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At a glance:

The Wonder Bag really is a light-weight, streamlined changing bag that you can carry as a tote, wear as a rucksack to be hands-free, or attach to your buggy. The large front zip pocket contains areas for all mummy essentials or for making that favourite toy or snack for baby instantly accessible. Inside are more zip pockets and dividing pouches for all baby paraphernalia, plus a detachable insulated bottle holder. As with all Pink Lining bags, there is a shocking pink, thick padded changing mat to ensure changes on-the-move are as easy as possible.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nikita: As a mum, you need a lot of space for spare clothes, nappies wipes, bottles and toys. This bag has more than enough room to hold all of this and more. It will also fit your purse and essentials you would usually carry in your handbag which will save you carrying more than one bag. The WonderBag can be used as a handbag, backpack or you can attach it to your pram. I personally like to have it as a backpack as it balances me out well. The bold design makes it easy to find amongst other changing bags when going to a playgroup.

Danika: I would definitely recommend this product as it is so comfortable to wear even when fully loaded and it properly frees up your hands and what parent doesn't need that? The organisation pockets are very well designed making it easy to quickly find what you need and also to stash away dirties. The mirror is a nice touch and can be clipped in and out - great to use when wearing baby on your back or forward facing. I absolutely love the design. It's something I wouldn't choose for myself which adds to the enjoyment of using the bag.

Sarah: I would recommend this product because of the convenience of wearing it on your back. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. I also find the variety of pockets located on the inside and outside very useful. The bag is very attractive to look at and I have received lots of compliments on it. The material is strong and feels like it would last.

How did this product make your life easier?

Yinni: The most attractive feature of the bag is the ability to use it as a shoulder bag as well as bag pack style. This often isn't possible with other changing bags on the market. I liked the extra compartment at the back of the bag with a separate zip to allow reaching for certain things instead of digging in the bag. The size of the main compartment is very good. It provides enough room for my baby’s stuff as well as snacks for my toddler. All the designs available are pretty and contemporary. The wipe clean surface is another big plus. The bag itself is also fairly lightweight which is very important, as often changing bags become really heavy after they are filled with all the necessities.

Zara: As a mother of two I have fallen in love with this bag. The space inside this bag is amazing and I have two children under three! Not only does the space make my life easier as I'm only carrying one baby bag, the inside extras are great too. The changing mat is dark pink and wipeable and there is also a bottle bag which you can attach. The bag also gives you the option of having it as a backpack or as a tote with extra small handles.

Jennie: There are so many clever pockets with this bag. I can find things easily as I can put things into separate pockets and know where everything is, without having to unpack the whole bag to find something. I used the clip in the front pocket to keep a dummy so I could find it quickly. The metal rings are great for clipping it onto any of my pushchairs. Because it's a backpack, it's great to wear when my baby is in a sling. The Velcro bottle holder ensures a bottle stays upright and doesn't spill.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amanda: In comparison to some products on the market, the price is high. Having said that, you can see the excellent quality of this product. The changing mat that comes with the bag is much thicker and more comfortable for my daughter than others I have used. The design is stylish and definitely gets a lot of compliments. The insulating pouch that comes with the bag is great and I love that it is detachable, giving you more room. Overall, this bag is a stand out item and has been far more impressive than any other changing bag I have used.

Louise: For me, this bag really stands out for various reasons. The look and range of stylish prints, its design which is compact yet comprehensive, and its versatility providing one bag which can be held, worn as a rucksack or attached to a pram. I’d recommend this bag to anyone who would like a changing bag, which actually looks like a really nice bag. It’s a treat to use.

Vicky: I completely love this bag. Its handy, comfortable, large enough without being silly, easy to clean and a gorgeous design and pattern. I like the idea that I can carry my little girl in her carrier and still have a nappy bag. The over-the-shoulder bags cut in and are very awkward to wear with her carrier. This bag is a lifesaver! I can wear both comfortably and without being weighed down. No matter how much I put in this bag it never seems to feel heavy. The only thing that would put me off buying this would be the price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachel: The majority of the bag is made from an oil cloth type material which is hardwearing and more importantly easy to wipe clean. It’s therefore disappointing that the base of the bag is made from a pale grey absorbent fabric. Admittedly, my bag has seen a lot of use since it arrived, but now the bottom is marked and stained as one might expect from being placed on the floor or on the grass when outside. I’d prefer the base to have been in a similar type of fabric to the rest of the bag so it could at least be wiped clean.

Nikita: I would add pockets on the outside of the bag for bottles/sippy cups/beakers. Some beakers can leak so it’s good to have pockets that will keep the bottle upright and it will also save space inside the bag. I myself prefer darker colours especially when it comes to children’s items such as prams and changing bags because they don’t stain as easily.

Danika: If I could change one thing about the product it would be the supplied changing mat. Whilst it is nice quality and soft, it's just not big enough. Many bags now have much bigger mats that fold in half lengthwise down the middle as well as in thirds and I much prefer this as I don't want my baby lay on public changing units without a mat and at only nine-months-old, my baby is much much bigger than the mat. I will definitely continue to use the bag but will be swapping out the mat which is a shame as it won't match the pretty bag.

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