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360 Pro Bundle

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As a first-time parent, with so much to consider and safety at the forefront, tackling the baby car seat market to source the best baby car seat for your newest family member can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Thankfully, the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle aims to simplify the process while prioritising safety and comfort for your little one. Designed with the needs of families in mind, this bundle includes the FamilyFix 360 Pro, the Pebble 360 Pro and the Pearl 360 Pro and offers a comprehensive solution for all stages of your child's car seat journey from birth to four years old.

Better yet, the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family won silver for Innovation of the Year at the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards.

Scroll down to find out how Reviews Editor Emily Gilbert got on when testing the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle.

360 Pro Family Bundle
Price: £779.97


  • Includes infant car seat, toddler car seat and base
  • Base spins 360 one-handed
  • Base slides out of car


  • Bundle only available in two colours currently

Testing the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle

As the Reviews Editor of a parenting website, I know only too well how overwhelming the world of car seats can be, especially if you're a mum or dad. What is ISOFIX? Do you need a car seat that spins? Should you get an infant car seat? This is why the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle really appealed to me. I liked that you could make just one purchase and have everything you could need to both take your baby home from the hospital and then to use right up until they were four years old.

While many car seats can be used with an infant insert so you can use them from birth and you don't technically need a separate infant car seat, the many benefits of having both were something I personally liked. Primarily the fact that the infant car seat could be removed from the car and attached to a travel system frame and that if baby was asleep, we wouldn't need to oh-so-gently lift them out of the car seat but could instead just remove the infant car seat with them inside.

Installing the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle

I originally wondered if the instructions for the FamilyFix 360 Pro and Pebble 360 Pro were a bit basic but they actually turned out to be all we needed to install both the base and infant car seat in less than ten minutes. The support leg pushes out simply and levers on both sides of the base are pressed to pop out the ISOFIX connectors which are then slotted into the ISOFIX points of your car. Numerous safety indicators turn green when everything from the support leg to the ISOFIX points is placed correctly which we found really reassuring.

©Emily Gilbert

To install the Pebble 360 Pro (the infant car seat part of the bundle), you rotate the base 90 degrees, check it's set to <15 months old and then use the built-in SlideTech® (just by pulling the base towards you) which allows your to easily slide your car seat out of the car and connect the Pebble 360 Pro onto the base. You'll hear both a click and the safety indicator will turn green which is the signal to slide the seat back into the car and turn it rear-facing. A quick glance at the relevant safety indicator will give you the thumbs up that you're good to proceed with your journey.

©Emily Gilbert

Although we don't have a use for the Pearl 360 Pro just yet as our baby is still an infant, we found this to be equally as easy to install onto the base and obviously unlike the infant car seat, this can just be left in the vehicle and your tot lifted into it. You may also want to select the forward-facing option for children over 15 months, although many parents are choosing to keep their youngsters rear-facing as long as possible which experts have found safest for children up until four years old.

Using the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle

A 360-degree rotating seat was always going to be a must for me (I don't really understand why you wouldn't want this in a car seat!) but I love the fact the 360 Pro Family Bundle has the revolutionary SlideTech too. Just like with rotating the seat, using the SlideTech to pull the seat out of the car is a doddle and helps to make popping your baby into their seat even easier as there's no need to bend to duck into the car. Do you need this feature? Well in the same way you don't technically need a car seat with 360 rotation, no. But that doesn't mean they aren't cracking additions.

360 pro slide
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Both car seats in the bundle have the 5-point sagety Easy-in harness which put simply, means that the harness stays open so you can put baby into the car seat and there's no wrestling with the harness to keep it out the way.

Safety features

As mentioned above, the seat's easy-to-use installation system ensures proper installation every time, reducing the risk of user error and offering peace of mind. Alongside this, the integrated G-CELL Side Impact Protection System (SIP) provides an additional layer of defence by absorbing energy and reducing the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro
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While baby may not be able to tell you they're comfy, the thoughtful design features of the 360 Pro Family Bundle gives me the confidence to know that my little one has the best chance of a cosy and enjoyable ride.

The plush padding and cushioning are designed to cradle baby, providing a comfortable environment, however long the trip. The generous padding helps alleviate pressure points while the adjustable recline positions allow you to customise the seat to suit your child's preferences, whether they prefer a more upright position for sightseeing or a relaxed recline for nap time. Offering three recline positions, I especially like that the Pebble 360 Pro has a full lie-flat position in all modes (whether used in the car or attached to a travel system). In comparison, the Pearl 360 Pro has five recline positions of its own.

The breathable fabric used in the seats ensures proper airflow, preventing your child from getting too hot and uncomfortable during warmer weather.

The adjustable headrest and harness system not only contribute to the safety of the two car seats but also ensure a snug and ergonomic fit, maximising comfort for your tot.

Final verdict

I really don't think you can go wrong with the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle. It's a real relief as a first-time parent to know that we are sorted for transport for our son for a good few years and with such high-quality car seats from a trusted brand.

The SlideTech addition is really impressive but even without it, the great array of features across safety and comfort in these car seats are more than enough for me on their own. For everything you get in the bundle, I think the price is really reasonable too.

Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle FAQ

What comes in the 360 Pro Family Bundle?

The Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family Bundle includes the Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro plus the FamilyFix 360 Pro ISOFIX car seat base. This whole set will take your baby from birth to four years.

Can the Pearl 360 Pro be used with a pushchair?

Yes, it can but you will need to purchase suitable adaptors that work with both your pushchair frame and the Pearl 360 Pro.

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