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Graco SlimFit

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The Graco SlimFit car seat is a three-seats-in-one masterpiece, and can easily transition from rear-facing into front-facing with five positions for you to choose from. With loads of safety features in place, you can be assured that your new born, five-year-old or older child will be comfortable and safe on car journeys.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica: Being a mum to a 9-month-old, the Graco SlimFit has made my life easier as it's so easy to fit into the car and to take in and out to fit into other cars. It's also great as the size is really good and slim meaning I can easily get my 9-month-old little boy in and out of the car with ease. It's a great product that I highly recommend.

Claire: This is a great car seat, it will last a long time as it covers a wide range of weights. It goes into numerous positions. The seat is easy to fit, although I do prefer Isofix as it does take out the element of human error. I think that as a parent I would purchase this car seat as it is a good value for money and my little boy looked comfortable and secure within the seat.

Jennie: This seems to be a car seat that should (in theory) last a long time for baby/child. However, it doesn't cater to larger than average babies as it's only rear-facing up to a maximum of 18 kg. Installing the Graco SlimFit in forward-facing position was very easy, but it was more difficult installing the seat rear-facing. The diagrams on how to install rear-facing weren't clear enough for me to do this easily.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Charlotte: I like the fact that the seatbelt goes underneath the fabric rather than across and over like other car seats, which makes a big difference to getting your child in and out of the car seat. We tried this product in our van as we don't have Isofix fittings in there, so needed a car seat that was a seatbelt fitting. It took up a lot of room and made it quite uncomfortable if all three of us were in the van. It was very comfortable for my daughter, however, and I liked the fact it had a cup holder which is very handy for toddlers!

Katherine: I'd recommend the Graco SlimFit to a friend looking for a cheap and cheerful car seat, its got all the essential features but if I was asked to recommend this or another, it would lose out. The fitting was a bit tedious for me, I'm somewhat of a cake fan and therefore my chubby hands were very pinched trying to thread the seatbelt through the guides, maybe more suited to my feminine handed friends. The actual process of fitting was simple enough front-facing although for rear-facing the pictograms confused me and I ended up googling a video to save my sanity. It seemed ok as front-facing, maybe for an older kid but I wouldn't feel happy recommending for newborn, it just felt wobbly and not as sturdy as I'd like.

Henrietta: The size range is incredible. This is a huge bonus and money-saving. The testing of the seat has very good reviews which are really important to me and my friends. The easy installation of the seat is also a huge bonus when moving it between cars and saves time which is a must for any parents.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennie: No. We've also tested a couple of seats for the same category as this one and they are superior in every meaningful way I can think of, especially safety. Other car seats feel like they're locked into place in the car better. I tried to get the belt and fitting as taught as possible but there always seemed to be at least some movement when pushing on the Graco SlimFit seat.

Jessica: I would choose this product as it's great for a busy mum and is very versatile and lightweight which puts less pressure on my back. I would also choose this product over other car seats because its a lot easier to fit and would be great even if you have a smaller model type of car. My son also seems very comfortable in the car seat.

Lauren: I wouldn't choose this product above all others. I have had the opportunity to test several different car seats now and overall I was not a fan of this one. I don't think it looks as stylish or as sturdy as some other seats. It does not use Isofix and I found that when strapped in it was still always possible to move the seat slightly, giving me the feeling that it was not very secure.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jenny: The clasp - it was a bit fiddly. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s a new car seat or not. But there were often times when the two metal straps would come apart before you could get them into the clasp. When you’ve got a toddler kicking their legs it needs to be a quick process and at times took longer than necessary because of the clasp.

Claire: I would prefer this product to be Isofix. The isofix fitting just eliminates a small part of human error and maybe just for makes me feel slightly more comfortable about it being fitted correctly. I would also like it spin as that really does make it easier to put a little one in especially when they are rear-facing, or you have a little one that is being slightly awkward to get into a seat.

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