VTech Push and Ride Alphabet Train review

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With four play modes – sit-down play, walker, pull-along wagon and ride-on train – this is packed with features to keep little ones occupied, including letter blocks, light-up piano keys, a turning book and beads and cogs. It can be a bit tricky to steer, but it’s much more than a ride-on and excellent value.

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Tested by Jennifer Barclay, from Edinburgh, mum to Alexander, 12 months. She said:

We have a love/hate relationship with this. Alexander loves it and spent ages playing with the activity centre, but we considered ‘losing’ the batteries after five minutes. It’s very loud and flashy. He's a bit small for riding it, but it’ll grow with him, so it’s good value for money.

Tested by Dita Pritchard, from Bath, mum to Alex, 15 months. She said:

Less robust than the others. There’s no steering and the wheels seem small, but Alex was keen to play with it without prompting, often climbing aboard for a journey across the playroom. It’s very interactive with lots of lights and buttons. He particularly likes the slide that moves the blocks. It’s educational and has helped Alex learn to pronounce some letters.

Tested by Harriet Long, from Belfast, mum to Joseph, 21 months. She said:

Lots of fiddly bits and a chute to put toys down, which then collect in the trailer. Joseph is delighted and ‘toot toots’ around on it. It doesn’t steer, which makes it hard to manoeuvre, but it moves well across the floor. It’s in my ‘annoying, noisy, plastic’ category, but it’s keeping my toddler and his big brothers very busy, and I can’t argue with that!

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