The Little Green Sheep Group Wooden Baby Play Gym & Charms Set

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The Little Green Sheep

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This beautifully crafted baby gym means that your little one can play the natural way. Made from hand-oiled Beech wood, the frame is lightweight yet durable, and perfect for your little one to explore in the home or on the go. Complete with four detachable charms, they're free from any nasty chemicals, lovingly made using organic cotton, and finished simply with a natural beeswax.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Michelle Campbell says: It is a lovely, very well made toy which I am sure would entertain a small baby. Unfortunately by the time I received the product my baby was already crawling so got limited use out of it! But he really liked the rattling teether toy which is useful to attach to straps of the buggy/car seat and chew on as he is teething.

Ruth Carmichael says: This product was a fantastic addition to our toy collection. our baby was so in love with it that she would play with it a lot longer than most of her other toys allowing us to do simple tasks around the house a lot easier like pop the dinner on, put a wash on, hoover the floor, we felt this product really did make life easier.

Emine Celik says: It is very good for young babies. Very simple and nice colours charms. So baby can see the charms easily. My baby tried to hold the charms. It is made of wooden so the healthiest option for babies and organic cotton made hanging toys. The frame is enough wide to lay down baby under it. Even when baby try to roll side it helps.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Karen Chan says: I would definitely recommend this to another mum, it’s a beautifully made baby gym. Responsibly sourced materials and perfect for mums out there whose looking for something with a beautiful design. The charms are cute and have a good variety in sensory play. My boys favourite is the bear rattle, he loves to grab hold of the ring and shake it and hear the rattle.

Natalie Childs says: This product looks great. The fact that i would happily leave this out in the living room is a game changer - less tidying up! Its' beautiful aesthetic makes this toy arch stand out from competitors as it would be the perfect addition to any baby nursery. The brand itself is a trusted and well known brand - which i know my fellow mummy friends would feel benefits this product, as you know its made from the highest quality materials and safety features. Nothing is unsafe for baby to interact with, supervision is always required however i know that the product itself is made with the specific function of baby play in mind.

Samantha Gibbons says: I am conscious that most of the toys in our home are made of plastic and they are not very kind to the environment. This play gym is non-toxic and as eco-friendly as they come. The wood used is 100 per cent sustainably sourced. A lot of the plastic toys that you buy for your little ones also come with flashing lights and repetitive music and songs, that as a parent will quickly grate on you. This baby gym is simple and classic, with no lights or music. The only part of it that makes a noise is the little bear rattle. It is bliss from that perspective and it encourages you to play with your baby. My daughter is almost six months old and has been exploring the gym with her hands and feet. It allows her to practise her reaching and grasping skills by batting and pulling at the toys. She is particularly fond of the bear and bunny ears, which both feature wooden rings to grab hold of. If these charms are detached she also likes a chew on the rings, which are made of maple wood.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Clare Kophamel says: I would choose this product above others in the market because I love the style of it. It is so modern and looks lovely in any room. I also think the toys are beautiful and you can really tell the baby gym is made from high quality materials and the fact that they are organic and sustainably sourced makes this product stand out above the rest. I think as mum's are becoming more aware of harmful chemicals in children’s toys this product provides a brilliant natural option that many mum's would love.

Jessica Thompson says: I would choose this product over others because of the high quality finish. The fact that it is also kind to the planet is reassuring as so many baby toys are now plastic. Each hanging toy is hand finished, I haven’t seen this beautiful finish and effort with any other play gym. I think the ethics and values of this company make it stand out.

Michelle Campbell says: Unfortunately I don’t think I would choose this product above others on the market as I think it would be out of my price bracket for a baby gym. However if money was no object or I was buying a nice gift for someone then it would be a lovely choice. I think it should win as it is beautifully made and a lovely toy, but unfortunately don’t think that the average parent would be willing to spend that much money on it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ruth Carmichael says: It is so hard to find something about this product that needs changed it is one of the best quality product we have come across for our daughter. with our little girl being nearly 8 months is now starting to stand up to play with the play gym which she loves doing, we noticed that the play gym slides on our laminate flooring so our only thing to change would be to put grippers on the feet of the play gym.

Emine Celik says: I would not say anything about it. I only thought how it could be if it is a wider little bit more. I wonder when baby starts to roll or pull down the toys how still it will be. Will baby be able to pull down all the gym? Or it could have a soft organic fabric padded just under it to put baby on it to play.

Karen Chan says: My baby loves all the noise the bear rattle makes, the only thing I would like to see or could have is another charm that my baby can play with, maybe a crunchy sound or something with a bell. My baby puts all his toys in his mouth, so the bunny ears is good for when he starts to teeth. I find the heart or the star charm could be replaced with another charm that could enhance sensory play. Otherwise absolutely love the play gym.

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