Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat

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Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat

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Now found in over 30,000 homes globally, Munchkin & Bear play mats are designed to protect your little ones while they explore the world. Suitable from birth they create a safe space for them to learn to roll, sit up, take those first steps and years later to practice their gymnastics! Stylish and timeless but also super practical, this one-piece, reversible, non-toxic, easy-to-clean padded play mat doubles up as an excellent exercise mat and makes a perfect backdrop for your baby milestone pics.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Heather: This is a lovely, soft, padded playmat for my little one. She is a bit small (8 weeks) to fully appreciate it currently, but I can see it being great for playtime as she grows and learns to roll, sit and crawl. The mat made it much more comfortable to sit with her on the floor during tummy time and felt good under my feet too. It was easy to clean too.

Emma: Wow my little one has loved lying on this and I love doing tummy time on a clean environment for me it’s easy to clean and make very hygienic but it’s also big enough for me to play with my baby also I find it’s made playtime so much more easier as a mother and I love the fact it’s easy to wipe up dribble!

Ellie-May: This product makes my life easier as a mum and I can pop my baby on the mat whilst I get the housework done and know that he is safe. Some of the benefits of this may are that It’s spacious, soft, easy to clean and easily put away or put out. I like that it has two colours therefor can be reused for future children.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlotte: This mat in fantastic! It is incredibly tactile and spongy, it feels like being on a marshmallow. The designs are neutral and would suit most designs and tastes, the mat is also a perfect size for babies to lay on without worrying about them coming off of the edge. It is almost like having a great squishy rug in the room. It also makes a great play area for older children too. It is also hugely robust and can survive a brutal toddler assault of scissors, pencils and pens.

Lucy: I would recommend this product as, although it is quite pricey, it looks much nicer than other alternatives and is much softer. Other foam playmats we have tried are not as soft so although would protect an older baby from a fall are not as soft for a newborn to lie on. They also look nice, can stay out and are easy to clean.

Amy: Yes! The mat is amazing! It’s so soft easy to clean and lovely to have as part of play part in the living room, My daughter was safe and any little sick’s or dribble that got onto the mat it would just wipe away so easy! It’s became the main part of where my daughter plays as I know the soft mat is comfy for her and it’s so easy to clean for me!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emma: Because it’s big and beautiful and really stands out across traditional mats it’s really easy to use big enough for you to lie next to your child and it can grow with them you know your child won’t hurt themselves when this is out and for me, tummy time is so important so is protecting their head whilst they learn to control it!

Rosin: Its beautiful design adds character, a pop of colour and style to your room. It's incredibly versatile in that you can use it as a play mat, normal mat and yoga mat. It's non-slip and very padded meaning that you feel safe and secure whilst on it. I feel safe teaching my baby to roll or little ones learning to totter about. I even feel safe doing my yoga on it, knowing I'm not sliding around!

Heather: For me, the standout feature of this mat is how soft it is, walking on it barefoot feels lovely and sitting on the floor is much more comfortable. It is however really quite large, which is great if you have the space, but in our house it takes up nearly all the available floor space in the lounge, meaning I have been taking it up and down as I am worried about it getting accidentally damaged by shoes or the other bits of baby equipment currently littering our house. The weight of the mat means moving it is not an easy task.

What changes would you make to this product?

Polly: Overall I found this product to be a very useful product. There are two things I would change about this product. Firstly the surface of the playmat would often feel quite cold, especially on cooler days. I would change the surface material to one that does not get cold. Secondly I would want to change the price of this product as it is rather expensive.

Heather: I can't really complain as I was given the large size mat to test but if I was buying for myself I would have chosen a smaller size, just due to the space we have available. It doesn't feel particularly robust and I do worry about accidental damage and how safe it would be should the cover be pierced.

Emma: Nothing I loved the fact it has two colours and can be reversed. I love the size and the actual feel of it - I was really impressed! It’s made me realise how simple but effective having a really good mat is for a child and I don’t have to worry about milk smells or other accidents that can happen as it is really easy to clean up!

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