Create your own ‘Little Pickle activity pack’ inspired by Stacey Solomon

little pickle activity packs

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Stacey Solomon is set to marry partner Joe Swash at their beloved Pickle Cottage home at the end of this month. We know Stacey is very hands-on with projects around the home, and her wedding day is no exception! As preparations for the big day are in full swing, we've loved seeing updates via Stacey's Instagram as the duo get ready to say "I do".

Stacey has posted some Little Pickle activity packs, which are totally adorable. They're full of toys and treats for all the children attending the Solomon-Swash wedding. She shared with her followers, "I'm sitting by the pool making little activity packs for the pickles at the wedding." How cute!

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The tote bags, made by EssexCrafts94, are just what Stacey and Joe need to keep little ones occupied at their wedding.

If you are wanting to do something similar for the little guests on your special day, we've pulled together some suggestions on what you can add inside, inspired by Stacey Solomon's choices.

Create your own Little Pickle goody bags

Something to keep little one's busy during long speeches at the wedding breakfast.

CRAYOLA Colouring Crayons
Price: $7.98

If you're buying a colouring book, you will of course need some crayons to go with them. There are plenty of colours for kiddies to choose from in this Crayola pack.

We're not quite sure why kids are so obsessed with slime, but they all seem to love it! If you've got lots of activity bags to fill, this pack of 24 tubs will go a long way.

Just like Stacey, you can give your smaller guests a teddy bear keyring as a small memento of your special day. Here's one we loved from Amazon.

Stacey will be filling her goody bags with foodie bits closer to her wedding date, but if you're looking for some ideas of what to include, we think one of these mini biscuit packs is a good place to start. They're the ideal quick-fix snack.

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