Little Bird by Jools Oliver Changing Bag review

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Little Bird by Jools Oliver Changing Bag

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

With rainbow grab handles and a rainbow shoulder strap which can convert this versatile change bag to a handy backpack, you can carry all your essentials in little bird style! Multiple pockets inside and out and lots of extras included will keep yours and baby's things organised on all your adventures.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jessica: I would definitely recommend this product as the bag is the perfect size. It easily fits underneath the pram, hanging from the pram (without getting in the way!) and also can be made into a rucksack which is so handy when using a baby sling! The bag has separate little bags inside, a bottle insulated compartment and a zipped mini bag which is handy for keeping money in. The bag is gender neutral so no need to buy a new one if you had another baby. It looks stylish with a leather bottom for an extra 'designer' feel.

Katie: Unfortunately the design is not to my taste but I would definitely recommend the bag for practicality if the design is to your taste. The versatility of switching between backpack and shoulder bag is not something I have ever come across before so this is a really big bonus when looking for a changing bag.

Jodie: I have recommended this product to a few friends already. I love everything about it from the design to the colours. I like that it has a bottle bag, a changing mat came and separate individual bags included inside. It is easy to use, very big/spacious and the material inside is all wipeable in case of any spills.

How did this product make your life easier?

Brid: This product looks great and is on trend. The bag is incredibly lightweight while still being of superb quality. It is evident from the stitching that it is built to last. It is incredibly versatile - I can wear it as a backpack, cross body or just with grab handles allowing for hands-free baby carrying. The pockets are deceivingly deep and there are several sections to keep things organised. There is a removable purse to keep essentials secure. This is the ultimate changing bag. It is great value for money and I know that it will have great longevity.

Michelle: The ability to wear this bag differently is great for any situation and I really like this feature. It allows me to have arms and hands-free and to spread the weight on to my back. Having pram clips which are adjustable is also very handy. I like having the side pockets for putting things into as well as the purse which can be used for many different items. Being able to securely carry around a spare set of clothes, muslin cloth and at least one feed when out and about is vital.

Rachel: The bag Is nice and big so lots of room for baby bits. There are handy pockets inside and a zip-up section. The changing mat is great. The small pouch is handy for spare change and the cooling bottle bag is handy for keeping bottles cool while out and about.

Would you choose this product to win?

Stephanie: The bag is great quality, the colours are great and the pockets are of a good size. Unfortunately for me, it is not quite big enough to fit a whole day worth of reusable nappies for two children (they are a little bulkier than a disposable). I still love to use this bag on the times when I only have one of my children with me. I love the fact that I can wear the bag in several ways, making it really versatile. I would even consider using this as my work bag after my maternity leave finishes.

Nicola: Yes I would choose this product. It looks and feels like a quality bag that can be used by both mum and dad. The rainbow denim design makes this product stand out and we often get many compliments about it.

Jessica: I would definitely choose this product as not only is it practical and stylish, but the inside of the bag is well organised which is great when trying to find something in a rush. The bag is designed brilliantly. It is large but has separate little bags within. It isn't too big and doesn't take up all the space under the pram or bang against your legs whilst walking. The bag has a leather bottom which is easy to wipe clean should it get dirty. This stands out as it doesn't look like the typical bulky 'changing' bag whilst being fantastically practical.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jodie: To be honest I don't think there is anything that I would change. It is a large bag complete with individual different size bags, it has loads of compartments inside the bag and a zipped areas for keys. The colours used are ideal for both genders and using a denim look material and colour it would appeal to any age group. All in all this bag is fantastic & worth every penny.

Brid: I cannot deny that I absolutely love this product. It is incredibly stylish but most importantly it is of really high quality. Although it is wipe-clean, I would love it if you were able to machine wash this product as life as a mum can be very messy. I also think some guidelines/instructions explaining how to convert the bag into a backpack would be helpful as it did take me some time to figure out. The drawstring bags are a great idea as they keep dirty items separate but would be good if there was a zip on them.

Michelle: I would give the two pouches a different colour tab so I could easily identify which one I required. This would make my things easier as if you are using both of them to carry stuff in as you can forget which one contains the item you need.

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