  • Includes teething rails to protect the cot and baby’s gums
  • Drawer adds some extra storage to your nursery
  • Drawer has cut out handles for easy opening and closing
  • Drawer fitted with castors to glide open with ease
  • Easy wipe-clean design

Testing the Coleby Scandi Classic Cot Bed and Under Drawer

As a new mum to our little daughter, I was super excited to try the Coleby Cot bed. What drew me to it the most was the fact that it was a classic style cot bed she could use for years but had the modern scandi twist. The rounded wooden dowels give the modern look and style but a perk of these rounded slats is that I could see our baby much easier through the gaps over the more traditional wide slats. In addition to this, we could also hang some toys safely on these so our daughter could play, but they are not loose in the cot to interfere with any sleep safety, something that is much harder to do with the wide slat traditional cots.

The under bed storage has been a great addition for us to be able to store spare sheets, swaddles and baby muslins etc so that we don’t have to waste her wardrobe and drawer space for where her clothes are - it’s also much nicer to have a drawer than storage boxes underneath. Plus, the drawer reaches the full depth of the cot so you can fit a fair amount in. I thought it was a great idea that the drawer is able to fit their other cot products too and is separate rather than stuck to the bottom of the cot, which means I was able to get underneath and hoover, or even in the future, store some toys as she grows so I will be able to hide them away.

The cot came with a matress of standard size 140x70 which is firm and fits perfectly and I was able to find cot sheets in every shop to match this size. The height can also be adjusted so you don’t have to bend all the way in to the cot to pick up the baby. Sadly we didn’t have the room next to our bed to have the cot bedside us- but it can be used from birth next to the bed if you want to save on a next to me and I guess may make moving rooms for baby after 6 months an easier transition as the cot can take her through all the way to 4yrs old.

Although my baby hasn’t started teething yet there are teething rails on the cot to protect baby’s gums. I also feel the price point of this cot is very good value for money and the quality and style are fantastic - having searched online for this style cot you could easily spend more for a similar design - but why would you?

Final verdict

I really like the cot and the two tone scandi look - I know it’s not the most traditional style but I prefer it. The under drawer storage is a big bonus as babies can accumulate so many items - so no space is wasted in the baby’s room. The height adjustability and life span, as it is suitable for up to four years, make it value for money. It is ideal for what we need and the style is fab.

Laura Healy is a Commercial Content Writer for Mother&Baby. She is a mum-of-two girls and loves writing about all things parenting, she is particularly interested in the toddler years and eco-friendly baby products, as well as children’s literature. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and has published short stories in the UK and Ireland, as well as previously writing freelance for her local paper.

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