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With 8 engaging features including a mirror for extended tummy time, a baby activated musical toy and a wind chime, this baby gym is great for parent/child bonding. Especially designed to support your baby's development from day one, the Black & White Gymini's contrasting colours and clever features encourage your baby's innate desire to explore.

The adjustable play arches and movable toys allow for an adaptable environment, whilst the stylish design is a lovely addition to any home.Every tiny detail is included to encourage your baby's development from gross motor skills and communication to cognition, (understanding cause and effect).

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Siobhan Andrews says: The toys hang low enough so it is great for my baby to play. He can easily reach them and keeps him occupied for a decent amount of time so I can get on with housework etc. I know he is safe on the play mat if I am not always in the room so I can relax knowing he is happy having a kick about and being stimulated.

Nicola Beal says: I found the product engaged my baby for significant periods of time, providing her with both independent and led play, and giving me a much needed breather at times! The product provided a number of features to develop my little ones gross/fine motor skills and undoubtedly provided support/ stimulation to my baby at each different stages of her development. The product was very easy to set up and to collapse down if needed to be cleared away. I also found the mat to be easy to clean (machine washable), which is essential when dealing with spit up/sick/ endless dribbles!

Sam Carey says: I absolutely love this product. It is fantastic for stimulation the wide range of different textures, noises along with the black and white shapes and designs keeps my little one mesmerised. They are more than happy to kick around on here for long period of time being kept entertained whilst I managed to eat my dinner of sit and finish a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot!! Would definitely recommend.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Brogan Cartwright says: I would recommend this as my baby loves and enjoys spending time on this play gym it helps Tire them out massively Before bed which is a plus! Keeps themoccupied and keeps the safe too as toys/mat are all soft We often use this before bed as it really helps them sleep through completely! I think it really stimulates there brain so they can fall asleep with ease! It Folds easy and can be stored away nicely and doesn’t take up loads of space.

Gabriella Challis says: I absolutely would recommend the Magical Tales Black & White Gymini to any other Mums. It is unisex with it's design, folds up easily if you want to store it away (we use it every day so we don't bother folding away as it's a beautiful design, it doesn't look like an eye sore in the front room!) We have washed the Magical Tales Black & White Gymini due to our baby having reflux and it has washed/dried out brilliantly.

Fiona Cheong-See says: Yes I'd be happy to recommend, although against other mats out there this is a little on the pricey side. design-wise, it's well build with good materials. it's also very light-weight and easy to pack up and store away, even my husband could do it haha. the toys are good quality and our little one enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlotte Deakin says: I would choose this product over others on the market as it has been designed really well and the variety of activities on the mat keeps our little one entertained much more than the other activity mat that we had. The high contrast black and white design has been thought through really well and the hanging objects are interesting and easily reachable on the flexible frame. It’s easy to wash and dries quickly, so that our little one can be back on there playing with the different textures in no time.

Rachel Melvin says: I would really recommend it to my friends and Moms/Dads in general for small babies. My daughter used every square inch of the gym and rolled off numerous times on her little adventures with the toys. I really love the colours of this gym also, I often find the primary colours a bit harsh and everyone is doing the same. The colours on this gym were unique and gender neutral and looks really smart.

Shelley Rickard says: I really love this baby gym, I thinks good value for money and it would definitely get my vote to win. It's adjustable overhead bars a brilliant design feature that pushed it into first place for me. You can bring the toys down to eye level for baby for tummy time and adjust them depending on how high your baby can reach.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jodie Taylor says: After using the product I have come to the conclusion that if I could change anything it would be that the reverse side of the mat would have some sort of thin rubber/ friction inducing substance that would prevent the mat from moving at all. After having a very active baby on the mat we have noticed that it does move slightly with a lot of leg kicking or knee pushing (on a wooden floor) so it does require some attention when baby is left playing. Please note that on a carpet the mat doesn't move at all. I would also have loved the item to come in a reusable bag. We go away a lot and it would have been useful to have had something to make this play gymini easily compacted and transportable. As any parent will know, when going away/to family and friends houses with a baby you literally have to pack everything bar the kitchen sink! So, a bag for the gymini would have been really useful and convenient to make transporting this around easy.

Siobhan Andrews says: The only thing I would suggest would be maybe detachable sides. My baby wiggles and moves so much that he does move off the mat quite quickly. If it had sides it might contain him better or keep him interested not to move off the mat. Also with sides it might encourage babies to try and roll over and see what they can reach of the other side.

Nicola Beal says: There is simply nothing I would change about this product. I have found the product offers all the features necessary to assist my baby’s development and growth and my little one appears to thoroughly enjoy engaging with the same. I use the product every day and I honestly cannot imagine life without it!

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