How to throw a safari-themed baby shower like Olivia Bowen


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Throwing a baby shower can be both exciting and stressful in equal measure! After all, there's a lot to consider. From arranging a showstopping cake to choosing a menu everyone will enjoy, it can be a lot of organising.

Taking inspiration from some of our favourite celebrities: the latest trend is choosing a theme to centre your party around. While the average person doesn't necessarily have the same budget as our celebrity peers, creating a theme for a party can help to serve as inspiration. Believe it or not, it can make buying for a party easier when you already have an idea in mind.

Former Love Island star and mama-to-be, Olivia Bowen, wowed us with her safari-themed baby shower on Instagram. Sharing the highlights on her Instagram, a glowing Olivia showed off her bump in a gorgeous outfit from ASOS. She truly had the safari theme down, from the decorations to the drinks.

We especially loved the elegant tones of neutral beige with pops of deep forest green. Then there were the animal decorations - with pink or blue drinks to add some fun for the guests

How to throw a safari-themed baby shower like Olivia Bowen

So, if you're wanting to recreate an Instagrammable baby shower just like Olivia Bowen, we've put together a guide so you can make your very own memorable safari-themed baby shower that'll be remembered for years to come.


Some ideas for serving food to your guests include animal-themed cupcakes and a bespoke cake to celebrate. These can be store-bought if you're looking for a cheaper option. On the other hand, these can be commissioned by a local bakery or independent business to suit your own taste. Don't forget to add a safari-themed cake topper to your cakes. Want to theme the food? Recipes involving fruit could be a good idea. A fruit salad or an easy to make dessert, like grilled pineapple coated in cinnamon, is a no-fuss treat your guests can tuck into.

Choosing food that your guests might like can be challenging. Plain food is always safe, and providing vegetarian and vegan options is also a wise decision. Don't forget to cater to any allergies or intolerances as well.


Wondering what drinks to serve your guests? Take a leaf out of Olivia's book and serve fun drinks alluding to the baby's gender. Blue drinks could be a Blue Lagoon or Blue Bayou. Pink drinks could be a Lychee Love or Strawberry Daiquiri.

Most drinks have a non-alcoholic recipe, and you'll want to have a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for you and your guests to enjoy.


You'll want to immerse your guests in the safari-theme: from animal prints to botanicals, make a lasting impression. Use string lights, bunting and backdrops to create an ambience. You can also hire animal ornaments and decorations to dot about the space.

Themed party cutlery is also a must. Also don't forget welcome boards and the likes. Thankfully, these can be bought as bundles to save on the cost.

Rockett St George has a beautiful range of Pampas Grass stems that'll add a similar vibe to Olivia's shower. If you're going for a safari-theme, you'll want lots of dried foliage to mimic the landscape of the savannah.

Taking inspiration from Olivia Bowen, string lights create a gorgeous atmosphere. If you're planning on hosting your baby shower outdoors, in the garden or into the night, these string lights will make it a really special and cosy environment.

Price: £17.99+

Of course, you can hire animal statues and ornaments for the day if you wish. But these plush giraffes can be just as good. Although they're for indoor use only, they add a bit of atmosphere to the space. Plus, you can keep them for the nursery when the party is over. We love that you can choose from several sizes - they'll be a cute talking point for your guests.

Are you planning on hosting in the garden? This trendy outdoor rug is so on theme. It's also one you can use all year round, both indoors and outdoors.

With party plates, cups and napkins, this bundle has it all. Select from cake toppers and bunting to decorate your space and set the scene.

This giraffe donut stand is where your guests can have a quick snack. They'll be so impressed with this innovative stand and eager to try all the different flavours of donuts.

A balloon arch to go with the colour scheme, this array of sage green, apricot, gold, white and confetti balloons will definitely be a focal point for the party.

For a backdrop to bring the buffet table to life, or for guests to take selfies by, this dried leaf ribbon foliage from Ginger Ray is perfect. This store on Not on The High Street has loads of party decorations to suit a baby shower, so make sure to check them out.

This baby shower bundle consists of templates for invites, banners, welcome signs, games, table settings and everything you could ever need for throwing your own safari-themed baby shower.

A delicious chocolate cake is the way to go. Although you can get these commissioned and customised by your local bakery or independent businesses near you, ordering online or buying store-bought are also valid options too.

If your party is in your garden, a cosy tent where your guests can retreat might be an idea. Although you can hire these tents, if you're catering for your garden space, you won't need a tent quite as big as Olivia's…

Take a look at Olivia Bowen's safari-themed baby shower for inspiration


Olivia Bowen's safari-themed baby shower

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