Fisher-Price Sit, Stride & Ride Lion

from Fisher-Price
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Fisher-Price Sit, Stride 
& Ride Lion

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What we say:

This converts from an activity unit to a walker and ride-on toy. There are lots of light and sound features, including songs and fun phrases, plus light-up buttons that help teach numbers and colours. Our testers enjoyed ‘feeding’ the balls to the lion, but it appealed most to those under 18 months.

Tested by Jennifer Barclay, from Edinburgh, mum to Alexander, 12 months. She said:

Looks fab – this one’s my favourite. Alexander can’t use it as a-ride on yet, but loves pushing the buttons and clapping along with the music. Assembly is fiddly – the catch for converting it from a walker to a ride-on seems flimsy. The balls ended up under the sofa within 30 seconds, but overall it’s a great multi-purpose toy.

Tested by Dita Pritchard, from Bath, mum to Alex, 15 months. She said:

This one’s a head-turner. It’s fun, bright and attractive with plenty of buttons and bright lights, plus volume control – hurrah! It wasn’t too difficult to assemble, but it would have been helpful to have an Allen key supplied. Alex isn’t the biggest talker, but he instantly started chatting to the lion and enjoyed feeding anything he could get his hands on into its mouth.

Tested by Harriet Long, from Belfast, mum to Joseph, 21 months. She said:

Straightforward to put together. The buttons, lights and music kept Joseph very busy – but annoyed his parents! He really liked the ball chute and was occupied with the ‘cause and effect’ element of feeding balls to the lion. However, this ride-on only goes forwards and backwards, so Joseph lost interest quickly. I think it’s better suited to a younger child.

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