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baby jelly sandals

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If you’re heading to the beach, baby jelly sandals are a must-have. Not only do they look super adorable on little feet, but they also protect your baby’s delicate soles from any stones or hard shells that might be lurking under the sand. They make a great waterproof alternative to regular kids' sandals.

Some pairs of jelly shoes are quite cushioned underfoot with adjustable buckles or Velcro straps for growing feet. Similar to the best Crocs, they are also easy to clean and have closed-in toe protection to look after little toes while allowing the feet to breathe and stay free when in the water.

The best baby jelly sandals 2023 shortlist:

•Best jelly sandals for paddling: Igor clear star cristal sandals
Best jelly sandals for the beach: KIDLY Jelly Sandal
Best glittery jelly sandals: Baker by Ted Baker Pink Glitter Jelly Shoes
Best waterproof jelly shoes: River Island Mini Boys Blue Rubber Jelly Sandals

With so many cute and stylish options, including glitter, neon, rainbow and clear colours and even popular cartoon characters, we’ve narrowed down some of the best jelly sandal options for you to shop ahead of your summer holidays.

The best baby jelly sandals 2023

Best jelly sandals for paddling

These are perfect for paddling in shallow water or playing in fountains. They fasten with a simple velcro strap for ease and this particular pair comes with cushioning underfoot in pink.

One reviewer said: "I sized down in these sandals as they’re big made. They were bought for my 18m old to wear on holiday and they were perfect! Seemed comfy on, looked great and were worn in the splash pool and on the beach to protect her feet and prevent slipping. The pink inner lining slips out for ease of cleaning which was great to get any sand out. I would absolutely recommend and will buy again for our next holiday."


  • Vegan friendly
  • Broad range of sizes


  • Sizes run large so it's suggested you size down
Sizes:UK 4-12
Fastening:Velcro strap

Best jelly sandals on a budget

These bright jellies come in a vibrant neon green shade with a brighter green at the front. With an adjustable buckle strap and non-slip sole, they're ideal for little adventurers.


  • Gripped sole for safety
  • Buckle is adjustable


  • Could rub
Sizes:UK 4-12 (infant)

Best jelly sandals for gifting

These Peppa Pig-themed sandals are a must-have for the little Peppa fan in your life. They have a blend of pink and blue jelly and a fun rainbow cartoon motif.


  • Slim ankle strap
  • Great grip from cleated sole


  • Not available in other characters
Sizes:UK 4-12

Best bright jelly sandals

With a really thick and durable sole to protect little feet, they're super durable and come with a removable foam insole for better fit and comfort. They're also available in five different colours so you can find the perfect pair to suit your tot.

One reviewer said: "I bought these for my grandson after trying different ones in different shops. These are very soft compared to some of the others and the Velcro strap is very handy. They seem very well made and comfortable, he's been wearing non-stop. 5 stars from me!"


  • Bright colours for maximum visibility
  • Chunky sole


  • Some customers say that they're quite wide
Sizes:UK 20-28
Fastening:Velcro strap

Best glittery jelly sandals

We love these glittery rainbow sandals as they are pretty and will go with anything. Not only do they look fantastic, they come with plenty of cushioning underfoot for added comfort.


  • Adjustable buckle
  • Iconic branded bow on the front


  • No varying colour options
Sizes:UK 4-12

Best jelly sandals for the beach

KIDLY Jelly Sandal
Price: £10 (was 14)

These are a brilliant option if you're looking for something a little smarter. They're fully waterproof for a paddle in the see but will also look smart if you head out for dinner. Plus, they come in a choice of fantastic colours.

One reviewer said: "Amazing sandals. Great quality and comfortable, so I am told by my three children. So easy to clean and with child-friendly velcro and buckle fastening for help with older children. Definitely recommend.

Another mentioned: "Great quality for a good price! Lovely colours and my little girls loves wearing them, they seem comfy for her and easy to get on and off."


  • Grips on both the inside and outside
  • Insole is cushioned and removable


  • A few users mention that they may run small
Sizes:UK 1-13
Fastening:Velcro strap

Best waterproof jelly shoes

Your little fashionista will love these smart jelly sandals with the River Island logo on the front. The caged shape around the foot means your little baby's feet will be able to breathe in the hot weather and when in water.


  • Simple to wipe clean
  • Velcro strap so easy to put on and off


  • Not very flexible
Sizes:UK 3-13
Fastening:Velcro strap

Best jelly sandals for toddlers

Crocs are a brand that is known for their breathable and comfortable shoes and these jelly sandals are no different. Made from a mixture of materials (including synthetics and rubber), they should get many wears out of them.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable rubber sole


  • Every pair is glittery
Sizes:UK 4-10 (infant and youth)
Fastening:Velcro strap

Best pink jelly shoes

Any mini unicorn fans out there will adore these sturdy jellies. Made with a pink stripy insole, they will keep their feet comfy and protected whether they're paddling in the sea or chilling poolside.

One reviewer said: "Our daughter fell head-over-heels for these jelly sandals and I could see why. I ordered her size and the size bigger, something I would recommend. The larger size worked best for her. The cushioned sole and soft outer material, made for comfortable wearing. We walk and go to the park a lot and there have been no blisters or sore feet. She can not wait to take them on holiday!"


  • Vegan
  • Soft lining


  • No half sizes
Sizes:UK 4-12 (small)
Fastening:Velcro strap

Are jelly sandals safe for toddlers?

While they're the perfect shoe for exploring at the beach, an outdoor splash centre or in the garden for a couple of hours, jelly sandals are not the most practical footwear to wear regularly, particularly if they are going to be running around a lot. The plastic PVC may be waterproof, but it's not very breathable so it could cause chaffing and blisters, plus, they could end up slipping over, as they don't absorb sweat. So, as fun and stylish as they are, we recommend wearing them sparingly.

Should you wear socks with jelly sandals?

We've all been told that the socks and sandals combo is a crime against fashion, but whoever came up with that rule didn't realise how cute they look with jelly shoes! As well as being super stylish, it's worth popping a pair of socks on your tot's feet the first and second time they wear these shoes, just so they can get used to the feel of them and prevent them from rubbing on their skin.

How do you wear jelly sandals?

Jelly sandals are a fun shoe to add to your little one's wardrobe. They look fabulous with or without socks and can be worn on hot days to let the air get to their feet. We recommend pairing them with a wetsuit or baby swimwear if you plan on going to the beach or some shorts or a dress if you're heading out for the day or tottering around the garden.

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