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Once upon a time, Crocs were the punchline of many a joke. Some even called them 'the ugliest shoes to have ever been invented'. Then, pop stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande wore them. Soon followed by half of Hollywood, they became the height of comfortable fashion. If you have tried them, you will know. Crocs are unbelievably comfortable and very easy to slip on - making them the perfect shoe for kids. Crocs can be worn all year round because of their wide range of styles. Here's our list of the best crocs for kids.

Crocs are versatile shoes and can be worn as slip-on shoes without the straps. Alternatively, use them with the strap behind the foot for extra support. It gives children the independence of putting their shoes on by themselves. By the time your child is ready for school they are expected to be able to dress themselves. Crocs are a fantastic shoe to start learning those all-important life skills. As a parent, you may want to opt for more supportive shoes if your child is headed to the park or on a day out for long periods.

Types of crocs

Clogs - Crocs first gained popularity with their clog-style shoes. They are made from a lightweight durable material. You can opt for the original Croc, which will keep your feet feeling nice and cool with its air holes or a fur-lined Croc for a more toasty feel. These can now be customised with Jibbitz brand charms (more about those later because we love them).

Sandals - Crocs have a selection of adjustable, easy to wear sandals designed with little hands in mind, so they are easy to pop on by secure to wear.

Rain Boots - The Croc rain boot is like the traditional wellington boot, but they have handles. We absolutely love this feature - getting wellies on and off little feet can be very challenging.

The best crocs for kids:

The rugged tread pattern, rubber pods and adjustable turbo strap make these the best Crocs for toddlers seeking an outdoor adventure. They have ventilation ports to keep the feet fresh throughout the day, meaning more comfort whilst enjoying fun outside play.


It's a warm adaptation of the traditional Croc. These fur-lined shoes enable your children to wear their crocs, whatever the weather.


May the Crocs be with you. These shoes are perfect for the little lightsaber lover in your life. The light-up Crocs are essential for any trainee Jedi.


Iconic Croc style with a cute animal print? Yes please. We absolutely love these super sweet zebra print shoes.


The Glitter Crocs are perfect for a party. Watch them sparkle and glisten while your tot boogies away on the dance floor.

How to jazz up your child's Crocs with some Jibbitz:

Jibbitz charms are fantastic way to show your child's personality and tailor their shoes to their interests. Why not tailor your child's Crocs with some of these cool Jibbitz.




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