Kiin Ltd Allis Lux Changing Backpack review

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Kiin Ltd Allis Lux Changing Backpack

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Kiin Ltd Allis Lux Changing Backpack at a glance:

This Allis LUX backpack changing bag is very stylish as well as practical. It has a large capacity for you to store the essentials even large enough to fit most laptops, and highly fashionable design works perfectly for you in any environment, be it playground, office or high street. Using the universal stroller straps you can keep your hands free and ready to use on a busy day out with your little ones. It has a pocket and extra strap on the back for your passport, flight tickets, and will fit on top of your suitcase.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie Lee says: The bag is a good size. There are plenty of compartments in and outside the bag to store things. A changing mat is included in the bag which is a nice touch. I also like the fact there is a bottle compartment. The bag is attractive and is something I would consider buying just to use myself so the fact it is a change bag is a bonus.

Katie Molloy says: This is a great product if you are looking for a stylish backpack type changing bag that is also functional. It is a good size with plenty of room to put all you need in it for 2 children and has plenty of pockets. It comes with adjustable straps and also a buggy clip and changing mat that is wipe clean which i think is a really handy feature.

Kelly Morris says: The bag is a great size with lots of handy pockets – I have two children and can easily fit in everything we need for a day out - therefore it makes life so much easier by using just the one bag rather than needing a separate bag for each child. This product makes my life easier because it has tons of space and has loads of pockets, meaning I can fit in my bits and bobs too (such as my lip gloss and blusher). The front of the backpack has two handy pockets which are great for baby wipes, phone, purse and keys. With the bag having an insulated inside pocket, this will be great for keeping bottles warm or drinks cool on hot days.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Charlotte Mullender says: It looks more stylish than other change bags, and could also be used as a normal backpack because it doesn’t look too “mumsy”. I’ve found that I can fit everything in it that I need on a day to day basis and the bag isn’t over stuffed. It has enough different sections in it to that you can keep certain items separate.

Stephanie Mundy says: It’s a really stylish design that goes well with any buggy or pram and is unisex so can be used by mum or dad. It’s also not too young looking so is also stylish for grandparents to use whilst out and about. The straps are super comfy and despite carrying much stuff in the bag - I didn’t suffer with aches and pains carrying it!

Jodie Taylor says: I think I would recommend this bag to a fellow parent, only as a second baby changing bag (one that’s not used daily). I think that the design is very nice, the size is great and the layout would be very useful for an organised parent. It’s comfortable to wear and the straps have great range so that the product can fit both myself and my husband who has a much broader back. It’s very easy to use and had some great features such as the universal buggy clips, waterproof changing mat and insulated pockets. It’s so easy to clean too, one antibacterial wipe down after a long day out and its restored as good as new.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sydney Weir says: If I were to choose this product over others on the market I would chose it as a ‘back up changing bag’ not a certified one. Although I do think the bag is amazing and the design I would need/want something slightly bigger and something I could put over my pushchair and not have to swear it on my arm, shoulder or back.

Kirstie Wilson says: I do think this product should win the mother and baby award for changing bags. It is very versatile and stylish..the one thing that really makes it stand out is the style. I wear a leather jacket most days so it goes perfectly with this. It looks like a regular backpack but doubles up as a changing back.

Katie Lee says: For the price, look and usability of the bag this would certainly be a front runner for me. I have used it a few times and so far so good but not sure how long things like the zips and outer part of the bag would last before starting to wear. I was really impressed with the size and how much I could actually fit in the bag. All the compartments meant the items I put in could be stored neatly and didn’t feel all over the place.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie Molloy says: As much as this is a stylish good sized changing bag I think it lacks features that other bags on the market have. The bottle compartment needs to be a better size to fit a wide brand of bottles. I also think it would benefit from more comfortable dtastraps. Perhaps a wider shoulder strap. I think in terms of being able to use it interchangeably between parents the brand would benefit from.havinf a wider range of styles.

Kelly Morris says: I wouldn't change anything as I love this bag, the black colour is great and goes with anything plus is gender neutral so my hubby doesn’t mind carrying this too. I could imagine if you have just one child you might find this bag a bit too big, perhaps a smaller version would be good option too for others, for me personally I love that I can fit everything for me and baby in this bag so this doubles up as my handbag.

Charlotte Mullender says: The changing mat needs to be seriously improved. It is wipe clean, however when changing my son on a hard surface (I.e. kitchen table) it offers basically no support for him - more padding needs to be added. Or maybe as it is being marketed as a luxury changing mat then it could have some kind of print on it instead of just being plain?

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