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Like all LÄSSIG Diaper bags the rolltop changing bag also includes a comprehensive range of accessories all made in the same designs as the outer material. Accessories include a water-repellent changing mat, a removable jar holder, an insulated, removable bottle holder, a small bag, a key finder and stroller attachments. With many different pratical compartments all important items can be stored well throughout.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy Hand says: The Rolltop Backpack is conveniently laid out with easy to reach pockets on the outside and the main zip goes all the way down the side, giving easy access into the bag without have to rummage down through the top. I was sceptical about a roll top at first as I thought it would be more fiddly to fold away, but there are integrated magnets that make the top really simple role down and the buckle has a magnetic popper too. It is easy to open and close and can be clipped to a buggy or worn as a rucksack, giving you more flexibility. There are two zips for the main pocket which makes opening and closing easier and more secure. The bag is quite slim so if when I did hang it from the pram it didn’t get in the way. I could also access the pockets with one hand and could fit all my baby’s changing things in the outer pockets.

Hayley Hatton says: It makes my life easier by being able to take everything I need for a full day out in one bag rather than numerous bags. I usually have to take a changing bag consisting of nappies, wipes, creams and changing mat in one, bottles, formula, water in another and then a separate bag for spare clothes and toys. This bag means I can take all of these items in one go which means I do not have to take numerous trips to and from the car/house to bring stuff in/out.

Gail Haynes says: A good changing bag is a necessity and this definitely is one. I like how easy it is to clip onto its pram handle clips – this is definitely easier than some other changing bags. Having lots of different pockets means that it is easy to separate all of your contents and then access/find them easily rather than everything ‘disappearing’ into one big pocket. The fact that the main pocket zips all the way down the side as well as across the top means that you can easily get to things at the bottom of the bag and is a feature that I really like. I like the clip on the inside of the bag, meaning it’s easy to find your keys. A rucksack style bag rather than a shoulder bag is an absolute must, in my opinion, when you have a toddler and a baby.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Katy Haynes says: Its design and all the accessories make it a really good bag. Having a backpack changing bag makes it so much easier with a little one and this one is stylish too! The bag is lightweight, even with my little ones items in it. I think my other mum friends would love the fact it comes in different colours too.

Janine Hendry says: It’s wipe clean and waterproof. I’m very conscious of my carbon footprint and this bag is it made of 100% recyclable material and is vegan friendly. Lots of space and compartments which makes life easy. Great range of colours also available. Comes with insulated bottle holder. Great value for money.

Samantha Hewitt says: I would recommend this product to another mum because the quality and structure of the bag. The comfort and stability the bag gives me when I wear it as well as the deepness and practicality of the bag when full of baby essentials. I loved the pram strap handles. So when I didn’t want to carry the bag, I could strap it to the pram and it was secure. Very secure. There was no worrying if it would come loose and fall off!! Perfect. Due to the coronavirus, it’s not been on the adventures we would of been on, however, I’ve took it out on our daily walks and outside visits to the woods etc. It’s been in the rain and splashes of mud. It wipes down easy with a baby wipe and doesn’t leave a water mark.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Chloe Hopkin says: I personally wouldn’t choose this product as it is a little bit too big for me to wear as a rucksack. As someone who is only 5ft 3, the bag was a bit big on my back. It is also a little bit “bland”. I would be more likely to choose this product if it was a little bit smaller and came in a patterned/brighter design.

Elaine Kerr says: I haven’t seen the others to compare. The bag was better than the one I already had as that one was tough to fit under my pram without really jamming it in. The bottle bag wasn’t really big enough to hoof bottle and pre made milk but I don’t think that was the purpose of it. I loved the bag, it is quite costly I thought though.

Amy Hand says: I love how the fabric used to make this nappy bag has been made using “100% recycled polyester fabric” and is vegan approved. It’s great to have a product that is environmentally friendly yet practical and sleek, these aspects would definitely convince me to buy this bag over others. The included changing mat, bottle holder and buggy clips are great extras and not all changing bags come with these. The bag is well thought out, there are three colour choices and I liked how the overall design was neutral, so my husband would be happy to carry it too. The Rolltop Backpack is great quality, I like how it doesn't necessarily look like a changing bag, feels like it will last and be useful even after my baby is out of nappies.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hayley Hatton says: Although the product is good value for money the RRP of over £100 is quite high and I feel that would put mums off, as a first time mum cost is very high and you are unsure on things, as a second time mum you probably wouldn't mind so much as you would understand this is very useful and makes life easier.

Gail Haynes says: The only thing which I would change on this bag is something quite minor but it happened frequently and therefore started to annoy me – it has a buckle strap on the front which is only really for show, although the strap attaches in place by a magnet and does keep one of the front pockets semi-secure. When the bag was full (as it was most of the time for me) and I put it onto my shoulder, this magnet would often detach and the strap would pop off, even if I loosened the buckle as much as possible. I didn’t keep anything of any value in this front pocket, but if I had have, I’d have been worried about losing it because of this strap opening. Also, as I say, it got quite annoying when it happened every time I put it on my shoulder. The bag also came with a small 'utensil' pouch which had a ring on it; however, there was nowhere inside the bag to clip it to, which confused me a little! I did, however, still use the utensil pouch.

Janine Hendry says: It would be great if it could be attached to a bicycle. I don’t think there is much else I would change about the product to be honest, if stylish, light weight, great range of colours and durable. Wish I’d have had this product the entire time. The price is just right for the functions it has and is more advanced than some of the rival brands which cost more

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