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What they say:

“Designed to soothe baby, the Nuna LEAF embodies a truly unique and natural gliding motion. It creates a relaxation, and features movement more natural than typical rocking/bouncing of most baby seats. Its design is different than any other product - making it a beautiful addition to any home. Its ultra-smooth, gliding motion can now be a continuous one - with the addition of the LEAF wind. It grows with little ones, converting to a child's seat after its initial use as a baby seat. Its high quality materials include an organic cotton removable/washable insert, and swaying mechanism produced in a sterile environment.”

Tested by mum Simone Wilby for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Nuna LEAF to other mums?

I would definitely recommend the Nuna LEAF to a mum. It's very space like and I love the design. It can fit into a corner of a room and not be in the way as it has rounded edges. The way you can sway it to calm baby is a very good idea.

How did this product make your life easier?

This definitely makes life easier as baby can be put in it when you need to get a few bits done whilst knowing baby is safe and secure as they are strapped in. When baby cries you can gently sway baby and it will send them to sleep with the motion. Baby looks so comfortable in this. Being able to have baby swaying without sitting there doing it is great.

Would you choose this product to win?

I haven't seen a product like this before but I have seen products that you sit babies in and rock them but they don't look as sturdy and safe as this one. I like the fact you can sway it to settle baby as swaying is a natural thing for baby as when they were inside the tummy swaying is much more natural than rocking.

Tested by mum Aretha Pandya for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

I would recommend the Nuna LEAF because of its sleek, contemporary design - it looks great in any household. You don't need to put it away when you have people over as it looks great along with the rest of the furniture in the house. It’s easy to put together and is sturdy and robust giving you confidence to put your little one in it. I love the muted colour it came in as it’s not garish and blends in. The material of the seating is very soft and comfortable. The overall look and feel is of high quality.

How did this product make your life easier?

The Nuna LEAF makes my life easier as I can put my baby in the chair while I clean up, or take a shower. I am confident to put my baby in the chair knowing she will be safe and it also helps for my baby to fall asleep - there is no motor, it’s silent and has a gentle motion that helps my little one relax.

Would you choose this product to win?

I love the Nuna LEAF, I think it should win as the design is of high standard and it looks great in our living room. I love the fact the chair swings on its own without any motor so its silent and keeps my baby calm. It really does help get my little one off to sleep.

What changes would you make to this product?

What I would change about this product - I like the product, but it is quite expensive compare to other rocking seats on the market. It also is quite heavy so moving it around the house is slightly challenging. To make it easier it would be great if the could make it lighter so manoeuvrability would be easier

Tested by mum Alex Pearce for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Firstly the design is very contemporary and stylist and there would be a colour available to suit most households. It's very easy to use and baby can be placed into the chair easily. It feels very high quality and the design means the chair is very sturdy and safe. It's great that my 3 year old can also use the chair and he loves sitting in it when he's watching TV.

How did this product make your life easier?

Having a rocker/chair when you have a newborn means you can claim your hands back even if it's just for 5 minutes! The Nuna LEAF is great for placing your baby down when I need to quickly leave the room, deal with my 3 year old or simply make a cup of tea. It's also a comfortable place for them to nap.

Would you choose this product to win?

I love the design of this product and how easy it was to put together. The colours suit my taste and the fabric is really soft and high quality. You can tell that this is made to a high standard. The innovative design of this chair means my toddler can also use it, which means you get your money’s worth and the product can be used for a number of years.

What changes would you make to this product?

I would add a feature to alter the height of the seat, so baby can be laid flat or sat upright. This would mean a toddler could sit up and read a book or watch tv or a baby can be laid flat to sleep or sat up more to look at their surroundings.

Tested by Jen Naulls, 31, mum to William, three months. She says:

This is so distinctive and looks like stylish furniture rather than baby gear. Because it’s usable throughout childhood, it’s heavy and moving it is impractical. The Velcro strap is noisy and woke William up. The swaying motion is soothing, but needs manual pushing, like a swing. One push lasts for a minute or two – long enough to take the bins out, but not long enough to make lunch!

Tested by Katy Tanton, 34, mum to Joseph, four months. She says:

This is the fanciest rocker we’ve seen available. In fact, I’d love to have one in my size! The swinging motion is amazing and this is the first chair that Joseph has ever fallen asleep in. However, it takes up lots of space and I’m surprised by how expensive it is. You even have to pay extra for the toy bar – at that price I’d expect it to be included. Definitely the luxury option.

Tested by Amanda Lancaster, 31, mum to Lottie, three weeks. She says:

I love the design of this seat and it feels incredibly sturdy and well-engineered. The swaying motion is wonderfully smooth. A tiny push makes it swing and with a little wriggle Lottie could continue to ‘power’ it until she fell asleep. It’s expensive, but from the moment you take it out of the box it’s obvious that it’s excellent quality. You get what you pay for!

Tested by Kim Robertson-Hunt, mum to Henry and expecting baby number two. She says:

This is a beautiful and reassuringly sturdy product, perfect for your baby.

I love the design which fits into my home without standing out as a baby/nursery product and my husband was extremely impressed with the wind attachment and how solid the whole product is.

We bought the bar attachment to entertain baby as well as sooth them with the swaying motion of the chair.

2015 – Bouncy Chair/Rocker or Seat Award!

The Nuna LEAF bouncy chair is suave, sturdy and easy to use. It swings in a pendulum motion, which lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over two minutes.

The chair is fantastic when it is rocking but a couple of minutes might not be long enough to inspire a spirit of contentment, in which case parents will be rooted next to the chair to maintain the movement that keeps baby happy. An improvement would be a function the keeps the swing action going for longer.

The chair doesn’t have a detachable toy bar, nor is there an adjustable height/angle feature for older babies, which implies that it will be outgrown very quickly even though product specifications suggest that it can be used by toddlers. The product seems better suited to small babies, who are happy to sway to and fro; who do not yet require an excess of stimulation and have little energy to expend (other than growing).

2014 – Shortlisted for 'Best Bouncy Chair/Rocker or Seat' Award!

The Nuna LEAF is a super stylish, trendy bouncer. It’s made with soft, organic cotton, which is fully removable and washable. It has an excellent weight capacity – giving the product longevity.

Assembly is as simple as two parts slotting together and the straps are secure although not easy to use. The rocking motion is smooth and very gentle – perhaps too gentle; movement stops after a short period, requiring somebody to constantly swing the chair.

It contains no toy bar and there is nothing, apart from the self-propelled rocking motion, to occupy or distract little ones. It also requires quite a large amount of space, is heavy and difficult to move.

It’s an attractive, well-engineered, high-end product – expensive but if you have some disposable income it’s a nice purchase that will look right at home in your living room.

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Product Information


Dimensions: H73 x W71 x D46cm

Maximum Load: 60kg

Suitable from birth

Weight: 5.47kg

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