Doona launches new lie-flat Doona X integrated travel system

Doona x

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As parents we love baby products that offer convenience and the Doona car seat was the first car seat with fully integrated wheels. Now, the Doona X has been launched and offers the world's first, and only, complete and fully integrated travel system offering unparalleled comfort and versatility.

Doona X strollerBump PR / Doona


  • Transitions from car to stroller
  • Three recline positions
  • Soft release system
  • Comes with the Doona SIP (Side Impact Protection) add-on


  • Only suitable up to 13kg

Doona X

For parents who want a car seat and stroller for life on the go, the Doona X is perfect. You can effortlessly transition from car seat mode to stroller mode in seconds. Plus with a Soft Release System, Doona has created the smoothest transition for your little one, to minimise any disturbance.

Suitable from newborn, the Doona X has 3-recline positions including an option to lie flat. Alongside this, the easy-fastening shoulder pads will make putting your baby into the car seat much simpler. Once in stroller mode, you and your little one can enjoy a smooth ride with high durability wheels and a Shock Absorbent Mechanism.

A priority for all parents is of course safety, and the Doona X does not disappoint. It adheres to the latest R129 car seat regulations and has been tested to meet the strictest safety standards for car seats, strollers and cradles.

In addition, it features a five-point harness, adjustable headrest and infant insert. Plus the Doona X also comes with the Doona SIP (Side Impact Protection) add-on which offers extra protection for your baby by absorbing energy in case of a side collision. We also love the hardshell back pack which doubles as under stroller storage and can sit under the stroller without any fiddly clips.

Doona X FAQ

What age is the Doona X suitable for?

The Doona X is suitable from newborn. It has three recline positions, including a lie-flat position, which is ideal for young babies from 0 months.

Can you transition from car seat to stroller with baby in the car seat?

Yes, the Doona X features a soft release function so when you get your little one out of the car in car seat mode, you can easily transition to stroller mode without disturbing them.

What other Doona's are available?

There are currently three different Doona models available to buy: the Doona +, the Doona i and the new Doona X. While each one is suitable for use with the ISOFIX base, only the Doona x and Doona i are I-size compliant and R-129 certified. The Doona + is instead ECE R44 Certified. For more comparisons, check out our handy table below.

Doona comparison

Doona i
Price: £399


  • Quick release wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar also acts as an anti-rebound bar
  • i-Size regulation compliant   
  • Removable and washable textiles


  • Only three colours available
  • Doesn't lie-flat

Doona +
Price: £269


  • Quick release wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar also acts as an anti-rebound bar
  • TUV and FAA aircraft approved for travel
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Removable and washable textiles


  • Doesn't lie-flat
  • Not i-Size regulation compliant   

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