Lara and Ollie Silicone Teething Necklace

from Lara and Ollie
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Lara and Ollie 'Molly' Silicone Teething NecklaceSilicone Teething Jewellery

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This teething necklace is handmade and designed in the UK, allowing mums to soothe their teething babies while still looking stylish.

Tested by Katie Linstead 28, mum to Heidi, 15 months. She says:

I’ve never found a teething necklace in a style I like - until now! My ideal teething necklace is lightweight and brightly coloured, easy to take on and off, and not too expensive.

This would make a lovely gift - it came in very funky packaging with a little cotton bag to store it in.

I really love the modern design - it goes with everything and the colours are perfect for Spring. The beads feel lightweight and the length is just right for a toddler to reach easily.

Tested by Ciara O’Doherty, 36, mum to Caidan, four months. She says:

My son has been teething since he was two months old which is too young for most over-the-counter teething remedies, and he’s not yet able to hold teething objects in his mouth by himself so a necklace seems ideal.

This would make a great gift - it arrived in really nice packaging with a personalised note - a lovely touch.

The necklace looked good and I was happy to wear it but my son just didn’t want to chew on the beads, perhaps because of the hexagonal shape.

I would definitely buy the bangle, though, and I’d consider purchasing it in a few different colours.

Tested by Linsey Robertson, 33, mum to daughter Eilidh, seven months. She says:

Despite having no teeth at seven months, Eilidh loves to gnaw on anything and everything!

I haven't worn jewellery much since she was born so I am looking forward to having some baby-friendly pieces to wear. I’d love a stylish necklace that’s also good value.

Lovely packaging in a stylish linen bag. The necklace is good value, and the mix of colours suits my personal style.

I liked the shape of the beads, too. However, the cord was a bit short for me and didn't have any stretch to it so it pulled when my baby grabbed at it.

The beads were a bit difficult for her to chew on but they would probably work well for an older baby. I would wear this again, although I prefer necklaces with a mix of different bead sizes.

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