Taf Toys All-In-One Car Toy

from Taf Toys
RRP  £34.99

by motherandbaby |
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Taf Toys All in 1 Car Toy is a play-center for rear facing babies. It’s colourful and attractive, with dangly toys for baby to bat and grab. The mirror itself is a great feature – allowing mums and dads to see what baby is up to but it is quite small and expensive too! The product will keep baby entertained in the car, making journeys a lot easier, and for that fact alone, it’ll be worth the money for many parents.

Product Information

  • unique combination of high quality car mirror and a colorful car toy for rear facing babies

  • baby-safe curved mirror for easy and convenient adult view of baby inside the car

  • easy to attach and adjust for baby's play

  • keeps both baby and parent calm and happy while in car

  • rattling soft activity toys - ball, frog and a flower.

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