LÄSSIG Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack

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LÄSSIG Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The sustainable Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack is a functional, lightweight, and durable changing bag for everyday parents. With plenty of compartments for storing all the essentials you'll need when out and about, it also includes a water-repellent changing mat and an insulated bottle holder.

How did this product make your life easier?

Bazga: I would say this is a fabulous bag. Not just for use as a ‘baby bag’ but for everyday family life. It’s large enough to take out for the whole day with a baby and preschooler including carrying copious amounts of snacks. It’s waterproof which means that you don’t have to worry about electronics and valuables getting wet as a result of a classic British downpour. The internal pockets are also water-resistant which means you can segregate wet clothes/ reusable nappies with ease. Essentially it’s a flexible and well-designed product for life with a young family. However, it’s not so obviously a yummy mummy item that it couldn’t be used for work or by a male member of the family who may not necessarily wish to carry around a classic changing bag.

Ellen: I loved this product. When I had my little one, I never bought a changing bag as I just used a back pack I had at home, but this product has made me see the benefits of buying something designed for the purpose. It has lots of space with many compartments zipping for security. It has a bottle bag that’s lined with material to keep the bottle warm for a while, and the changing mat is a good size for being out and about.

Lydia: It is a very smart looking bag that will match any outfit, as well as being of practical benefit. It makes life easier as a mum because it has several clearly defined compartments within which you can put useful items for both baby and yourself. I think that due to the accessibility of pockets and cleanliness of style, life is easier for a mum.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: Yes we would definitely recommend to a friend or fellow mum. The backpack design and size of the bag is fantastic and practical. Can hold all essentials (bottles bags wipes nappies clothes snacks) and more! Handy dude pocket which allows easy access to important items when on your back. We used for dummies and phones and wipes. The wipeable and waterproof material also means you can rest assured if there is a leak or spill on the bag inside or out. Loved it!

Israa: This is a funky looking backpack. It’s an unusual design but practical and durable. I love that it’s an environmentally friendly company that have thought about what materials they use, and the bag is recyclable. The bag itself is super soft and squashable. It’s lightweight, tear-resistant, water-repellent and durable. You can wipe it clean with ease. The bag comes with an insulated bottle bag, 2 holders to attach to the pram, and a zippable purse that would be great for creams and potions. It can be worn as a backpack, as a shoulder bag, or by holding the handle at the front. Sadly there is no padding on the shoulder straps or back straps, but at least you don’t have to faff around to switch from one to the other. You can also clip it to your pram (a great feature). There’s also a water repellent changing mat.

Ellen: I would recommend this product because it’s just lovely! It’s made with really nice soft material that comfortable to wear. It converts from a shoulder bag that can be clipped to the pushchair to a backback for when you have your hands full. It has lots of compartments of all different sizes including some really big ones so you can put anything you need there.

Would you choose this product to win?

Marina: I think the quality of this product makes it stand out. I’ll be able to use this long after I’ve bought my last nappy, and I’ve already decided it would be a great commuting bag. This is really what makes it stand out above others. I am not convinced, however, that it is an ideal changing bag. I have a cheaper option that I’ve been using, from Amazon, that is a bit smaller and not as stylish, but the compartments in it are much easier to access which makes a nappy change almost automatic - compared to having to pull everything out of a compartment in the Tyve in order to get a nappy done.

Jenna: I would choose this product over others for the space available inside. So many compartments for storage and carries many items at a time. The rucksack carry option means that the bag can still be lightweight despite it being full. Great range of helpful accessories included within which would cost a fair amount if bought separately. I also like the fact that the bag is environmentally friendly. Negatives: on first appearance, the bag looks a bit like a carrier bag you would get from the supermarket. It is not overly appealing on the eye because of its 'plasticy' appearance. I could get past this though because of how useful it is. I would, however, struggle to justify paying £99.95 on a changing bag.

Iffat: I think the advantage this has over traditional changing bags is that it can be used as a backpack. So once you are out of the nappy stage, it no longer redundant and would easily work as a holiday backpack. It feels robust and that it will endure a lot. Additionally, it is definitely unisex so again prolonging its life/giving it another use. I think these points alongside its eco-credentials in the current landscape of climate change is in itself the biggest reason to choose this bag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: If there is one thing we would change it would be the addition of another side pocket - very useful when on your back. The top handle could be a little sturdier as made out of the same lightweight material if can feel a little flimsy. We would not change anything else - the bag is super robust large and practical al for day to day use as well as travelling abroad. Handy when you have a baby and toddler. We were super happy to be closeness to the test!

Tess: I would like to see padded straps to make the bag more comfortable to carry especially when it is full and heavy. I would also like to see it in more colours and even with a small area with a pattern/different colour would make it more appealing. Also having a wet bag to carry dirty clothes etc in would also be useful.

Bazga: Availability in other colours I think would improve its saleability. The utilitarian design lends it well to being sold in primary colours and I particularly think it would look great in mustard. Also, it’s made out of a fabric that the producers say is easily recyclable and this is great but I think it would be great if it contained some recycled materials as a nod to the importance of trying live as sustainably as possible.

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