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Sensory Friend Lupe Llama

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Sensory Friend Lupe Llama is filled with features to stimulate baby's senses and supports developmental skills from birth through touch, sound, sight and oral exploration. This sensory baby toy makes development fun and offers a new friend for your little one.

Playgro - Sensory Friend Lupe Llama
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  • Colourful
  • Other animal options available
  • Supports development skills
  • Sensory


  • Not machine washable


Sensory Friend Lupe Llama

The Sensory Friend Lupe Llama won Gold in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Baby Toy.

Testing the Sensory Friend Lupe Llama

One parent said: "The Lupe Llama is bright and colourful to aid my baby’s development. The fabric is soft for her to touch and feels of good quality. It's easy to transport and attach to baby bouncer and pushchair to keep baby entertained. We liked the different sensory areas of the toy, with different sounds and touches. My baby particularly likes the ears which are both brightly coloured and crinkly."

Another added: "I really like the Sensory Friend Lupe Llama. It is well-designed and looks appealing to play with. It is brightly coloured without being garish. There are a lot of different textures for little ones to explore including soft fur, fleecy fabric, silky fabric, ribbons, jumbo cord and plastic beads. There is also a textured teether attached to the Llama's collar, which my 5-month-old has enjoyed chewing. Pulling the tail causes the toy to vibrate which regularly elicits a look of surprise followed by a wide smile. My son loves the crinkle sound that the ears make and finds it soothing when they are repeatedly squeezed. One of the feet contains a rattle and I have used this when playing with my baby to encourage him to practise rolling over as he looks towards where the sound is coming from and reaches for the toy. It has a convenient clip, which prevents it from being dropped when on the go. It is also very good value for money, compared to similar toys on the market."

One tester commented: "My daughter really enjoys playing with the sensory Llama and it has kept her entertained long enough for me to get some housework done which is a bonus! It has varying sensory sounds, colours and textures on the Llama which are good for her development and is safe for her to play with. My baby is five months old and has been using this for the last month. We have used this at home in a bouncer chair, highchair and also we have taken this to Grandparents and whilst travelling."

Final thoughts

The Sensory Friend Lupe Llama is filled with multiple features which help your baby and their development skills from birth. This toy helps allow little ones to explore touch, sound, sight and oral, with colourful textured fabrics, crinkle ears, rattle sounds, vibrations, textured teethers and bumpy beads. There are not many things this toy doesn't offer!

It comes with a very useful clip which allows you to attach it to most things, like a pushchair, car seat, play mat and more, making it very portable. This makes it a wonderful toy which can go anywhere, whilst also saving Lupe Llama from being lost on a walk or dropped in a puddle, as unfortunately this toy isn't machine washable so is a little harder to keep clean.

Stephanie Spencer is the Deputy Digital Editor at Mother&Baby and auntie to four aged 8 to 6 months old. With a particular interest in health, she loves discovering products that make parent’s lives easier.

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